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The Explosive Growth of the Internet by: Christina Hadji.

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1 The Explosive Growth of the Internet by: Christina Hadji

2 Growth of the Internet Internet has become the most exciting development in the field of information systems in recent years Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate, shop, make contracts & payments, educate, learn, and conduct business With the introduction of the Internets World Wide Web, numerous companies throughout the world have established a presence on the Net.

3 Growth of the Internet What is the Internet? Internet is an international communications network connecting millions of people and providing access to rich information resources. How was the internet developed? In 1969, The U.S. Dept. of Defenses ARPA established a communications network that would operate in case of a nuclear strike as an alternative to telephone, radio, and television, all of which might quickly become nonfunctional in a nuclear attack.

4 Growth of the Internet How are the millions of people connected to the Internet? This major line of communication is known as the Backbone. It is a network of copper lines, optical fibers, and radio satellites that is owned and maintained by Internet service providers such as AOL, Sprint, and Verizon. ISPs, Internet Service Providers, are some of the fast growing businesses in the world that setup links to the Internet, connect servers to the internet, and provide access for organizations and individuals who do not have their own servers on a backbone.

5 Growth of Internet Users Growth of Internet Users The number of Internet users have increase over the years that more than half of the nation is now online. Statistics show the demo- graphics of individuals that use the Internet. Click on the title for a breakdown of statistics

6 Internet Use Internet Use What is on the Internet? E-mail and File Transfer News Groups Internet Telephoning Internet Relay Chat, a.k.a Instant Messaging What activities are Internet users typically accessing? Email is 54% Job Search is 20% Financial Info is 13% Sports Update is 10% Info on movies is 9% Click on title for more statistics

7 Growth of Internet Sales Growth of Internet Sales The Internet offers opportunities for companies to generate revenue purely by establishing business on the Web. The increasing number of businesses enable customers to search for specific items offered for sale, dropping items into virtual shopping carts, and paying for the purchases. E-Commerce is classified by the parties involved: i.e. business-to-business and business-to-consumer Efficiency and competitive pricing in the Internet's "frictionless" marketplace are expected to dramatically increase business-to-business sales over the Internet Click on the title for statistical graphs on E-Commerce sales

8 Growth of the Internet With the Internet as the new mean of communication unlike any other that came before, the world has changed the way people communicate and do business with one another. The Internet has grown explosively over the decade and still continues to grow. With all growing there still more to be expected both from businesses and consumers. What could be next?

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