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Internet and Intranets. In this session our learning objectives are Internet and Intranets Connection Methods Hardware Software Connections Browsers Information.

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1 Internet and Intranets

2 In this session our learning objectives are Internet and Intranets Connection Methods Hardware Software Connections Browsers Information and opportunities Internet and Intranets offer Internet Security Risks Laws and Guidelines that affect the use of IT.

3 The Internet Internet and Intranets The Internet is ? A worldwide interconnection of computers and networks that use the protocol IP. It allows for WWW, FTP, VoIP, Gaming, Filesharing, video, email.

4 Uses for the internet Internet and Intranets WWW or HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Email – Outlook, Yahoo, Googlemail FTP File Transfer Protocol Gaming Video On Demand Voice Over IP – Telephone Services File Sharing

5 INTRANETS Internet and Intranets What is an intranet ? It is an internal website that is setup internally for companies and can be accessed by employees for the purpose of standard documents or information and many items of information and data. INTERNAL WEBSITE WITHIN A COMPANY ACCESSED BY EMPLOYEES

6 Connection to the internet - Hardware Internet and Intranets What do we need to connect to the internet ? Computer or smart phone Network hub if part of a network A wireless enabled Router if using WiFi ADSL or cable modem An Internet Service Provider

7 MODEM Internet and Intranets MODulator-DEModulator Converts digital 1s and 0s Into analogue waves. Allows computers to talk over phone lines. It connects directly to the communications line. It is always the first device connected to the communications line.

8 Internet and Intranets MODEM FM Frequency Modulation AM Amplitude Modulation Modulate a carrier signal into 1s and 0s. FM How Often AM Loudness/Amplification

9 ROUTER Internet and Intranets A router is a device that has an IP address. Computers can then connect to it using this address. It then forward links onto another communications device that can access the internet.

10 SWITCH Internet and Intranets A switch is used to connect different network segments. A network segment is a set of computers all connected together. Like an intelligent hub.

11 A Network HUB Internet and Intranets A device that connects computers together and can link them all on to another device.

12 HARDWARE Internet and Intranets Order of devices A modem is always first. It is the connection to the telephone or data communications line. Routers, hubs and switches can be plugged into each other in any direction. But usually in the order of Router, Switch, Hub.

13 Telephone or Data Communications Lines Internet and Intranets To connect to the internet you need a link to it. This link can be BROADBAND ADSL or DSL DIAL UP ISDN

14 Types of Line Internet and Intranets BROADBAND – Handles a broad band of frequencies (TV, Voice, Data) DSL is Digital subscribers line (Voice and data) DIAL-UP is maximum of 56k (Data) ISDN is Integrated Services Digital Network (Voice, Data, Video)

15 Other ways to connect to the internet (HARDWARE) Internet and Intranets What is there ? Smart phone using 3G or 4g USB ADSL dongle that connects to a service provider network

16 ISP – Internet Service Providers Internet and Intranets What are they ? Who are they ? What do they do ? An ISP sells Internet access to companies and individuals. It provides web servers which connect to the Internet. An ISP will provide its customers with a wide range of services… Cable Television/Telephone services Bandwidth options. Email service. Web Hosting. Online and Telephone assistance.

17 Software On The Internet Internet and Intranets What software can you think of do you use to access services on the internet ? BROWSERS EMAIL Lime Wire – File Sharing SKYPE GAMING FTP – File Transfer Protocol SKYPE OUTLOOK FIREWALL

18 STOP Complete questionnaire 1.1

19 BROWSERS Internet and Intranets Browsers – These allow you to utilise HTTP and HTTPS to view the WorldWideWeb. What browsers are there ? Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Netscape Navigator Opera

20 FTP Internet and Intranets File Transfer Protocol is used to access websites via a different door to download files.

21 EMAIL Internet and Intranets Software that composes, sends and receives email

22 SKYPE Internet and Intranets Telephone calls can be made over the internet using VOIP VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol A popular service that does this is SKYPE This also includes video calls if a web cam is available.

23 GAMING Internet and Intranets Accessing games

24 FILESHARING Internet and Intranets It is possible to share files over the internet DropBox is a popular service where files can be uploaded to let others download them

25 BROWSER FACILITIES OR FUNCTIONS Internet and Intranets What facilities do browsers have available to use ?

26 Types of Line Internet and Intranets Browsers

27 BROWSER FACILITIES Internet and Intranets Navigation, forward and back. Home Tabbed browsing Stop Refresh WWW Address bar Print Favourites Windows Search Access to Search Engines and Webpages HyperLinks – HyperText Browser History

28 RECAP Internet and Intranets In this session we have learnt about Internet and its uses Intranets Connection hardware – Modems Switches Routers Hubs Connection Lines – ADSL DSL ISDN DIAL-UP Other hardware methods of connecting Dongles PDAs ISP – Internet Service Providers Software used to access the services on the internet Email Browsers FTP

29 STOP Complete questionnaire 1.2

30 Internet Security Risks ? Internet and Intranets What risks are there in using the internet Downloading Entering Personal Details Online Banking Buying Items Off The Internet Sending Emails Uploading Files

31 RISKS !!! Internet and Intranets Viruses, attack, hacking, identity theft, fraud, getting passwords, stealing bank details, intercepting emails, theft of data, posting unwanted videos, posting unwanted text………..


33 RECAP Internet and Intranets In this session we have learnt about Internet Security Risks Attack, Viruses, Hacking, Fraud, Theft, Email scams What Do These Risks Involve Viruses can scan your machine and delete your data or your passwords. Email scams can steal your personal details Risk prevention Firewalls Virus scanners Malware Adware Be aware of what sites you visit and the files you download.

34 STOP Complete questionnaire 1.4

35 LAWS AND GUIDELINES ON THE USE OF IT Internet and Intranets It is going to be your task to find out what laws and guidelines there are to using IT. You will need to produce worksheets outlining the main headings of guidelines and laws that exist for the day to day use of computers and IT.

36 3 Major Headings For ICT and The Law Internet and Intranets Data Protection Act (1998) Computer Misuse Act (1990) Copyright, Design and Patents Act (1988)

37 Some Things To Be Aware Of Internet and Intranets Copyright Protecion of Use of Information Sharing Information Obscene Publications Internet Privacy Data Privacy CDs DVDs Films Filesharing Fraud Posting Unwanted files and photos CCTV Fraudulent Use of Data Access to your data Hacking and Accessing Information Planting viruses and Malware Deleting Files Blackmail

38 STOP Complete questionnaire 1.5 Laws and Guidelines

39 Health and Safety When Using ICT Internet and Intranets There are rules and guidelines that govern your health and safety when using ICT.

40 Internet and Intranets

41 STOP Complete questionnaire 1.5 Health and Safety

42 Information and Opportunities Available Using the Internet. Internet and Intranets Email FTP HTTP HTML Job Searches research MP3 Video Telephone Downloads Software Games Images

43 STOP Complete questionnaire 1.3

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