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Every Panther Matters so be Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Positive! 2010- 2011 A gold level model school.

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1 Every Panther Matters so be Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Positive! 2010- 2011 A gold level model school.

2 Student and School-wide Data Targeted Intervention Response To Strategy

3 What Can We Modify to Make an Impact?

4 The Monday Update is a form of communication sent to all staff Regarding weekly events and happenings around the school. Every week this update includes information from the PBIS team. Weekly Communication Reflections Encouragement Hot spots data Process management Important announcements Weekly tips for teachers about events Strategies – specific to individuals and groups Invitations to participate in and give feedback to PBIS team Acknowledgement and appreciation for staff (related to PBIS) Organizational assistance regarding forms, processes, and procedures A poem shared … Respectful behavior will help friendships grow, Treat others kindly and your thoughtfulness will show. Responsible is doing what is expected of you, Take charge of your learning and your smarts will shine through. Safe places feel comfortable and also feel good, Make choices that you know your role models would. A positive attitude feeling or word, Makes someones day when it is heard. Our Pinewood family is really the best, Our positive behaviors help us stand out from the rest.

5 Second Step implementation tips provided to teachers. Classroom reinforcement tips using paw prints. Staff meetings to share data, strategies, and provide handouts for staff. Positive behavior strategy in-service. Everyone plays a part in the success of our students.

6 Consistent behavioral expectations. Paw prints used as reinforcers. Paw prints used by all staff, including office, cafeteria, custodial, and paraprofessionals. Paw prints provided to substitute teachers, volunteers, and staff who assist at off-campus events. Modeling of expected behavior by students, for students. I noticed you help Jane pick up the books she dropped. Thank you for making our classroom a positive one. (paw print presented) Back of Substitute Paw Print (State the students name), I just saw you being (state the expectation you saw) by (state what the student did). Thank you for modeling that behavior for all of us. Every student at Pinewood really can make a difference. Supporting All Students

7 Teacher____________ Respectful Responsible Safe and Positive Panthers make a Community Classroom paw print recognition Classes are acknowledged by adults on campus for displaying expected behaviors outside the classroom Classroom paw prints are tallied monthly and 3 classes are announced on Panther News Network (PNN) PBIS recognized classes are featured on video and presented with the PBIS Recognized Class magnet to display on their classroom door that month. Positive Peer Influence!

8 Sit, facing front. Listen for driver directions. Keep your items in your lap. Remain in your assigned area. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Enjoy the ride. Agree to abide by the bus drivers rules. Hold on to your belongings. Walk to your seat. Stay seated. Follow the drivers rules. Take your belongings with you when you exit the bus. Use a quiet voice. Follow driver directions. Use appropriate words. Share your seat. Sit, facing forward. RespectfulResponsible Safe Positive Every area has a unique Matrix

9 The Second Step curriculum was purchased for each grade level through PTA funding. Teachers incorporated these social skills lessons into their weekly lesson plans. Lessons focused on empathy, problem-solving, impulse control, and anger management skills. Helping all students understand feelings.

10 Mini paw prints are used with students who require more regular, immediate reinforcement. 5 mini paw prints equal 1 regular paw print. Mini paw prints are used in related arts classes when classes are split – more than one class together. Make it work for everyone!

11 Check-in Check-out Peace 4 Kids Social emotional educational 14-week pull-out program Supporting Students Peace4Kids activity sheetSample Check-In Check-Out plan

12 Check and Connect Using All About Me guide book as framework for mentor/mentee. Individualized Behavior Intervention Plans and written procedural guidelines monitored by RtI team. No child left behind! Check and Connect activity sheet Sample first grade BIP

13 PBIS store available for students to shop at twice a month. No Collar Day PBIS Treats in Cafeteria Cookies for Character T-shirt Tuesday Art Contest Gift Basket Raffle Poster/Chore Chart Contest Safety Assembly Guest Respect Reader Positive Dance Party Celebrating Students

14 Monthly events suggested by big. Examples of one way monthly events are incorporated into the curriculum.

15 Data analysis revealed that the month prior to FCAT historically showed an increase in office referrals. PBIS events were incorporated during each of the 4 weeks in March to re- educate students on the expectations. Lets celebrate and remember what we are all about!

16 Keeping everyone involved!

17 Information is powerful.

18 PBIS section featured in every monthly newsletter to sent to families. Presence at evening events for families. Parent/PTA member on school PBIS committee. Presentation of information at PTA meetings. Parent volunteers for events and activities at school. Posters and language provided to incorporate into the home. Second Step Family Guide: four one-night workshops for parents to learn social- emotional strategies.

19 Magnets provided as visual reminder for parents who attended Second Step Family Guide One example of infusion of PBIS into the home for the holidays.

20 Welcome packet for new students/families that includes comprehensive information about PBIS. We love working with families!

21 Barnes and Noble Guest reader shared books about respect with each grade level in assembly format. All-Pro Dads Sponsored beginning of year breakfast for monthly meeting which focus upon connecting children and fathers. Chick-Fil-A Monthly PBIS Spirit Nights. Spirit Night paw prints highlight our expectations and are handed out during these events. Business Partner Reaching out!

22 Monthly Chick-Fil-A spirit nights. Face Painting at Fall Festival. November cheesecake sale. Bake sale at spring dance. Three Character Counts mini-grant award recipients. Donations of materials and supplies by staff and parents. Working together with community & families.

23 PBIS is well organized and beneficial for well-behaved students. We would like more development of intrinsic behaviors addressing supplemental and intensive student needs. Easy to remember expectations. The phrase we use is catchy. There needs to be better efficiency of support staff with following through on guidelines. PBIS creates a positive environment, promotes common language with all, is a good motivator with most children but doesnt work for all. Kids love the store and events and appreciate the verbiage to identify what they have done thats positive. The team does a good job of sending the minutes promptly and thats informative. I think there should be a way to ensure that everyone is on board and following the program with fidelity because children may fall through the cracks. Major and minor referrals should be used by everyone to document ALL behavior. PBIS sets clear, standard expectations across the school. Simplified and easy to use. We need to be more consistent with handing out paw prints. We need to continually educated our staff on how to use paw prints and what to say when handing them out. Scheduled events are effective, enjoyed, and well organized. We receive a lot of communication regarding PBIS. The signs are all around the school and the vocabulary is universally used. Check-In Check-Out is a strength of PBIS. Feedback in yellow denotes items that will be further addressed and responded to next school year.

24 The annual student survey is anonymously filled out by 3-5 th grade students in the spring Results are compiled and shared with the Student Advisory Council (SAC) to inform planning and policies from year to year.

25 Looking at data to make improvements.

26 Looking at the data from all angles.

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