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3/31/2017 Dong Bu Tour & Travel COMPANY PROFILE.

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1 3/31/2017 Dong Bu Tour & Travel COMPANY PROFILE

2 agenda Company Overview Business Brief Company Information Service
3/31/2017 agenda Company Overview Brief Company Information CI & Slogan Organization Chart History Branch and Maps Business Service Product Partnership Tour Bus Capability

3 Company Overview Brief Company Information 3/31/2017
Our highly regarded customers and potential partners, As of 2011, we are into the 19th years since Dongbu Tour was established. Our company has continued to prosper since its foundation based on the reputation which is the best travel agency throughout the states towards Koreans and Korean-American society. We provide from various substantial coach-tour package programs especially the range of the east coast of the US and Canada area to various overseas trips with reasonable air fares. Our company places great importance on operating safe transportation (prefer to use the large-sized coach insured on a valuation for $7,500,000 which has strict conditions to ensure its safety), using the high quality hotels (considering its easy accessibility as well as good condition of its facilities) and placing tour guides efficiently following our well-organized scheduling system which enables to maximize our customers’ convenience. Recently, we are expanding our target covering from the Korean tourists’ market to that of the U.S. domestic. We’ve newly set up a subsidiary company-Koreana Pacific Tour, Inc., in It plans to send Korean-American Doctors’ Society to Seoul in August 2011 to participate international medical convention and we’ve obtained the status of an official partner having the full responsibilities arranging their air tickets and package tours in Korea. Moreover, through the development project of Sharon Springs Resort collaborating with U.S. government, we will broaden people’s opportunity to tour and enjoy. If the travel agency’s traditional role were discovering and introducing new tourist sites, Dong Bu Tour’s role is to develop new tourist sites by reflecting customers’ needs which come from many years’ experiences of tour business. Ultimately, we aim our goal to progress as a multi-tourism company. Now, Dongbu Tour is standing in the platform to success. In the rapidly changing era, we will adapt ourselves well at any circumstance and furthermore lead tour industry. Trust us and be with us!

4 Company Overview CI & Slogan CI Slogan Into the Heart! Into the World!
*Into the heart means Dongbu tour provides heartfelt–service to the customer to touch their heart. *Into the world represents Dongbu tour’s will to become world- class corporation.

5 Company Overview HISTORY 3/31/2017 1994.2. NY East Travel & Tours Inc.
Dong Bu America Inc. Hyundai Travel Join to Dong Bu Tour (Bus Charter Company) Hana America Inc. (Outbound Tour Corporation) Dong Bu USA Inc. (New Jersey Head Office of Dong Bu Tour) Dong Bu Tour Canada (Niagara Branch of Dong Bu Tour) Dong Bu Tour & Travel (NY Flushing Branch of Dong Bu Tour) Dong Bu Tour Seoul (Seoul Branch of Dong Bu Tour) Canada Hana America Corporation (Real Estate Corporation in Canada) A Young Garden Restaurant Open (Restaurant) 2006.***. Sharon Springs (Spa & Hotel Business) Sharon Springs Development (Spa Business) Dong Bu World (NY Manhattan Branch of Dong Bu Tour) Korean Pacific Tour (Outbound Wholesale Agency for Americans)

6 Company Overview 3/31/2017 Organization

7 Sharon Springs Spa & Resort
Company Overview 3/31/2017 Branches and Subsidiary Companies Dong Bu New Jersey Main NY- Flushing NY- Manhattan Niagara Young garden Restaurant Sharon Springs Spa & Resort Koreana Pacific Tour Korea Seoul,

8 Company Overview Branches and Maps 1. New Jersey (Head office)
3/31/2017 Branches and Maps 1. New Jersey (Head office) ▶21 Grand Ave. 2nd floor Suite #603, Palisades Park, NJ 07650 Tel / Fax 2. Manhattan ▶1271 Broadway 2FL, Building #894, NY 10001 Tel / Fax 3. Flushing ▶21 Grand Ave. 2nd floor Suite #603, Palisades Park, NJ 07650 Tel / Fax

9 Company Overview 3/31/2017 Branch and Maps

10 Company Overview Branches and Maps 4. Niagara 5. Seoul 3/31/2017
▶6079 Stanley Ave Niagara Falls, ONT L2G 3Y3 Canada ▶Tel (Toll Free) ▶Fax 5. Seoul ▶58 Susong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea ▶Tel ~4138 ▶Fax

11 Company Overview Koreana Pacific Tour 3/31/2017
Koreana Pacific Tour (KPT)is a tour operator for groups and individuals visiting Korea, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. We have vast and extensive experience, serving tourists for more than 15 years in the U.S. through our affiliated company, Dongbu Tour Inc. Ever since Korea became a good tourist destination for travelers to Asian countries, KPT organized new tour itineraries to Korea which gave more selection to non-Korean visitors. KPT will provide professional service and offer an amazing experience when you plan a journey to the Far East. KPT offers varieties of tours ranging from budget fare tours for backpackers to all-inclusive package tour using deluxe hotels. KPT is the only tour operator who has more theme tours in Korea than anyone else. The theme tour categories are: Adventure Tour, Entertainment Tour, Shopping Tour, and Korea Medical Tour. KPT/Dongbu Tour is a general sales agency for Asan Medical Center in Seoul to promote medical tourism in the U.S.A. The program includes Medical Screening to check health status by testing the whole body in one day. Dongbu Tour / Koreana Pacific Tour is a member of ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association New York Chapter). It is recognized as one of the top companies sending visitors to Korea by the Korea Tourism Organization. KPT works as a consolidating agency for Asiana Airlines’ package tour to Korea, China, and Southeast Asia.

12 Company Overview Sharon Springs Spa & Resort
3/31/2017 Company Overview Sharon Springs Spa & Resort Brief Information Sharon springs in the middle of the New York State was the most popular sulfur spring in the east coast of the states till 1930's. In spite of outstanding ingredients of its water it has been neglected for the political reasons. However as re-arising of interest in spa along with the expansion of the well-being trend, we plan to develop it as the state of art facilitated spa resort which is the combination of the western and eastern culture. Accommodations  Adler Hotel - 50,000 square feet scales, 120 rooms, Restaurants, Conference room, Outdoor swimming pool  Time share resort (Condominium style) rooms  Imperial spa - European style personalized hot tub Various types of bath tubs and spas (Japanese, Korean, German and Turkish) outdoor whirl pools - Nail care shop, Beauty parlor, Beauty clinics, Herbal-treatment clinic - Restaurants (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Western), Café, Karaoke, Gift shop, Game center, Inside-playroom - The resting places (Media room, Reading space, Nap rooms)  Spacious parking lots  A landing field  18 holes golf course

13 3/31/2017 Company Overview Sharon Springs Spa & Resort Map

14 Business MAJOR SERVICE 3/31/2017
Cover up all over the world’s tour package programs combined with the air ticket. Authorized Sales Agency of Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines Get Special Rate from United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, North Carolina Airlines Outbound Hotel Arrangement Dept. - Build up partnership with major hotel chains - Marriott /Sheraton / Hilton/Holiday inn Whole Sale Dept. - Business relationships with over 200 travel agencies throughout the States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and South Korea. Inbound Manage Customized Tour Major Accts & Events * Korean Government official’s abroad training program * Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korea : overseas training of International Criminal Law Association * The University of Michigan * LG Mobile World Cup * Korean science high school’s and foreign language high school’s ivy league tour * Ivy league tour hosted by News Korea Incentive Tour (FIT)

3/31/2017 Business MAIN TOUR PROGRAM [5 Days 6 Nights] The east coast of the US and Canada Tour Program Day 1. New York – Washington D.C. ― Day 2. Washington D.C. – Niagara Falls ― Day 3. Niagara Falls – Toronto ― Day 4. Toronto – Ottawa - Montreal ― Day 5. Montreal – Boston ― Day 6. Boston – New York · New Jersey

16 Korea Tourism Organization
Business 3/31/2017 PARTNERSHIP Dong Bu Travel Agency Hotel Bus Charter Company Restaurant Korea Tourism Organization Airlines

17 3 6 2 Business TOUR BUS CAPABILITY 3/31/2017
Double Decker Bus (New York City Tour) Double Decker (2008,2011/2ea) Open Bus (2010/1ea) Coach Tour Bus Volvo 54 Seats (2009-2ea/2010-3ea) Volvo 29 Seats (2007-1ea) Local Pick-up/Back-up Bus Neoplan 57 Seats (2000/2ea) Van GMC 15 Seats (2007/2ea) Starcraft 8 Seats (2009/1ea)

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