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The Internet Unit Information Systems, Higher. The Internet HTML Two sets of notes.

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1 The Internet Unit Information Systems, Higher

2 The Internet HTML Two sets of notes

3 Notes on the Internet Internet services Communications hardware URL DNS Protocol TCP/IP, TCP/IP address, classes, sub netting Packet switching Internet security Internet regulatory boards/organisations Security and privacy RSA/PGP Internet use and the law Web resource information

4 HTML – Tags you need to know,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Visit W3Schools

5 Tag Inline elements

6 Tag Block elements

7 Gateway Routers A router which provides access from one network to another If a packet is sent to a destination which is not on the network, it is sent to the gateway address first

8 Data Protection Act Forms where people enter details Saved on their server Applies to all blogs

9 Computer Misuse Act Creating and Sending viruses Spyware installation Hacking a network

10 Need for International Policing of the Internet. Why it wont happen - Each country has separate legal systems - Dont want to lose control. - UN style org. Why would it be good - Prevent more crime - Censorship would be universal.

11 Academic, Commercial and Personal web pages

12 Browsers HTML interpretation – X Ray goggles client side scripting - cookie functions - built in encryption functions -

13 Cookies

14 The rules of cascading stylesheets state that: embedded styles within the text over-rule all others document level styles, defined in the document, over-rule external Stylesheets external stylesheets only apply if they are not over-ruled by the other 2 methods

15 Encryption –Symmetric key distribution problem

16 Encryption – Putting the data into code A = B = C =

17 Encryption –Asymmetric The person who will receive the data decides on a private key The RSA algorithm generates a public key which will be used to encrypt the message it is mathematically (almost) impossible to calculate the private key from the public key.

18 PGP – X send Y a message 1.PGP first compresses the message - harder to decode the message 2.PGP then creates a session key, which is a one-time-only secret key 3.session key itself is encrypted using Ys public key. 4.AXcrypt

19 PGP – Y receives the message 1. Ys copy of PGP uses his or her private key to decrypt the temporary session key. 2. PGP then uses the session key to decrypt the encrypted Message. This is the most secure and quickest means of encryption

20 Encryption in Action


22 secure sockets layer Implemented by browsers

23 secure sockets layer

24 use of Certificate Authorities

25 Firewalls

26 The firewall software can be set up to: reject packets from selected IP addresses (for example, blocking inappropriate sites) allow only packets from selected sites reject or allow packets from particular domain names only allow packets to and from certain ports (a useful defence against many viruses) allow or reject packets using particular protocols (for example, blocking all FTP requests) "sniff" packets, and reject any which contain certain words

27 cascading style sheets A cascading stylesheet (CSS) is a separate file which defines colours, fonts and sizes to be used on web pages. A reference to this file is included within every web page in a website. This ensures that each page is consistent in format.



30 client side scripting (including form validation and alerts). Server-side scripting is a web server technology in which a users request is fulfilled by running a script directly on the web server to generate dynamic HTML pages


32 Facebook database

33 PHP – show them computing website


35 page structure and layout The layout and structure of a page should make it easy for a reader to find information.

36 uniformity of presentation style sheets server-side scripting – client side not possible using a non-compatible browser, pages look the same to all dynamic pages -content is stored in a database of files, bbc etc.

37 download efficiency Ensure all graphics are re-sized and at screen resolution (normally 72dpi), and saved as compressed JPEG or GIF files.

38 browser compatibility issues

39 Internet services World Wide Web (WWW) E-mail Conferencing and newsgroups File transfer and file updating Chat/instant message

40 Communications hardware Server side hardware consists of Computers Disk drives Communication links Multiplexor Hubs Switches Routers Gateways Bridges

41 URL URL structure Protocol Domain name Path File identifier Port number (optional)

42 TCP/IP Transmission protocol TCP IP

43 Packet switching Why packet switching? Need for IP Packet 2 Packet 3 Packet 4 Packet 1:5 Packet 5

44 TCP/IP classification 32-bit IP address Network ID Host ID 32 BITs Network IDHost ID

45 Sub Netting Network masks used to split network into smaller networks Used to determine what subnet an IP address belongs to. Eg first four bits of host address removed to identify subnet Network address plus bits reserved for identifying subnetwork

46 Internet security Viruses Un-authorised access (hacking) Denial of service attacks Information theft

47 Internet regulatory boards IETF IANA W3C NOMINET

48 Security and privacy Packet filtering Firewall Proxy server Packet filter router Or Firewall Or Proxy server Internet Host ID126.10.0.10

49 Security Encryption Key distribution problem RSA PGP Browser encryption Secure sockets

50 Law Data Protection Act 1984, 1989, 2000, 2004 Copyright, Design & Patents Act 1988 Computer Misuse Act 1990

51 Policing the Internet Need for international agreement Problems reaching international agreements

52 HTML Client side Server side Client side Server side

53 HTML structure Start of document marker /End of document marker Heading /End of Heading Body /End of body This area is not displayed The content, which is displayed in the browser

54 HTML Body Head Html Align Table H1-h6 Tr td th Img src Span Div Font family A href P br

55 HTML tags definitions Browser recognises and interprets HTML script instructions Ignore text

56 What is sent on WWW HTML script My Home Page

57 Enter HTML script

58 HTML transmission MY HOME PAGE My Home Page

59 Create website

60 WWW colors RGB colour system Hexadecimal Text color Bg color Anchor colours

61 HTML tables Similarity with spreadsheet Set up table Menu table Cellspacing Cellpadding

62 Uploading website Ftp software Publishing Index.html

63 Client side scripting JavaScript VBScript Compare JavaScript and VBScript Need for client side scripting Document.Write command Document.Cookie command

64 Submission form

65 Form validation Need for validation Simple VBS validation script Mailto: Problems with Mailto: CGI_bin Alert messages

66 PHP Future development Web server processing of hyper text MySQL Cookies and databases

67 Cascade style sheets Need for style sheets Writing CSS Three methods of including CSS

68 Outcome 2 Budget Airways Home Page.html Glasgow Departures.html Edinburgh Departures.html Dublin Departures.html Booking Form.html

69 Outcome 2 Create website Use tables Create submission form Form validation Hyper linking

70 Hardware Router Server Hub Switch Multiplexer

71 Site tracking software


73 FTP software

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