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Internet in the 21 st Century ISOC Luxembourg Vint Cerf SVP Architecture & Technology WorldCom July 4, 2002.

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1 Internet in the 21 st Century ISOC Luxembourg Vint Cerf SVP Architecture & Technology WorldCom July 4, 2002

2 The largest network of networks in the world. Uses TCP/IP protocols and packet switching. Runs on any communi- cations substrate. What is the Internet?

3 Some Key Dates u 1966 – MERIT Founded u Sept 1, 1969 – 1 st ARPANET node installed at UCLA u Sept 10, 1973 – First paper on Internet design (Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn) u Nov 22, 1977 – First 3 network demonstration (PRNET, SATNET, ARPANET)… MATNET u Spring 1981 - Strategic C 3 Demonstration/CSNET u Jan 1, 1983 – Internet Roll Out

4 More Key Dates u 1986 – NSFNET (MCI, IBM, MERIT => Advanced Network & Services) u Summer 1989 – First Commercial Link (MCI Mail/Internet); UUNET, PSINET, CERFNET; WWW – Tim Berners-Lee u 1990 – ARPANET retired u 1992 – MOSAIC; Internet Society Founded u 1994 – Netscape Communications Navigator u 1995 – NSFNET retired; vBNS (MCI); Microsoft release of Internet Explorer


6 Open Access Architecture (the geeks will inherit the earth) u Roberts 1969: Telcos ignore ARPANET u Kahn 1972: Open Protocol Architecture u Cerf/Kahn 1974: layered access (starting at IP layer!) u FCC: Computer I, II, III u 1983: NCP -> TCP/IP conversion u Cerf 1988: commercial access u Comm Act 1996: open access to UNE

7 Internet - Global Statistics 22.5 Million Hosts (Bellcore June 1997) 190+ IP countries (VC est. June 1997) 50 Million Users (NUA Jul 1997) 115 Million Servers (NW/TC Jan 2001) 218/246 IP countries (NW Jan 2000) 513 Million Users (NUA Aug 2001) (approx. 1.3 Billion Telephone Terminations)

8 Users on the Internet – Aug 2001 u CAN/US - 180.68M u Europe - 154.63M u Asia/Pac - 143.99M u Latin Am - 25.33M u Africa - 4.15M u Mid-east - 4.65M --------------------------- u Total - 513.41 M (Source

9 Internet User Trends Source: Nua Internet Surveys + vgc projections

10 Global Internet Hosts (000s) 1989-2006 513 Million users Source: Cerf, based on, Jun 2000 + LM Ericsson

11 Internet and MultiMedia u Internet multicast video (MPEG, RN...), telephony and radio (MP3, RN, …) u Transport of Internet traffic on cable, direct broadcast satellite, radio and broadcast TV u DSL, Cable modems, Gigabit Ethernet, MMDS, … (isdn)… u Real-time quality of service support, VOIP, Internet-enabled Call Centers u Handwriting and voice recognition.

12 Net-based Speech Recognition u Any speech-carrying medium (telephone, Internet, VPN) can carry commands to a speech processor on the net. u Speech recognizer can command any device on the net u Or deliver commands to any online service

13 UMASS Web server on a chip born UMASS Web server on a chip born 10 AM, 14 July 1999 u TCP/IP code itself fits in about 256 bytes (12-bit) u PIC 12C509A, running at 4MHz u 24LC256 i2c EEPROM u HTTP 1.0 and RFC 1122 compliant u 9080/index0.html

14 Internet Enabled Appliances u Electrolux ScreenFridge u Previewed, Feb. 99 Domotechnica Trade Show, Cologne, Germany u FEATURES u Email & video mail u Surf the Web u TV/radio receiver u Digital cookbook u Product information & tips u Surveillance camera

15 IP Enabled Picture Frame u Ceiva Digital Picture Frame u Features u Plug & Play u 640 x 480 VGA u JPEG Image Format u Storage: 20 photos/250 on-line u WWW.CEIVA.COM

16 SIP Telephony u Session Initiation Protocol Telephones u Cisco Systems, Pingtel, etc. u email addressing u ENUM: =

17 Internet-enabled Devices u Programmable – Java, Python, etc. u Information appliances WebTV, Palm-Pilot, Nokia 9000,Sony, Nintendo, Sega games (video conf) u Refrigerator (and the bathroom scales) u Automobiles (Japan, [Netherlands]) u Internet-enabled wine corks u Internet-enabled socks

18 Next Generation Internet u IPv6 - 128 bits of addressing u Theoretically hosts u IPSEC u Significant transition effort needed u IANA officially announced IPv6 allocations on July 14, 1999 1038

19 Internet Society Chapters u A critical resource for our motto: Internet is for Everyone u Social and cultural opportunities on the Net (cf. Luxembourg art gallery visit) u Policy development and information exchange u Fostering business interests and the general publics use of Internet including education.

20 Policy Issues u Privacy/Security (EC, US, other…) u Cryptography and export u Trademarks, Domain Names, Copyright u Regulatory Framework and convergence (TV, Radio, Telephony) u Taxation, Liability and Dispute Resolution u Censorship/Voluntary Filtering u Digital Signatures/Certificate issuance

21 Future look..





26 Interplanetary Internet: InterPlaNet u Planetary internets u Interplanetary Gateways u Interplanetary Channel Protocol u bundles encapsulated in CCSDS link, u Functional Layers of Protocol u Interplanetary Network and Information Systems Directorate (old DSN) u Project supports Mars mission plans



29 Cerfs slides and other Internet information can be found at:


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