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/ The Internet 2 Homepage.

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1 http:// / The Internet 2 Homepage



4 Internet/Internet2 and FTP A Demonstration of FTP over Internet and Internet2

5 What do you need? FTP Client (for example WS-FTP) FTP Server (Name or IP Address) – Login – Password File to be transferred

6 WS-FTP Client

7 Internet2 Demonstration Setup FTP Client – WS-FTP Server IP Address: – Login: campus\conf98 – Password: ******** Location: College of William & Mary

8 Traceroute to the Internet2 Site – College of William & Mary

9 Internet Demonstration Setup FTP Client is WS-FTP Server IP Address: – Login: fattommy – Password: ******** Location: Dallas, Texas

10 Traceroute to the Internet Site –

11 Steps for Planning Video Connection Identify Contact Person for Each Site Determine Speed, Protocol, IP Address Test the Connection (AM & PM) Practice the Demonstration Plan for a Back-up (Audio Call?)

12 Questions? CITS Contact Information: - Dr. Peter Murray(6-2461) - Paul Petroski(6-8338) - Jennifer Adair(6-7595) - Steve Kratz(6-8236)

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