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Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors Public Hearing

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1 Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors Public Hearing
PROTECTING LIBRARY PATRONS FROM THE INTERNET’S DARK SIDE by Donna Rice Hughes (Presentation Copyrighted) June 20, 2001

2 INTERNET DANGERS (A tool used for good or evil)
Unrestricted Internet Access: 1.Free and easy access to inappropriate and illegal content in homes, schools,libraries, businesses: -Pornography (child porn, obscenity, harmful to minors) -Violence, Bomb-making, Hate speech 2. Predators have easy and anonymous access to unsuspecting kids

3 Forbes Magazine reports Internet porn at 1.5 billion (Forbes, 6/14/99)
THE CYBERSEX INDUSTRY Online pornography is the first consistently successful e-commerce product (C-net, 4/28,1999) Forbes Magazine reports Internet porn at 1.5 billion (Forbes, 6/14/99) Free “teasers” serve as free advertising featured on commercial web sites

4 CYBER-SEX 60% of all web-site visits are sexual in nature
25 million Americans visit cyber-sex sites between 1-10 hours per week. Another million in excess of 11 hours per week. MSNBC/Stanford/Duquesne Study, Washington Times 1/26/ 2000) Sex is the #1 searched for term, Pornography is #4 (Alexa Research Study)

5 STUDENTS & CYBERSEX Students were most at risk for cybersex compulsions (Students 16 and older could use “adult” computers to access porn) Due to a combination of increased access to computers, more private leisure time, & developmental stage characterized by increased sexual awareness & experimentation. (All stats from MSNBC/Stanford/Duquesne Study, 2000)

6 UNINTENTIONAL ACCESS Innocent Searches- (toys, boys, pets, etc)
Misspelled Words- (shareware vs. sharware) Stealth Sites- (;;; 25% Misuse Brand Names (Disney, Barbie, CNN, etc) Unsolicited % of all spam is from pornographers

7 Online Victimization 1 in 4 youth ages had unwanted exposure to porn in the last year 1 in 5 received sexual solicitation or approach in last year (Sample of 1,501 youth ages 1-17 who use Internet regularly, Online Victimization, NCMEC, June 2000) JAMA Study-19% received unwanted sexual solicitation 89% in chat rooms or instant messaging Mouse-trapping

8 Mainstream Internet Portals
Yahoo Clubs and GeoCities offers: Child pornography: “Preteen Pics up the Wazoo” “Complete Lolita Hookers Guide” Obscenity: “Rape Photos” “Young Virgin Slave Market”

9 COFFEEBEANSUPPLY.COM Free Teaser Images in each Category
Animal; stories; gay; anal; oral;;; teen; pictures; gals; pics; chicks; indian; black; with animals; fuck; stories; interracial; pictures; hot; pics; lesbian; group; hardcore; asian; adult; cartoon; dog; live; phone; preteen; teenage; etc

10 Predators can use the Internet in Public Libraries
Pedophiles & predators anonymous access to children Easy Access to Child Pornography Virtual Validation Virtual Molestation Trade Secrets & Teaching Tools Avoidance of law enforcement detection FBI reports a boom in the online exploitation of children

11 Law Enforcement Concerns
“It is common knowledge in the business of pedophiles and traders of child pornography to go to your public library and download it because it is there…. When there is communication on-line, there’s an IP address. I can’t tell you how many times we trace that IP back to the public library…” (William Harmening with the Illinois Attorney General’s office)

12 DID YOU KNOW? There are in excess of 40,000 individual URLs containing child pornography, pedophilia and pro-pedophilia content. (Safeguarding Our Children- United Mothers & CyberAngels “Our Kids In Danger List”, 2000.)

13 PORNOGRAPHY- Tool used by Pedophiles
to arouse the child, to lower the child’s inhibitions, to demonstrate to their victims what they want them to do, to communicate that a particular sexual activity is okay.

14 THREE PRONG SOLUTION A shared responsibility between the
Public- Parents, Schools, Libraries Technology Industry Legal Community- Law Enforcement & Public Policy Each provides an essential layer of protection

15 PUBLIC PRONG Awareness, education and empowerment
WHAT CAN PARENTS, TEACHERS, & LIBRARIANS CAN DO? Awareness, education and empowerment Safety Rules and Software tools Acceptable use policies must be combined with filtering software.

16 Safe Libraries or Porn Outlets
Libraries don’t stock copies of Hustler Magazine or X-rated videos Must libraries with unrestricted Internet access add “adult bookstore” to the library’s list of services? (CPL-Laura Morgan) Should tax-payers fund porn in libraries? Congress says NO

17 DANGEROUS ACCESS REPORT- Uncovering Internet Pornography in Public Libraries
-Incident Reports & Patron Complaints # Child Accessing Pornography 472 Adult Accessing Pornography 962 Adult Exposing Children to Pornography 106 Adult Accessing Inappropriate Material 225 Attempted Molestation 5 Child Porn Being Accessed 41

18 PUBLIC LIBRARIES -Public Libraries had 82 million Internet sessions- annual porn incident rate of between 400,000 and 2 million (Dangerous Access, 2000) -After incidents of pedophiles using public libraries to download child pornography, the pedophile monitoring group has confirmed that on-line pedophiles are telling each other to use public libraries to download child pornography. (Lake Oswego, Oregon)

19 Acceptable Use Policies Alone Aren’t Effective
Greenville, SC 50% of Internet users in one afternoon visiting porn sites Broward County, Fla lawsuit 14 incidences of masturbation, 2 incidences of public exposure by men 1 incident of man fondling woman

20 Acting Out 6/ 29/ year old (boy) was in the Phoenix Burton Barr Library viewing porn on the Internet. He followed 4 year old into the bathroom and asked the younger boy to give him oral sex. (Dangerous Access 2000)

21 Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
CIPA isn’t censorship because nothing is removed from public access Schools and Libraries using federal e-rate funds must filter: kids computers: child porn, obscenity and harmful to minors material (Children ages 16 and under) adult terminals: child porn, obscenity

22 Opportunity Commission
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission The EEOC found probable cause in case of 12 Minneapolis public librarians were subjected to a sexually hostile work environment due to Internet porn (bestiality to child rape) exposure in workplace (May 24, 2001) Violation of Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 Suggested library payment of $75,000 per librarian ($900,000)

23 ACLU Policy #4 ACLU Policy 4 - the ACLU opposes on First Amendment grounds: (1) “Laws which punish the distribution or exposure of such material to minors” i.e., obscenity, pornography or indecency and (2) “laws that restrict the production and distribution of any printed and visual materials even when some of the producers of those materials are punishable under criminal law” i.e, child pornography.

24 FILTERING TECHNOLOGY Filters are customizable & sophisticated
COPA Commission found that server-based filters highly effective Librarians can override inadvertantly blocked sites (allowed in CIPA) We do not demand perfection in safety equipment before we use it to prevent harm

25 Filtering in Public Libraries
3,711 Public Libraries offer filtering, increase of 121% between 1998 and 2000 1 in 4 Public Libraries offer filtering (National Academy of Library Science 2000) 90% of public librarians using filters responded “software serves its purpose either “very well” or “somewhat well.” (Dr. Ken Haycock)

26 Win Win Opportunity Implement filters on all computers, minimize implementation costs Comply with CIPA early Avoid liability (EEOC) Libraries that filter in good faith have immunity under CDA (1996) Create a safe library environment for all patrons Set precedent in Virginia by leadership

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