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EMSWUG presents: SolidWorks and the Internet by Dan Bovinich

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1 EMSWUG presents: SolidWorks and the Internet by Dan Bovinich

2 After You Receive the Presentation
Clicking on the link or the Logo, will take you to the web site. To add a link to your Favorites: RMB over the link and select “Add to Favorites”. If you know a really good SW web site, send it to me and I will update the file for future distribution. Mention that you couldn’t get the “copy link” to work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next page has the “how to” for the folder structure for the Weldment profiles.

3 Internet in SolidWorks
3D ContentCentral SolidWorks Content Users Content Thousands of profiles! Thousands of parts! Do you have to be a registered user? How many people use: Content Central? Save the file to the hard drive. Download profiles, be careful how you set up the folders that contain the files. See end of this presentation to show more on that.

4 (page 1) Enhancement request
SolidWorks Labs Approved Video Cards & Drivers SW User Group Network

5 (page 2) Search SolidWorks Knowledge Base
SolidWorks Viewer DWGgateway (Free AutoCAD-like program) SolidWorks for Education SolidWorks Demo Gallery SolidWorks Pod Casts

6 Tips (page 1) SolidWorks Tips & Things (tips)
Extensible CAD Technologies (tips) SolidWorks Community (tips) About SolidWorks (tips) You can click on the LOGO.

7 Tips (page 2) CADjunky (how to videos) SheetMetalGuy (tips)
SolidMentor SolidWIKI (tips)

8 Tips (page 3) SolidSmack (tips) Mike J. Wilson (tips)
CAPINC 3GB Switch (increase your RAM memory for 32 bit operating systems)

9 Individuals Lenny’s SolidWorks Resources Mike J. Wilson (tips)
Matt Lombard Scott Baugh Paul Salvador Matt Lorono These are remarkable SW power user web sites. These are some of the better ones, but I know I don’t have them all. See the BLOGS to find more, I ran out of time researching this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next three pages will have non-SolidWorks pages. This presentation is to help you do your engineering job.

10 Engineering, Reference, Calculators (page 1)
Engineer’s Handbook SHEC Unit Conversion SHEC Fuel Energy Equivalence Calculator Martindale’s The Reference Desk Engineer’s Edge Engineering Toolbox MatWeb search NAAMS Standards

11 Engineering, Reference, Calculators (page 2)
Efunda Granta (MIL material properties) SolidWorks Books (SDC Professional Bookstore)

12 Fasteners Bolt Science Elgin Fastener Group
Nut and Bolt Stress Calculators Bolt Science Bossard - Fastener Technical information Elgin Fastener Group You have to have fasteners to bolt all the SW stuff together! These sites have extensive free bolt engineering.

13 Results below are from a search on YouTube
SolidProfessor CADjunky (pcook1) Ben Eadie These are just 4, there are more.

14 Tutorials & Presentations
SolidProfessor DiMonte Group CAD Digest ZoomIn (SolidWorks Lab 3D presentation software) CamStudio These have the tutorials on their own site and/or mirror with YouTube. SolidProfessor, SIGN up your address! then hit Tips and tricks at bottom of page CamStudio is a “non-SW” application, but could help you make a presentation or tutorial with your SW models.

15 Productivity Tools for SW
EcoCom Esox Republic SolidWorks Labs 3D ContentCentral Datakit (data conversion) These are small programs that help the SW user do small tasks easier. Datakit has 30 day trials.

16 3D Models 3D ContentCentral McMaster-Carr MISUMI TraceParts
There is so much on 3D ContentCentral that nobody bothers making a site.

17 Sheetmetal Reference DSM Manufacturing Tech Ref. SheetMetalGuy SolidSmack (sheet metal) Half the Google links were linked back to the

18 Plastic Injection Molding
IMMNET Molding Magazine EFUNDA, Plastic Design 3D ContentCentral (“mold base” search) DME PCS National Mold Base 3D Content Central has PCS mold bases. Click on the ICON! Then save to your hard drive and unzip. Or open it then extract to hard drive. National has STP files. No leader pins. PCS Log in:

19 Discussion Lists & Forums
SWCAD MCAD Central SW Forum SolidWorks Forum MCAD Forums SolidWorks Search for “SolidWorks” on Yahoo Tech Discuss the difference between a list and forum.

20 Macro & API Tips SolidWorks Tips & Things (API)
Matt Lombard’s Macro Library Lenny’s SolidWorks Resources Matt Lorono’s (API & Macros) 3D ContentCentral (macros)

21 BLOGS SolidMentor BLOG directory (31 blog’s)
SolidWorks Labs Lenny’s SW Resources SolidWorks: Heard!

22 Local Resources: DASI Solutions DASI HelpDeskPRO (Customer Support)
Videos ~ Tip & Tricks FISHER/UNITECH Customer Support (log-in) EMSWUG

23 Ask everyone to mark each link as “How many useful things you learned at EMSWUG” on the exit survey.

24 Last Minute Links Trimech Zetec YouSendIt (send large files for free)
NHCAD (and oldy, but goodie.)

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