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2 Council Product Team Products –
Product Sales Manager – Karen Smallwood Direct line Cell Toll free Product Sales Specialist – Brady Deluca Direct line – Cell – Toll free – Director of Merchandising and Customer Service – Alison Drury Direct line – Cell – Toll free –

3 Ebudde Support Team During regular council office hours, you can contact staff at your PLC OR for eBudde help or general questions contact an eBudde support team member by or phone. Please do NOT call these volunteers before 9:00 am or after 9:00 pm. Eastern time zone. Tracey Brown Heather Deaton Missy Hammontree Sue Johnsson Janis Kidd Tamara Pearce OR Nancy Priest Theresa Pulliam Chris Spaeth Elaine Stevens

January 1, Girls may start taking orders January 19, Girls initial orders due to troop January 21, Troops locked out of ebudde for initial cookies & initial rewards at 10:00 pm EST February 11-20, Initial cookie deliveries Feb. 22-Mar.17, Booth sales March 19, All final payments from girls due to troop March 21, Troop payment due to SU cookie chair and troops locked out of ebudde for final reward orders 10:00 pm EST April, Earned cookie dough mailed directly to “Primary Contact” listed in ebudde May, All incentives received by troop from SU cookie chair

5 Online Training Troop cookie chairs with 3 or more years of cookie chair experience may opt to take the online training instead of the regular SU cookie training. 1. Online training must be done BEFORE the regularly scheduled service unit training. 2. Troop cookie chairs must take all of the Kentuckiana portion of the online training and the quizzes. It is suggested that all of Little Brownie segments are viewed too. 3. Troop chairs will turn in proof of their online training participation to their service unit cookie chair before receiving their troop materials. 4. SU cookie chair should set the date for troops to have taken the online training.

6 It’s BIG ! It’s Safe! It’s Fun
GSUSA now allows girls to ask for cookie orders online With Cookie Club, girls can quickly tap a large number of customers while learning early technology skills It’s Safe! Cookie Club “promises” are recorded automatically Girls can print off their list of orders for parents to review Site is password protected No personal information is ever revealed It’s Fun Colorful and entertaining Lets girls jump into the exciting world of today’s social media while protecting them from unwanted communications To register your troop and girls go to:

7 Additional Cookies Additional cases are available starting Feb. 22 at all PLC warehouses/cupboards. Troops can enter pending additional orders into ebudde by cases. Pending orders will be unchecked in ebudde after additional cookies are picked up. PLC cookie warehouse/cupboard dates: Feb. 22 -March 16. Saturdays: Louisville Berger warehouse March 2, 9, 16 only – 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. E-town, Bowling Green, Paducah and Owensboro cupboards regular Saturday hours. Check with your PLC for weekday hours. NO COOKIES CAN BE RETURNED.

8 SUPER SIX For additional cookies picked up at the warehouse/cupboard only the following flavors will be available: Do-Si-Dos Samoas Savannah Smiles Tagalongs Thin Mints Trefoils Troops needing/wanting additional Dulce de Leche or Thank U Berry Munch need to order additional cases with their initial orders. Remember cookies cannot be returned so order carefully. Troops with any “extras” of these 2 flavors need to keep in touch with their SUCC to help them transfer cases as needed.


10 Kentuckiana Booth Scheduler
SU/Area’s have booth “draws”/sign-ups for their troops by February 15, 2013. Send list of all booths (signed for and available) to council by February 25, 2013. Troops will be allowed to sign up for open booth slots outside of their SU/Area after March 8, 2013. Troops with personal connections to a business may be permitted to sell out of their SU/Area anytime with approval. “Personal troop connections” is NOT “knowing the manager” of a large chain store - for example: Wal Mart, Republic Bank, etc. My Sales booths must be entered 48 hours prior to requested booth day/time in order to be approved. Permission for “personal troop” booths will be approved/denied by service unit cookie chairs through the Booth Scheduler system in ebudde. Booth scheduler entries link to Cookie Locator which allows customers to find booths. Girl Scout law tells us to be a sister to every Girl Scout and we should work sharing booth locations to the best interest of everyone involved.

A listing of booths must be sent in the following format: Business Name; Address; Door; City; State; Zip; ; Phone; Fax; Preferred Contact; Contact; Notes; SU number; Date; Start time; End Time; Time Allotment; Troop; Time Slot Business Name - keep spelling of businesses consistent – for businesses that are used across the council there is a drop down box under Business name to select often used businesses Address - complete with street numbers and names Some Street Door – Grocery side, door #1, etc. Not required City - Anytown State - KY Zip Check for accuracy – For contact Not required Phone – For contact Not required Fax – Not required

12 Preferred Contact – Fax, phone, person Not required
Contact - can be service unit booth person, business contact, or left blank Preferred Contact – Phone, fax, person Not required Contact – Can be SUCC, business contact Not required Notes - specifics to location at business, anything else necessary SU number – 3 digit SU number Not required Date - 3/10/12 Start time – 10:00 am; earliest time a troop can be at booth End time – 4:00 pm; time booth will close Time allotment - in minutes - 120 Troop can be left blank if no troop has signed for yet Time Slot – 12:00 pm - time troop has signed to start booth Excel or Word spreadsheets can be used for this information. For help with uploading booth scheduler information into ebudde, contact your PLC staff, council product team, or ebudde support team.


14 • FIND the booth sale closest to your GPS location or by zip code or city and state
• CHOOSE the times you want to shop • MAP your way • ADD the sale date to your calendar • TRY OUT new cookie recipes and create a shopping list • SIGN UP for alerts about upcoming booth sales • DISCOVER your cookie personality and tell the world about it • SHARE sale locations and morewith friends on Facebook, Twitter and ! NO SMARTPHONE? Just go to and click on Cookie Locator to find cookies fast. Or, go to, the official GSUSA Website for connections to council websites across the country to find cookies. COOKIE LOCATOR Girl Scout cookie customers can use their iPhones or Android smartphones to stay just a click away from their favorite treats. The ap can be downloaded free by simply calling **GSCOOKIES (** ) from a mobile phone. The app also is available in the App Store and Android Market.

15 BOOTH SALE RECORDER GET APP Get your free app on the App Store or Android Market. Or access the mobile website version using any web-enabled smartphone by going to ebudde.littlebrownie.booth

16 LOG IN Log in using your eBudde credentials.

17 SELECT From the list of booth sale sites, select the one you wish to see.

18 ENTER Enter sales by variety and enter the number of Gift of Caring donations. (Donations can be entered into the council or troop categories.) When you are finished, click, Submit.

19 GIVE CREDIT Distribute the sales so the appropriate girls receive credit. To do this automatically, check the Inc (included) box next to the name of each girl who will be included and click “distribute” to evenly divide the sales among these girls. Alternatively, you can manually enter the totals for each girl. Click Submit Sale. The cookies will appear in eBudde on the Booth Sites tab and the Girl Order tab.

20 5 for Five 5 for Five is a contest designed to increase your cookie booth sales. Customers who buy five (or more) packages of cookies at a cookie booth receive one 5 for Five entry. The customer fills out the entry and gives it back to the Girl Scout. All entries must be turned in with your final payments by March 22, 2013. Five names will be chosen and the winners will each receive 5 cases of GS cookies. Drawings will be held the week of April 1st and winners notified by April 8, 2013.

21 ACH COOKIE PAYMENTS ACH WITHDRAWLS 1. ALL troops in Cluster 3 will be required to have their cookie bill paid through ACH withdrawals. 2.Any troops outside of Cluster 3 may opt to use ACH instead of certified/cashiers check or money orders. 3.Troops outside of Cluster 3 must notify council that they wish to use ACH by February 22, 2013.

22 For ACH withdrawls: 1. Troop will fill out ACH Debit authorization form BEFORE receiving any cookie materials. 2. Troop will completely list all bank account information in ebudde. 3. Amount due to council must be available by 10:00 pm EST March 21, 2013. 4. Troops with families owing must turn in Family Owing Form(s) to Louisville office by March 21,2013.



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