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General Education Office

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1 General Education Office
LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Grammar and Review Unit 5 – Personal Care and Appearance

2 Personal Care and Appearance
After unit 5, you will be able to: Ask for something in a store Request salon services

3 Lesson 1 – Ask for something in a store
Vocabulary – Personal Care Products Remember these items. Repeat them. Countable Nouns a comb a brush a toothbrush a razor a nail clipper a nail file

4 Lesson 1 – Ask for something in a store
Vocabulary – Personal Care Products Remember these items. Repeat them. Non-Countable Nouns soap deodorant shaving cream aftershave toothpaste shampoo hairspray sunscreen dental floss hand and body lotion

5 Lesson 1 – Ask for something in a store
Vocabulary – Personal Care Products Remember these items. Repeat them. Non-Countable Nouns – Make-up lipstick mascara eye shadow face powder nail polish

6 Lesson 1 – Ask for something in a store
B Listening Comprehension Listen to the conversations. Infer what kind of product the people are discussing. Complete each statement. 1 Hawaii Bronzer is a brand of _____________. 2 Swan is a brand of _______________. 3 Truly You is a brand of _______________. 4 Mountain Fresh is a brand of _______________. 5 Silk n Satin is a brand of _______________. 6 Fresh as a Flower is a brand of _______________.

7 Some, any or no………. Some In positive statements. I gave him some money. We bought some food. Any In negative statements. In questions She didn’t have any money. I couldn’t find any books. Has she got any money? Are there any books? No We have no money. There is no food. Some and any are used with countable and uncountable nouns, to describe an indefinite or incomplete amount. It is also used in questions where we are sure about the answer. “Did he give you some tea?” (= I’m sure he did.) “Is there some fruit juice in the fridge?” (= I think there is)

8 Someone, anyone or no-one
We can also use with ‘body’ - somebody, anybody and nobody and We can also use with ‘thing’ – something, anything and nothing We can also use with ‘where’ – somewhere, anywhere and nowhere “Someone is sleeping in my bed.” “He saw something in the garden.” “I left my glasses somewhere in the house.” Try a quiz:

9 Grammar a lot of, many or much
Use a lot of with both plural count nouns and non-countable nouns in statements and questions. That store has a lot of razors. / They don’t have a lot of suncreen. Do they have a lot of makeup? Use many and much in negative statements. many: with plural countable nouns They don’t have many brands of makeup. much: with non-countable nouns The store doesn’t have much toothpaste.

10 Grammar Practice B) Grammar Practice Complete each statement or question. 1 There aren’t (many/much) customers in the store right now. 2 Do they sell (any/much) sunscreen at the hotel gift shop? I forgot to pack some. 3 Your sister doesn’t want (some/any) body lotion. 4 She doesn’t wear (much/some) makeup. She doesn’t need to, she has beautiful skin. 5 My son uses (any / a lot of) shaving cream. 6 There’s (anyone /someone) on the phone for you. 7 There are (any / a lot of) salons in this neighbourhood.

11 Salon Services Complete each statement about salon services:
There’s nothing like a professional ________ when your sick and tired of your beard. If your hair is too long, get a __________. If the skin on your face looks tired and dry, get a __________ . In the summer, before you wear sandals for the first time, your feet will look great if you get a __________ . When your hands are a mess, you can get a __________ . When your muscles are sore from too much work or exercise, a __________ can help.

12 are listening to my speech.
This is my book. This is my dog. These members are listening to my speech. I’d like to got to that country.

13 How much…? It is sometimes important to be able to ask about the price of things. How much is this? How much are these? How much is that? How much are those? Complete the following using this, that, these or those. Could you bring me ________chair over there? Here are _______ pictures. Can you see _______building next to the bank? Is ______ a piece of pie here for me? I would like some of _________cookies on that shelf. __________bicycles over there are expensive. __________dolls on the table here are very old. that these that this those Those These

14 Conversation Complete each conversation in your own way.
A: Is it ____________________________________? B: That’s up to you. Most people give about 10 percent of the bill to the hair stylist. 2 A: Would you ______________________________? B: I think I’ll pass. I don’t have much cash on me. A: How ___________________________________? B: The two together will come to about US $60. But you can charge it to your room. A: Can I ___________________________________? B: Actually, you’re in luck. We’ve just had a cancellation. A: I have __________________________________________________________ . B: Oh, yes. Welcome. Olga can see you right away.

15 Oral Review Look at the picture on page 61 of your text book FOR ONE MINUTE. Then close your books and describe what salon PRODUCTS and SERVICES you can remember.

16 Summary During these lessons, you have learnt how to:
Ask for something in a store Request salon services and use the grammar points: Quantifiers for indefinite quantities and amounts Indefinite pronouns (someone, no one, anyone)

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