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Star Island Use your computers arrow keys to go through the slide show. Spend a Day Stay a Week Remember for a Lifetime.

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1 Star Island Use your computers arrow keys to go through the slide show. Spend a Day Stay a Week Remember for a Lifetime

2 A Unique Haven for Individuals, Families and Groups Spend a week or a weekend with a blend of … Recreation Creativity Education Contemplation off the beautiful coast of New Hampshire on a special historic Island retreat.

3 Nurture the spirit, the heart, the mind.

4 Conferees find an abundance of ways to enjoy their time on Star Island.

5 Gathering with friends.

6 Exploring ones creative side.

7 Rowing from isle to isle.

8 Enjoying coffee and conversation.

9 Or taking part in workshops and classes.

10 Many conferees find Star Island a good place to explore their craft.

11 Their artistry.

12 Their love of fun.

13 Or find moments of solitude and contemplation.

14 … or personal reflection.

15 Star Island is one of a group of islands named the Isles of Shoals, located off the Maine and New Hampshire coasts.

16 The Star Island Corporation has owned and operated Star Island for religious and educational purposes since 1916.

17 Our seasonal conference center opens from early June to mid-September. Most conferences are a week long, though some just a weekend.

18 Star Island is founded on the liberal spiritual ideals of Unitarian-Universalism and the United Church of Christ.

19 But all are welcome.

20 The 100-year-old Oceanic House holds the main lobby and dining hall.

21 The lobby of the hotel allows guests a place to rest and read…

22 …or enjoy time with friends.

23 Guest rooms are rustic but comfortable...

24 Many with spectacular views.

25 Boardwalks increase accessibility to most public meeting rooms and housing areas.

26 Each Star Island conference is self- administered, arranging for speakers, workshops, and child­care as well as registering participants.

27 Art, literature, music, natural history, world affairs, science, religion, and spirituality are common themes.

28 Early risers are privileged to beautiful sunrises.

29 Daily meals and activities are announced by a ring of the porch bell.

30 Star Islands Art Barn allows artists to gather and work on varied projects.

31 Whether in the Lobby,

32 or on the porch, music and art abound.


34 The front porch is a favorite spot to gather.

35 Star Island offers a variety of recreational activities.

36 Whether using the oceans breeze to fly a kite,

37 or braving the waters of the Atlantic,

38 or finding quiet time alone.

39 Many conferees enjoy a weekly softball competition with Pelicans.

40 Pelicans are what we affectionately call Stars 110 or so college-aged island staffers.

41 Star Island provides a lovely location to gather your thoughts

42 or recharge your battery.

43 The chapel, a simple stone meetinghouse built in 1800, sits on the highest point of land.

44 Many conferences enjoy both a morning and evening chapel service.

45 Regardless of religious affiliations, these chapel services bring conferees joyfully together.

46 Many guests find enjoyment in the physical beauty of Star Island.

47 Both the beauty that is created,

48 and the beauty that is found in nature,

49 are enjoyed by those who come to Star Island.

50 The Rutledge Marine Lab offers hands–on learning about native marine life.

51 Including field studies and guided nature walks.

52 Vaughn Cottage is a small museum featuring artifacts, historic manuscripts, and the collection of Celia Thaxter, poet laureate of the Isles of Shoals.

53 Weve got a bookstore.

54 And a gift shop.

55 The snack bar is a popular place for an afternoon or late night snack.

56 The hotel lobby is a common gathering spot

57 for a friendly board game,

58 or a quiet conversation.

59 The islands waterfront can be a scene of peaceful beauty…

60 Or intense drama.

61 Conferees can take part in a tennis match,

62 enjoy moments of quiet companionship,

63 or shared time with friends.

64 Meals are hearty and satisfying home style cuisine,

65 served family style in the hotels dining room.

66 While some conferences are adult only, others have an abundance of children.

67 There are generations of attendees,

68 some who grew up coming to Star Island every summer,

69 and some who did not discover Star Island until they were adults.

70 And many who will treasure their time on Star Island for years to come.

71 Traditions are important on Star Island.

72 From the weekly variety show presented by the Pelicans,

73 to enjoying the beauty of natures sunsets in solitude…

74 or with friends.

75 Or taking pleasure in a bonfire on the rocks;

76 Or being spiritually fulfilled by the beauty of a candle lit chapel service.

77 Star Island is a welcoming place to anyone coming alone, with a friend, or an entire family.

78 Please join us this summer for a retreat youll remember always. Photos by Linda Anderle, Greg Case, Sean D. Elliot, James Erard, and Jeff Spoor. Text and layout by Kate Brady and Deborah Lielasus Tombleson

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