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Internet Awareness and Safety For Educators and Their Students Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5.

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1 Internet Awareness and Safety For Educators and Their Students Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5

2 The Technologies, Benefits, and Concerns Mark Wagner Educational Technologist

3 The Technologies

4 The Read-Only Web Powerful resource for educators and students, but… Information moves from publishers to consumers Information cannot be edited One-Way Web (Web 1.0)

5 The Read/Write Web It is now as easy to create as it is to consume. Anyone can publish, share, and change information Two-Way Web (Web 2.0) This is changing our world!

6 Blogs Web + Log = weblog or we blog Easily created Easily updated If you can email, you can blog. Blogs allow visitors to comment.

7 Educational Blogs Teacher web sites Class web sites Learning journals Book Clubs Connect with Authors and Experts Pen pals Professional Development Reflective Practice

8 Podcasts Podcasts are blogs with audio or video. Podcasts are like Internet radio shows or TV shows. Podcasts are consumed on demand.

9 Educational Podcasts Lectures & lessons Just-in-time learning School News Classroom News Final Projects Presentations Performances Foreign Languages Music

10 Wikis Websites anyone can edit! If you can use a word processor, you can use a wiki. Visitors can see a history of changes and revert to earlier versions.

11 Wikipedia Online encyclopedia Collaboratively authored and edited Over 1 millions users worldwide Over 1 million articles in English Great resource, but.. Use with caution

12 Educational Wikis Collaboratively authored class texts Writing projects Group projects Sharing resources Grade level teams Subject area teams Professional Development

13 Other Services - Annotate, save, and share bookmarks online! - Upload, tag, and share images online! ThinkfreeThinkfree - Create and share office documents online!

14 Social Networking Members have profiles May contain personal information Used to connect with others Often includes a blog, pictures, songs, videos, and messages.

15 Educational Uses Recruiting & Admissions 21st Century Literacy & Safety Educator Networks

16 MySpace Profiles Pics, videos, blogs Comments and Messages Links to friends Search by school Teens check often

17 Why MySpace? New Town Square Teens gather with friends online Most are not there to meet strangers Most ignore adults Most go online to do good things

18 Why MySpace? Healthy social outlet Physically safe Teens develop their identities Coming-of-age experiences Networking skills Creative Skills 21st century skills

19 IM, Chat, and Text eMail is for adults Instant Messages (IM) Chat Rooms Text Messages (Texting) Comments

20 Educational IM, Chat, & Text Allows just-in-time and on-demand help Flexible chat between classrooms Keep in touch with students and alumni

21 The Benefits

22 Engagement and Motivation Digital Natives already enjoy these technologies Interactive and responsive Personalized Appeal to multiple learning styles

23 Context Students access, process, and create Authentic Purpose Authentic Audience Its about content and communication - not the technology

24 Inquiry Students discover, explore, and contribute Authentic problems Individualized Empowering

25 Collaboration Students connect with peers and experts Interpersonal skills Tools of the 21st Century workplace Results oriented

26 Reflection Students read, think, and compose Writing is learning So is creating and editing other media Metacognition Reflective Practice And Feedback!

27 The Concerns

28 Information Literacy Relevance? Source? Agenda or bias? Fact Checking Trusted Sources

29 Inappropriate Content Offensive, sexual, or violent content Due Diligence Increasingly difficult to filter Appropriate responses to the inevitable

30 Inappropriate Sharing Students may post: –Inappropriately –Unsafely –Irresponsibly –Provocatively –Illicit or illegal behavior Students will post outside of school!

31 Threats and Cyber-bullying Students may post threats Threats that impact attendance or academics are a school concern Credible threats may be a criminal matter

32 Free Speech Concerns Students do have 1st Amendment Rights Parody is protected We cannot control students, we can educate them

33 Intellectual Property Academic Honesty Copyright Law Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 Alternative licenses Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5

34 Fraud and Identity Theft Students may put their families and friends at risk Students are at risk Fraud Theft Identity Theft

35 Stalkers and Predators Most serious consequence of inappropriate sharing Predators do hunt children through online social networks Students can protect themselves

36 A New Perspective Citizen Journalism Citizen Police Work Threats, suicides, and risky behavior are often reported Sting operations catch criminals My space is safer for teens than predators.

37 Lack of Understanding Fear of the Unknown Some adults vilify technologies with many benefits Deleting Online Predators Act 2006 Potential for rebellion and destruction of trust

38 Proactive Strategies

39 Legal Protections Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) –Filtering, Monitoring, & Policies Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) –Policies, Parental Consent, Protection of Info Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act –Stiff Penalties for Offenders, National Registry

40 Keeping Students Safe Responsibility, Appropriateness, and Common Sense Planning Discussions Teachable Moments A letter home & permission slips

41 Guidelines for Students Do not reveal personal information Do not post provocative pictures Consider the consequences Consider the future

42 Code of Ethics Seek Truth and Express It Minimize Harm Be Accountable Respect Information and its Infrastructure

43 Controlled Environments Class Blogmeister (Free) November Learning Communities ($)

44 Establishing a Defense A Chain of Command An Organizational Policy on Blogs etc. Transparency Exploit the New Medium

45 Police Demonstration Detective Zach Martinez

46 Proactive Strategies Communicate with students Communicate with other educators Communicate with IT Communicate with the police Confront students who are behaving in irresponsible, inappropriate, or unsafe ways. Do not look the other way.

47 Q & A Mark Wagner & Detective Zach Martinez

48 Credits Laguna Beach Unified School District Orange County Department of Education Educational Technology and Life Corporation Laguna Beach Police Department Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5

49 References Hewitt, H. (2005) Blog: understanding the information reformation thats changing your world. Nashville, TN: Nelson Books. Richardson, W. (2006). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Wagner, M. D. (2006). An Introduction to the read/write web in education. Gifted Education Communicator. Summer 2006, Vol 37, No. 2.

50 References Warlick, D. F. (2005a). Classroom blogging: a teachers guide to the blogosphere. Raleigh, NC: The Landmark Project. Warlick, D.F. (2005b). Raw materials for the mind: a teachers guide to digital literacy. Raleigh, NC: The Landmark Project. Warlick, D. F. (2004). Redefining literacy for the 21st century. Worthington, OH: Linworth Publishing.

51 Online Resources Will Richardsons Blog (Educator-Blogger) David Warlicks Blog (Landmark Project) Danah Boyds Blog (UC Berkeley) Henry Jenkinss Blog (MIT)

52 Contact Information Detective Zach Martinez Laguna Beach Police Department 949-497-0360 Victor Guthrie, Director Information Technology Laguna Beach Unified School District 949-497-7700 Mark Wagner, President Educational Technology and Life Corporation 949-394-6071 Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5

53 Internet Awareness and Safety For Educators and Their Students Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5

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