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World Tavern Poker Training Program

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1 World Tavern Poker Training Program

2 OVERVIEW World Tavern Poker is a poker league similar to a dart or a pool league. Each week during the season, you will be hosting Live No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournaments. During each tournament, the top 20 players will receive points. Those points will be used to determine a player’s ranking at 3 levels ~ in the Tavern, in the Region and in the Nation. At the end of each season, the top ranked players in your tavern will be invited back to compete in your Tavern Championship. The top players ranked in your Tavern are then invited to the Regional Championship (in areas with 5 or more hosting locations)* and then on to the National Championship! There are never any buy-ins to the World Tavern Poker events. Instead, your players are competing for points and prizes that you provide (i.e. gift certificates, prizes from your distributors, etc…). Most of all, these tournaments are meant to be FUN! The more fun your players have, the more often they will come out and the more they will spend in food & drink! * In regions with less than 5 locations we will make other arrangements. 2

3 OVERVIEW The Season ~ Each season is comprised of 16 weeks
15 weeks of regular season play ~ The weekly tournaments are live, No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker where play goes until there is 1 winner. 1 week of Tavern Championship ~ The winner of your Tavern Championship receives the trophy and other prizes you provide. 1 week of Tournament of Champions (for Gold Package members) – The Top 2 players from each regular season tournament will compete for a seat at the Annual TOC in Las Vegas (where they can win a WSOP Main Event seat) Player Registration ~ Before each tournament, your players will register online at The more players that register online in advance, the easier it will be to manage your tournaments and your scoring! The Points ~ During each tournament, the top 20 players will receive points based on where they finish and how many players competed. (Please see your Tavern Manual for more details on the point system). The Rankings ~ Your players are ranked based on the average of their top scores. The average of their top 8scores determines their tavern ranking. The average of their top 12scores determines their regional ranking. The average of their top 16 scores determines their national ranking. Note: The points and the rankings are calculated automatically once you enter the scores from each tournament. 3

4 How to Play No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

5 Texas Hold ‘Em Texas Hold ‘Em is a 7 card stud poker game where players are trying to make their best 5 card hand out of 7 total cards. Before the first hand have one player deal the cards face up to each player until an ace is shown. That player is the first dealer, otherwise known as “the button”. The deal then rotates clockwise. The player to the right of the dealer is responsible for shuffling the other deck, “shuffling back”. 5

6 Texas Hold ‘Em In Texas Hold ‘Em, there are forced bets known as “blinds”. These blinds are posted before each hand is dealt. The player to the left of the dealer is the little blind and the player 2 spots to the left of the dealer is called the big blind. When play begins each player receives 2 cards facedown, “pocket or hole cards”. Ultimately, 5 community cards are dealt in the center of the table. The players will make their best 5 card hand from those 7 total cards. 6

7 Dealing the Hand After the blinds are posted, each player is dealt their 2 hole cards. Betting begins with the player to the left of the big blind (position 3) and continues until the “pot is right” (meaning that all players have called all bets/raises or folded). The dealer then burns the top card (throws one card away face down) and then deals 3 cards in the center of the table, known as the “flop”. Another round of betting occurs starting with the 1st player to the left of the dealer and ends when the “pot is right”. 7

8 Dealing the Hand The dealer burns another card and deals 1 community card, “the turn”, and another round of betting occurs until the “pot is right”. The dealer then burns another card and deals the final card, “the river” and the final round of betting occurs until the “pot is right”. The player with the best 5 card hand wins the pot. 8

9 Raising the Blinds Coloring up simply means to remove all lower value chips from play and replace with higher value chips. This reduces the amount of chips on the table. This is explained further in the Running your Tournament section. During the tournament, the blinds are raised to keep play moving and allowing tournaments to finish on time. Blinds should be raised every 20 minutes for 35 or more players and every 25 minutes for less than 35. 9

10 Betting & Raising Example
Player 2 BB Player 3 Player 4 Player 1 SB Player 5 1,000 little blind (forced bet) 2,000 big blind (forced bet) Bet is 2,000 and Calls Bet is 2,000 ~ Minimum raise is 2,000 ~ Raises 3,000 Bet is 5,000 ~ Minimum raise is 3,000 ~ Calls the 5,000 The minimum BET is NEVER less than the big blind. The minimum RAISE is NEVER less than any previous raise. 10

11 Splitting Pots… (Side Pot Example 1)
If a player does not have enough to call another player’s bet, they can go “all-in” with what they have. See the example below… 500 Player 2 Calls the 500 500 Player 1 Bets 500 Pts 300 Player 3 Calls with 300 Pts Goes “all-in” Player 3 cannot match players’ 1 and 2 bet, but can still call “all in” and a side pot is created. 11

12 Splitting Pots… (Side Pot Example 2)
500 Player 2 Calls 200 Side Pot Player 1 Bets 500 Pts 500 Main Pot 300 Player 3 Calls with 300 Pts 300 Players 1 & 2 have the right to both the main and the side pots. Player 3 can only win the main pot. Players 1 & 2 can continue betting… 12

13 Texas Hold ‘Em ~ Rules Review
The cards always call themselves. You never go to a 6th card for a tie-breaker. In the case of a tie, it is a split pot. As each player is betting, they should keep their current bet in front of them until the “pot is right”. No “splashing the pot”. It is important that players keep their chips and cards on the table at all times, especially when on break. There are different variations of Texas Hold ‘Em, in the case of a .discrepancy, follow the rules within your manual. As you get down to 20 players, be sure to announce that they must check in with you when they get knocked out. Otherwise they will not receive their points for the tournament. 13

14 Strategic Marketing Like any part of any business, the success of your poker tournaments will depend upon the success of your marketing. The ideas in this section are PROVEN to be successful for our bars. Please take them very seriously. 14

15 Strategic Marketing Maintain consistent days/times for your tournaments ~ It is important to make schedule changes early in the season since players plan their week around your tavern’s poker games. Utilize the marketing Tools on the website ~ It includes the training program, our WTP logo, table tents, flyers, posters, etc… Prizes from your distributors ~ Work with your beer distributors to get free prizes for your players; you can use these to give out during the games. Give out good and consistent prizes ~ Start your season with good prizes and maintain them throughout so players know what they are getting (gift certificates are great). Tell everyone ~ Make sure to get the word out to all of your regular customers. 15

16 Strategic Marketing Add poker night information to your existing advertising ~ You can use the WTP logo from the Marketing CD for existing television, radio, paper advertising; add poker information to your on-hold phone message as well! Flyers inside your tavern ~ Post your flyers on the front door, in the bathrooms, and even by the tvs… Exterior sign boards ~ You can also request that your beer distributors make signs for inside and outside of your tavern. Website ~ You should add a link to our website,, we have a link to your site (when applicable). Hold 2 tournaments each night ~ The majority of our taverns hold 2 tournaments a night so that players have the opportunity to stay around, spend money and play more poker! 16

17 Strategic Marketing Proper staffing ~ Make sure your wait staff is rotating through the tables on a regular basis as players will NOT go to the bar during the poker games. Eliminate the pros ~ The WTP is free poker where people new to the game can learn and have fun so we need to make sure it is an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Focus on the ego ~ Call out the first player knocked out of the tournament, announce the tavern leader and the last tournament winner. Create a positive and fun final table experience ~ Place the final table near the bar so others can watch the action Poker on TVs ~ have poker playing on the televisions when it’s available Get feedback from your players ~ Listen to your players thoughts and suggestions. 17

18 In-House Marketing Begin by marketing your poker tournaments to your current customers. Everyone plays poker these days and you’ll be amazed at the response when they hear you are starting with the WTP. Posters/Buttons ~ In your registration pack you received some posters and buttons. Get the posters up right away. Great locations for posters are on the front door, the bathroom doors, and by the tvs. Make sure your staff wears the buttons and they are aware of the days and times for poker. Marketing Tools ~ The website has more posters, flyers, table tents, logos and more. USE THESE! In many cases your beer distributors will print the posters for you. Poker Table Set Up ~ Set up a small poker display at the front door. Customers may not read the signs, but when they see some cards and chips on a poker table, it will get their attention! Tell Everyone ~ Be sure your servers and bartenders mention poker night to everyone who enters your business. We can assure you, if 2 guys sit down at the bar, at least one of them plays poker! 18

19 External Marketing Website ~ If you have a website, be sure to post information on it right away about the Poker League including a link to the There is a link on the WTP site to your tavern (when applicable). The WTP Logo ~ You have joined the WORLD’S LARGEST POKER LEAGUE, make sure to use the WTP logo wherever possible!! You will find versions of the logo on the website. Newspaper ~ If you already use newspaper advertising, add Poker to it, or better yet, have one complete ad dedicated to Poker. With the popularity of poker you will be amazed at the response! Radio/Television ~ As with newspaper, if you advertise on the radio or television be sure to add Poker to it! External Banners ~ Be sure to have your beer distributors create large banners for both inside and outside your bar. Give them the Marketing CD so they can pull images to use. 19

20 Prizes Prizes ~ It’s true that the players are playing for points and prizes. That being said, we recommend giving good and consistent prizes each week! You should plan on giving away $1-$2 per player in prizes. T-Shirt Prize Packs ~ THIS IS A GREAT DEAL!! Players love to brag about their wins and that is exactly what they can do with our t-shirt prize packs. 30 Tournament Champion shirts and 1 Tavern Champion shirt (see the images on right). Gift Certificates ~ Gift certificates are the best prizes you can give. While a $25 gift certificate is “cash” to the player, it may only cost you half that amount. Poker Supplies ~ Chip sets and table tops are another option for prize giveaways. Visit your local discount store to find some great quality poker prizes. 20

21 Tournament Marketing Take Control Of The Tournaments ~ As we mentioned before, players like venues that start on time and raise the blinds on time. In tournaments larger than 3 tables, I would recommend against letting the “pit boss” play in the tournament. Set Up Near The Bar ~ Set up your tables as close to the bar as possible. As players get knocked out, they like to sit at the bar and watch the rest of the tournament. Final Table ~ Set up your final table near the bar with lots of room around it (if possible). When it gets down to the end, players will gather round to watch the final players duke it out! Music, Music, Music ~ Keep it turned up and fun. Yes, you will have players who ask you to turn it down, they are concentrating… don’t listen  The more exciting the environment, the more money they will spend. Eliminate The Pros ~ From time to time you will get players who want to play every rule as if they were in a $10,000 tournament. Remind them that we are here to have fun and that many players are new to the game. If they persist with their whining, ask them to leave. 21

22 Strategic Marketing Focus On The Ego ~ Make sure to have your current tavern rankings posted somewhere that players will see! They love it. Another great idea is to hang a photo of the weekly tournament winners in your tavern. Market Other Events ~ Use your poker nights to let your players know about other events you have scheduled at your business. Use The Send Mail Function ~ We cannot express to you how important it is to use the Send Mail function. Taverns that send out weekly s to their players talking about the winners, the losers, tavern specials and more have the most successful tournaments. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS! Fun, Fun, Fun ~ I told you we would mention this again. KEEP IT FUN! If you find your tournaments are getting quiet and serious, crank it up! Consider alternating the tournament director to keep them fresh and enthusiastic. 22

23 How to Host a World Tavern Poker Event

24 Tavern Registration Pack
You received your tavern registration pack with lots of great tools to help you run successful tournaments. The following is a description of what is included. Tavern Manual ~ This gives you all the information you will need about the league, Texas hold ‘em, using the website and more! Be sure to focus on the Marketing Section. There are dozens of great tips to help your tavern maximize profits on poker night. Tournament Director’s Guide ~ This is a quick reference guide that the tournament director may use when running your tournaments. It includes setting up a tournament, marketing tips, rules and regulations, using the website and more. Table Tents/Rule Cards ~ Write a table # on each card with a thick magic marker. These cards also explain the WTP rules and blind structure so the players do not have rely on you for the answers to their questions. You can also use these around the bars to advertise your weekly tournaments. 24

25 Tavern Registration Pack
New Player Cards ~ Are your players not sure how to register? These cards allow you to give them the information on how to register online as a player and for your tournaments. Posters, Flyers and Buttons ~ Be sure to get your posters and flyers up (front door, near televisions or by the bathrooms) and have your staff wearing the buttons! It is also important that your staff can answer basic questions about poker night (i.e. dates and times). Poker Timer ~ This will allow the tournament director to easily raise the blinds on time. Tavern Champion Trophy ~ This goes to your Tavern Championship winner. Trophy’s are mailed out at the end of the season. Purple Clip Board & Marker ~ Use the clipboard to stay organized. Clip the sign out sheet to it weekly and store old sign out sheets inside. Season Schedule ~ The season schedules shows you the schedule for the season including tavern championship week. 25

26 Hosting A WTP Tournament
The most important thing is that the WTP tournaments are designed to be self-managing. While you are responsible for overseeing the event, the more you get involved, the less enjoyment the players will have. Remember… The players know how to play Hold ‘Em. Let them try to resolve issues themselves before coming to you. Ultimately, you are the final decision maker. As the tournament director for your tavern’s poker night, your level of enthusiasm will directly impact the success of your WTP tournaments! 26

27 Setting Up Your Tournament
You received a Tournament Director’s Guide with your Tavern Registration Pack. Below we highlight a few of the key elements… Table/Chair Set Up ~ Be sure to have your tables/chairs set up at least an hour before the tournament starts. We recommend 8-10 players at each table. Make sure to setup near the bar area so as players are knocked out they can continue to watch play. Starting Chips ~ Option one 5,000 points: Each player receives 20 chips (5,000 points) ~ 15 red (100 points each), 3 green (500 points each) and 2 black (1,000 points each). You will notice that each row in the chip trays holds exactly 20 chips. The white chips have a value of 5,000 points each. Option two starting with 10,000 points: Each player receives 21 chips (10,000 points) ~ 15 red (100 points each), 3 green (500 points each), 2 black (1,000 points each), and 1 white (5,000 points). Starting with 10k in points will keep players in the tournament longer and works great for tournaments under 30 people. If you choose 10k in chips with over 30 people you will just need to lower the time on blind levels to what works best for you. 2 Decks of Cards on Each Table ~ Make sure that each table has two decks, 1 red and 1 blue so that play will move continuously. There should also be a cut card of opposite color for each deck so as to guard the bottom card. Tavern Specials ~ Be sure to announce your tavern specials before the tournament begins. Registration Area ~ Create a “staging” area where you can check players in and keep your supplies. Be sure this is an area you can get to quickly, but not one where players will be “hanging out”. Less than honest players may try to steal chips. 27

28 Setting Up Your Tournament
Print Registration Form – This step needs to be done as close to tournament time as possible since players register late. Also remember the website automatically assigns players tables if they have registered in advance. Check Players In ~ Check players in as they arrive, and give them their table assignments. Prizes Displayed ~ Arrange your tournament prizes by the registration area for the players to see. Make Them Wait at the Bar ~ Do not let your players sit at the tables until you are ready to start. Keep them at the bar so they are sure to order another beverage and/or some food! Send Players to Tables ~ Don’t worry about players that didn’t show up yet. Once everyone is seated, fill in the empty seats with players on the waiting list. Make Announcements/Review Rules ~ Review the rules each week, especially the NO GAMBLING RULE! Do not get complacent with this as you will have at least a few new players each week. You can announce the tavern leader at this point and/or the winner of the previous tournament. Hand Out Chips ~ If you have more than 5 tables, we strongly recommended asking 1 player from each table to come up and get their chips. This will save a lot of time and energy. 28

29 Running Your Tournament
Raise Blinds on Schedule ~ Players like when the blinds are raised on schedule. Remember, every 20 minutes for tournaments with 35 or more players and every 25 minutes with less than 35. You will eventually find what works for your bar  Prepare to Color up Chips ~ Just before the break, you will be eliminating all red chips from play. Simply deliver some green and black chips to each table along with some empty chip trays. Ask 1 player to be responsible for coloring up. This is denoted on the table rule cards. NOTE: the WTP rounds up, therefore, if a player has 3 or 4 red chips they receive a green chip. If they have 1 or 2 they get removed with no replacement. Consolidating Tables as Needed ~ As players are eliminated, begin to consolidate tables. Your goal (though not always possible) is to have all tables with an even # of players. If you send 1 or 2 players to a new table and they sit in the blind, they can choose to sit out until the deal passes them. If you send 3 or more to a new table, they reset the deal with the First Ace. Track the Top 20 ~ Keep an eye on the # of players left. When you get down to 20, make sure they know they have to check out to receive points! Focus on the Final Table ~ Make sure to highlight the final table so that it is a special experience. It should be your nicest poker table and located where everyone can watch. Enter Scores on the Website ~ Be sure to enter the results within 48 hours of the tournament. The players love their points and rankings! 29

30 Tips to Make Your Tournaments FUN!
The absolutely most important part of running a successful WTP event is to MAKE IT FUN and constantly advertise. The more serious the tournaments become, the less the players will drink and eat. THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT! Great Staff ~ If your staff is enthusiastic your players will be too! Table service is important during poker since the players will be focused on the game. If the wait staff is not checking in with the players regularly you will be losing $$. Keep The Music Up ~ It should be good music that gets their feet tapping and gets them more energized. Announce the 1st Player Out ~ Players will cheer and create even more excitement. Be Available & Make Jokes ~ Players like to know someone is in charge. Start on time, raise the blinds on time, and be there to answer questions or resolve any disputes. Walk around, make fun of someone’s shirt, their sunglasses, etc… Have An Opening Toast ~ Just before beginning the tournament, have a toast with the Tournament Director and all the players. 30

31 Tips to Make Your Tournaments FUN!
Update Your Points ~ Remember, the points are what these players are playing for… update them on time! That will keep your tavern rankings up-to-date. Hold Satellite Tournaments ~ Once players are knocked out you can hold one table Sit ‘N Go tournaments so that people stay around for the late game and continue to spend money (maybe offer a small prize to the winner)!! Players love to continue playing more poker while they are waiting… Make it Even More Fun ~ Give a prize to the first player out. Offer a prize for specific hands that show up in between blinds (i.e. first player with trip aces gets a free t-shirt). Never Stop Marketing ~ Get your posters up, table tents out, add poker to your existing advertisements… and most of all, don’t get complacent! You should constantly be trying to get new players coming out on poker night. 31

32 How To Use The Website The website is a comprehensive site that can handle everything but running the tournaments for you  This section will detail each of the functions of the site. Be aware that changes are made to the site on a regular basis & that may cause some slight variations. 32

33 The Home Page When you first visit, you will see a series of buttons across the top. These buttons are to access information without having to sign into the site. Signing In ~ At the top you will see a section for entering your username and password. Once a player or a tavern is registered and signed in, they will have access to more functions such as registering for tournaments, checking their ranking and much more.. 33

34 Newsletter Page Once a player or tavern signs in, the first screen they will come to is the Newsletter page. This Newsletter allows WTP to get important information out to our Players and Taverns. This includes information on Tavern and Regional Championships, changes to rules, marketing ideas and more. Please be sure to take the time to read the newsletters! 34

35 Players Site After signing in & pressing enter on the bottom of the newsletter page, players will find all of their information by using the tabs in the center of the page. My Events ~ Shows them the events they registered for as well as how they finished My Profile ~ Allows them to change their profile. Register ~ In this section they can register for the upcoming events. Tourn Results ~ Check the results of any tournament. My Rankings ~ Shows them where they are ranked at each Tavern, Region, and in the Nation. Newsletter ~ Gives them the latest news Shop ~ Takes them to our store Feedback ~ In this section they can send feedback to each bar they have played Players Club ~ Coming Soon! WTP Open ~ Information on the upcoming World Tavern Poker Open 35

36 Player Registration… Registering for Events
The player can view a complete Tournament Schedule in every region of the country. First they select the location in which they would like to play. Each event is listed in date order. They then simply click on the Register Button. 36

37 Tavern Sign In After signing in as a Tavern and choosing enter at the bottom right of the newsletter page, you will find a number of tabs to manage your tournaments. Marketing Tools ~ This gives you a number of downloadable images/files including table tents, flyers, posters, training documents and more Newsletter ~ Current information related to the taverns Championships ~ Details on upcoming Championship Events Shop ~ Order additional supplies for your tavern Create a Tourn ~ If you need to create an additional tournament you can do it here. My Schedule ~ This gives you the details of each of your tournaments, the ability to add players, edit your tournaments, and send s to all your players Print Tourn Reg ~ This allows you to print your tournament registrations, player sign in/out sheets, tavern rankings, and table assignments Update Scores ~ Enter the results for each of your tournaments Rankings ~ Check the current player’s rankings for your tavern Season Schedule ~ Shows you the entire season schedule. 37

38 My Schedule Tab Season ~ Choose the appropriate season (default is current season) Week ~ Choose the appropriate week for the events you would like to view Date/Time ~ Tournaments are listed by date and time of the event. # of Players ~ This shows you how many players are currently registered for this event. By clicking on the #, you can view the player list Add Player ~ If a player did not register online, you can add them to the tournament by clicking on the Add link (more details in next slides) Edit ~ If you need to make changes to an event, click on the Edit link Send Mail ~ This is a great marketing tool! It allows you to send an to your players (more details in next slides) 38

39 Player List… found under My Schedule Tab
By clicking on the number of players registered for each of your events, it will open a window with a details list of those players Unregister Players ~ If you have a player registered who is not invited to your Tavern to play, you can click on the box next to their name, and then click on Unregister Players at the bottom of the screen. They will be deleted from the event and also receive an informing them Position ~ This tells you at which seat the player is positioned. I don’t recommend requiring the players to sit in specific seats Last Name ~ Players Last Name First Name ~ Players First Name Table No. ~ This tells you at which table the player is currently seated 39

40 Add Players… found under My Schedule Tab
If a player has not registered online for an event, you can add them to the tournament by getting their First Name, Last Name, and Username. Search ~ You can search the players in a number of ways including Last Name, First Name and User Name. Find The Correct Player ~ With over 35,000 players, we probably have 50 Sean Smiths. Find the appropriate player by matching their username. Select ~ Click on the box next to the correct name. At this point you can continue searching and checking all needed players before moving to the next step. Add All Selected Players ~ Once you have selected all of the players, click on this button to add them to the event 40

41 Edit An Event … found under My Schedule Tab
If you need to make a change to an event that is already scheduled, click on the Edit button under Event Details. A window will open showing you the details of that event. Simply make the appropriate changes. Delete ~ If you want to delete the event in its entirety, click this button. Update ~ Click the Update button when you are finished making your changes. Cancel ~ If you do not want to make any changes to the event, simply click the Cancel button. 41

42 Send Mail … found under My Schedule Tab
The Send Mail is a great feature that is too often not utilized by the Taverns. This gives you the ability to send messages to your players about Poker or about other events at your Tavern. To All Players ~ By checking this box, it will send the to EVERY PLAYER who has ever played at your Tavern. If you only want to the message to the players registered for this event, do not check this box. Subject ~ Type in the subject of the . We recommend putting your tavern name in this area. Message ~ Type in your message, but keep it short. People generally don’t read long s. Send ~ Once your message is complete, click on the send button. Depending on the number of players, this may take a few moments. 42

43 Print Tournament Registration Tab
Just before your event starts, click on the Print Tourn Registration on the main page. This will allow you to print the player list and seat assignments. Season ~ Select the correct Season Week ~ Select the correct week you would like to print Print ~ Click on the Print button next to the appropriate event 43

44 Print Tournament Registration Tab
When you click on the Print function you will be taken to an options page. Your registration form will print in alphabetical order by the player’s last name. We highly recommend printing all of the options on this page. Blank Registration Form ~ For players to sign in at the tournament who did not register online. Top 20 Blank ~ To track the Top 20 players from the tournament. Top 20 Ranked ~ Print the Top 20 Ranked Players In Your Tavern for everyone to see! Player Registration Form –~This will print your registered player list for check in; including their table assignments. Print In Table Seating (button) ~ This option allows you to print by table order rather than player order. Rearrange Players (button) ~ This option will randomly rearrange your player’s seating order. 44

45 Enter Tournament Results… Update Scores Tab
Once your tournament is over, click on the Update Scores. Find the correct tournament and click on the Add or Update Scores link. Please note that the Add or Update Scores link is only available after the date and time has passed. 45

46 Enter Tournament Results… Update Scores Tab
Once you click on the ADD/UPDATE Scores link, it will open a new window showing you all the players who have registered for this event in Alphabetical Order. NOTE: Be sure to ADD ALL PLAYERS to the event BEFORE you update scores. Rank ~ Next to each player’s name is a drop down menu. Simply select the appropriate the place that player finished. Absent ~ You can mark players absent (that did not show up). This is not required. Add ~ Once you have assigned the ranks, click on the add button to complete the scoring. Messages ~ If you have missed a ranking, you will receive a message telling you. You have the option of making the rankings continuous (moving players up to the empty space) or leaving that place blank. It is your choice. 46

47 Frequently Asked Questions

48 Frequently Asked Questions
How many players should I expect? 10-15 is standard for the first tournament, but it will take off after that. Remember, the more you market your events, the more players you will get. How many players get points? The Top 20. Even if you only have 15 play, they will all get points. How do I calculate the points? You don’t, the system will do it for you after you enter the finishing results. How long do I have to enter points. You can enter points at any time after the tournaments are completed. HOWEVER, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU ENTER THEM WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE EVENT! 48

49 Frequently Asked Questions
What if a player shows up that did not register? LET THEM PLAY! You never want to turn away a patron! You can add them to the tournament through the website. Visit the Website section of this training to get the details. Use the blank registration forms to get them signed up. What if they are not registered with the WTP? If they are not a registered player with us, you will not be able to add them to the event. At tournament time have them sign in on the blank sign in form where they will need to use a potential username. Tell them to register at soon after the tournament with the username they gave you. You will then be able to add them to the tournament and give them their ranking. What if they don’t have a computer? Although 75% of America has computers, you may have players without access. First be sure that they are being honest and not lazy. Second, get their info, and you can register them by clicking on the PLAYER REGISTRATION button on the home page. DO NOT CLICK ON THE TAVERN REGISTRATION to register a player. Each week they show up, you can simply ADD them to the event. 49

50 Frequently Asked Questions
How many players are invited to the Tavern Championship? All of the ranked players will be invited to your tavern championship. That means that if they have played in at least 8 tournaments they are eligible to play. How many players are invited to the Regional Championship? In markets where Regional Championships are held, the Top 10 Ranked Players in your tavern plus the semi-final table winners from your Tavern Championship get invitations to the Regional Championships. As well, we generally invite a number of players who are ranked in the Region. When will I get the details for the Regional Championships? As we get closer to the end of the season we confirm number of Taverns, Players, Locations and Prizes. What type of prizes are given at Regionals? It depends on the number of bars included. The more bars in that area, the larger the prizes. 50

51 Frequently Asked Questions
Who is invited to the National Championship? The top players from each Regional Tournament. As well, each season we invite a certain number of top players ranked in the Region and Nation. Check out the website for the latest info. What does the National Champion receive? The final table (8 final players) will receive seats into WSOP events. Further information is on the website. What is the World Tavern Poker Open? The WTP Open is 3 days of poker and parties all based around our National Championship. Details are on the site! 51

52 Follow-Up Well, that concludes the training program. Now it’s time to test your knowledge of what you just learned… We know that it is extremely important for the success of your tournaments that you understand this information and follow the guidelines. The next few slides will review everything from the training. Please go through each question and get comfortable with the information. Players will be asking about these topics each week. Please feel free to revisit this program when needed, especially when you bring new people in to run your weekly tournaments. This is a great tool to use when training your staff to be the Tournament Director and/or using the WTP website. Again… thank you again for joining the World Tavern Poker. We are confident that you will enjoy your experience in the World’s Largest Poker League! Have fun! The WTP Team 52

53 Review Questions How many weeks are in each season (including
regular and tavern championship)? A) 4 B) C) D)52 ANSWER is B ~ 15 weeks of regular season and the 16th week is the Tavern Championship How many players receive points in each tournament? A) Top 100 B) Top 10 C) Top 20 D) None ANSWER is C 53

54 Review Questions How are players ranked at each level ~
the Tavern, the Region, and the Nation? Tavern = Average of Top 2 scores Region = Average of Top 4 scores Nation = Average of Top 6 scores B) Tavern = Average of Top 8 scores Region = Average of Top 12 scores Nation = Average of Top 16 scores C) Tavern = Average of Top 10 scores Region = Average of Top 15 scores Nation = Average of Top 20 scores ANSWER is B 54

55 Review Questions What happens during the final week of the season?
A) We all go to Atlantic City B) Tavern Championship C) The Regional Championship D) Pub Crawl ANSWER is B ~ but A & D would be fun too! How many players are invited to the Regional Championship? Top 20 players ranked in your tavern plus the Top 5 from the Tavern Championship Top 10 players from your tavern plus the table winners from your semi finals. C) The player with the highest bar tabs from the season ANSWER is B 55

56 Review Questions What is the most important rule to review before
each tournament? No Smoking No Swearing No Yelling at the Tournament Director D) No Gambling ANSWER is D 56

57 Review Questions What do you do if a non-registered player wants to
participate in a tournament? Kick them out of the tavern immediately Let them play and ask them to register online after the tournament Ask them to do a shot before they play ANSWER is B What will directly impact the success of your tournaments, both financially and player satisfaction? A) Your drink specials B) Your menu C) Your location D) Your enthusiasm ANSWER is D 57

58 Review Questions What is the starting chip value for each player?
A) 1,000 B) C) D) 5k or 10k ANSWER is D What should you print from the WTP website before each tournament? A) The logo B) The season schedule C) Nothing D) All forms under the Print Tourn Reg Tab ANSWER is D 58

59 Review Questions What happens if you send 2 or 3 people to a new
table? A) They get up and start walking 2 – they can sit out until the deal passes them; 3 or more – the tables resets the deal with the first Ace C) Everyone starts to sing “We Are Family” ANSWER is A & B, C if they are really drunk… What is the most important thing to do after the tournament? A) Get a drink B) Update scores ANSWER is B, but we recommend A 59

60 Review Questions Who gets the tavern trophy each season?
The best of the losers The season point leader The winner of the Tavern Championship (Week 16) ANSWER is C Who shuffles the cards at the tables? The Tournament Director Greg Raymer The player to the right of the dealer ANSWER is C 60

61 Review Questions Blinds should be raised every _____ minutes (35 or
more players. 20 B) C) 30 ANSWER is A What is the buy-in to the WTP? A six-pack of beer Nada $1.00 ANSWER is B 61

62 Review Questions What are some of the strategic marketing ideas
mentioned in training? 2 tournaments a night Good and consistent prizes Great staff All of the above ANSWER is D What does proper staffing mean? That the staff have matching shirts That the staff is constantly rotating through the poker tables asking for drink orders to boost sales That the staff uses proper english ANSWER is B but A would be nice too! 62

63 Review Questions Where should you setup your tournaments?
In the ladies restroom By the appetizer station in the kitchen By the action, near the bar, close to the music On the sidewalk ANSWER is C What is the most important part of your WTP tournaments? To have FUN, FUN, FUN To develop professional poker players To gamble away your life savings ANSWER is A 63

64 Review Questions What function on the website can the taverns use
to remind existing players about weekly tournaments? Update Scores Send Mail Newsletter ANSWER is B Where do you go to add players to events? The bar The strip My Schedule Tab ANSWER is C 64

65 Review Questions What do you do first, add players or update scores?
Neither Ask someone else to do it Ok, add players, then update scores ANSWER is C In the add player section, what are the ways you can search for a player? First name, last name, username, Dress size Favorite shot ANSWER is A 65

66 Congratulations. You have completed the training for the WTP
Congratulations! You have completed the training for the WTP! Remember, the success of your tournaments is directly impacted by your enthusiasm! Good Luck and Have Fun! 66

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