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Finance Town Hall November 12, 2012 1. Introduction Finance Division Organizational Chart Finance Office Updates Budget Office Update Wire Transfers New.

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1 Finance Town Hall November 12, 2012 1

2 Introduction Finance Division Organizational Chart Finance Office Updates Budget Office Update Wire Transfers New Vendor and Direct Pay Forms Contract Process at CUA Hardware and Software Purchasing Facilities Organization Building Administrators Requesting Facilities Services Questions 2

3 3 Cathy Wood Vice President for Finance & Treasurer Zia Mafaher Chief Info. Officer Information Technology Enterprise Apps. Systems Web Dev/Res & Academic Apps. Instructional Technology Information Security Business Systems & Support Christine Sportes AVP/Chief Human Resources Officer Employee Relations & EO/Title IX Coord Payroll Employment & Training/Dev. Benefits Compensation & HRIS Debbie Jackson Sr. Dir. Strategic Procurement & Contracting Procurement Contracting Sheri Hardison AVP Finance & Assist. Treasurer Accounting & Financial Reporting Accounts Payable Treasury Services Sponsored Accounting Budget Brian Johnston AVP/Institutional Research & Assessment Jerry Conrad AVP Facilities Operations Planning & Construction Environmental Health & Safety Facilities Maint. & Ops. Facilities Admin. & Services Energy & Environ. Systems Ed Schaefer Executive Project Coord Carol Evans Executive Assistant Baker Tilly Internal Auditor

4 Finance Office Updates Sheri Hardison Associate Vice President for Finance & Assistant Treasurer 4

5 5 General Areas of Focus General Budgeted Fund 11 New Program Fund 12 Auxiliary Enterprise Fund 15 Reserve Funds 18, 19 Capital Project Funds 39, 53 Budget Committee Support Position Control Budget Analysis Budget Transfers ROI Analysis of New Programs General Areas of Focus General Budgeted Fund 11 New Program Fund 12 Auxiliary Enterprise Fund 15 Reserve Funds 18, 19 Capital Project Funds 39, 53 Budget Committee Support Position Control Budget Analysis Budget Transfers ROI Analysis of New Programs Budget Office: 230 LHY Courtnay Williams, Director, ext. 6731 Presidents Office Finance (including HR) Auxiliaries Fred Blair, Senior Budget Analyst, ext. 6355 Provost and Academic areas Law School Facilities and CPIT Kaeren Parker, Budget Analyst, ext. 5553 Institutional Advancement Enrollment Management (including Athletics) Vacant, Senior Budget Analyst Budget Office Staff Directory

6 6 Oversee the annual operating and capital budget development and business planning processes Monitor functional area revenue and expense budgets Report on business activity to stakeholders Assist departments as needed with: o Budget preparation and developing business plans o Financial analysis o Profit/loss statements o Review new programs o Return on investment analysis

7 January 11, 2013 – Submission of all FY2014 reserve fund (18 and 19) budgets January 11, 2013 – Submission of FY2014 Fund 12 budgets – projected revenue, expense and enrollment February 8, 2013 – Budget Office will send out FY2014 budget information and instructions March 31, 2013 – Submission of all FY2014 Fund 11 budgets and attachments to Budget Office 7

8 Updating uses and processes for wire transfers Domestic payments – No more wire transfers International payments – Wire transfer can still be used but with some new procedures Change driven by internal control considerations and tax reporting requirements 8

9 Domestic Payments will be done via ACH Current vendor application must be on file for all requests before payment will be processed Fill out bank account and routing information in ACH section of Vendor Form Request payment via standard Accounts Payable processes o Direct Payment Form for eligible expenses o Payment from Purchase Order Plan ahead so that purchase can follow procurement and contract policies Ensure budgeted funds are available 9

10 International wire transfers Send International Wire Form to Accounts Payable (not Treasury Services) Current Vendor Form must be on file in Accounts Payable for payment to proceed Contract Policy must be followed, as applicable Will be processed as a wire transfer by Treasury Services Allow 2 – 4 days for wire processing (assumes current Vendor Form) Payment voucher will be entered into the system Payment voucher will need to clear system budget checks 10

11 Benefits from changing these processes Budget Control – Transactions will have to pass system budget checks Stewardship of University funds – Procurement and contract processes will be followed Reporting – More detailed information available on report drilldowns and queries Tax compliance – Tax reporting more automated Efficiency– Ability to process multiple payments in a single batch Cost – ACH transactions are cheaper to process than wire transfers 11

12 ACH electronic funds transfer/EFT/direct deposit Much faster receipt of funds than check Available to all vendors Notification of funds being deposited into bank account No lost checks Also available to faculty and staff for reimbursements Next steps - link existing direct deposit data in payroll system to AP reimbursement process 12

13 Provide potential vendor names and specific contacts to Accounts Payable Fill out a Vendor Form to receive your next expense reimbursement via ACH 13

14 New Vendor Form is available on the Accounts Payable website under AP Forms and Procedures Vendor Application Form (PDF) Vendor Application Form 14

15 15 Click External Vendor or CUA Employee/Student

16 External vendor 16

17 CUA Employee/Student 17

18 The Direct Pay Form can be used for: Honorarium Membership Dues American Express Petty Cash Employee Non-Travel Reimbursements Department Restricted Annuities (Treasury Services) Royalties (CUA Press and Office of Sponsored Programs) Employee Deduction Payment (HR only) Athletic Game officials (Athletics) CUA Press Readers Report (CUA Press) 18

19 19

20 20

21 Contract Process at CUA Peg ODonnell Office of General Counsel 21

22 What is a contract? Six easy steps to process a contract Signature authority Policy violations Resources 22

23 A binding agreement between two or more parties enforceable by law. Offer: I will do X if you do or dont do Y. Consideration: $ does not have to change hands. Acceptance: OK o Example: Health Insurance contracts dont involve exchange of dollars between University and Insurance Company, but may involve Catholic mission issues. 23

24 24

25 Confidential Information Why we disfavor auto-renewal clauses Why its a red flag to hire a former employee as independent contractor in same calendar year CUA does not pay sales tax 25

26 26

27 27

28 28

29 Step Four: If any changes are needed OGC provides text for legal changes. Purchasing will negotiate all changes in the terms of a contract. 29

30 30

31 31



34 The P-Card may only be used for limited types of purchases: Office products and supplies Books and subscriptions Approved dues for organizations Conference registrations Events catering Printing and copy services 34

35 University regulations require that purchases of goods and services in excess of $2,500 be competitively bid. Orders between $2,500 and $5,000 require a minimum of three oral quotes. Orders of $5,000 or more require a minimum of three written quotes. This policy may apply to contract renewals as well. 35

36 Procurement.cfm Procurement.cfm 36

37 Hardware and Software Purchasing Raylene Dufresne Director Instructional Technology

38 What is currently provided Purchasing technology with University funds Items of Interest Process Tablets 38

39 39 Hardware All faculty and staff receive a Windows desktop computer All faculty and staff can access a network printer Software Faculty and staff computers have a standard set of software Computer labs have a standard set of software The list of software in each set is available on the University website

40 Additional computing equipment must be purchased using a requisition, or through CPIT Procurement cards, University AmEx cards or personal funds are not authorized for purchase of University computing equipment and related items Hardware must meet minimum requirements specified on the university website 40

41 Purchases through CPIT are easier and faster CPIT will determine if hardware and software purchases are approved to work on network and with other appliances CPIT will check the configuration of the hardware and software to see if they will work with each other Hardware owned by University will receive an asset tag Taxes – University does not pay them or reimburse them Warranty – some purchases require that a warranty be purchased Notebook computer purchases A professional version of the operating system is required o e.g., Purchase Windows Professional, not Windows Home Premium Windows 8 is not supported at CUA Software may have site license available 41

42 To start a technology purchase, fill out a support request ticket at Consultation o Questions about purchase o CPIT will research configuration and requirements How to purchase: CPIT (recommended) or requisition o For most purchases, CPIT is faster and often less expensive o Large purchases must be made with a requisition o All technology purchases must go through CPIT for approval 42

43 Computer setup o University desktop computers are deployed using hard drive imaging that provides a standard set of software o CPIT installs Microsoft Office and antivirus software on University-owned notebook computers Certain notebook models are deployed using hard drive imaging, but most are not Hardware Support o CPIT performs in-house hardware repairs for University desktop computers o CPIT provides basic hardware repairs for University-owned notebook computers – more complex hardware problems require a warranty repair by the vendor 43

44 Purchasing a WiFi only model is recommended The University will not pay for any cellular communication plans or charges for tablets Apps The University will not pay for tablet software applications ("apps") o University procurement cards/credit cards must not be used to purchase applications or gift cards that allow such purchase, and must not be registered on the tablet vendor's online store. The University is investigating the business case for volume app purchases for Apple IOS tablets 44

45 Facilities Operations /

46 Introduction Building Administrator System Designation Division interaction Responsibilities Requesting Services Maintenance Special Event Support Projects 46

47 Emergency Evacuation Drills Hazardous Waste Management Radioactive Materials Management Bloodborne Pathogens Fire Protection Systems Inspection/Testing Asbestos Management Hazard Evaluations Risk Management & Insurance Administration Indoor Air Quality Evaluations Safety Training

48 Central Plant Steam Generation HVAC Systems Distribution Lines Controls Electrical Services Elevators Utilities Planning Utilities Procurement Energy Management Utility Projects Project Commissioning Compliance Utilities Master Plan 48

49 Project Management Facilities Design New Construction & Renovation Management Master Planning Capital Improvement Plans Space Planning Facilities Asset Management 49

50 Building Maintenance Plumbing Painting Structural Grounds Maintenance Mowing/edging/weed control Snow Removal Road/sidewalk repairs Pest Management Fleet Maintenance Tag renewals DC Inspections Scheduled Maintenance Custodial Services Routine Cleaning Special Event Support Waste & Recycling 50

51 Preparation, tracking and reporting of all departmental operating budgets. Provides centralized project financial control to minimize the impact on project execution and operations. Serves as a consolidated service center for all facility requests. Receives and directs all requests to appropriate shop or facilities department. Assists with the coordination, scheduling and communication for projects, repairs and support functions. Maintains the Building Administrator System 51

52 Definition: Serves as the building liaison for communications between the building occupants and Facilities Operations and/or the Department of Public Safety. Designation: Typically, Building Administrators are designated as follows: o Building with a primary function (academic, administrative, student life) - highest ranking administrator o Mixed use building - highest ranking administrator for most common function An administrator may delegate appropriate responsibilities to another associate in the building with written notification to Facilities Administration and Services via email (CUA-FAS@CUA.EDU)CUA-FAS@CUA.EDU The officially designated Building Administrator retains the accountability and authority for responsibilities, even when tasks are assigned to other staff for action. 52

53 EHS & Building Administrator Interaction Facility Safety Inspections – CUA staff & Regulatory Agencies Asset Management: Acquisition, Biennial Inventory and Property Disposal Emergency Evacuation Drills. 53

54 Facility Safety Inspections In-house by CUA Staff: Advanced notice provided Outside entities: Limited advanced notice o DC Fire Marshal, DC Fire Department, Insurance Company Loss Control Visits. Report addressed to Building Administrator o Two areas: Building Administrator Items Facility Maintenance Items 54

55 Facility Safety Inspections – Example items which typically fall under the Building Administrator's purview. Forward the information to the responsible Department. DC Fire Code Section F 110.1 Hazardous conditions likely to cause or contribute to the spread of fire. Interference with operation of fire protection equipment. Sprinkler head 18 clearance, obstructed fire extinguisher or pull station Obstruction to or likely to interfere with egress of occupants or operations of the fire department. Accumulations of rubbish, waste, paper, boxes, or excessive storage of any combustible material. Hazardous conditions arising from improperly installed electrical wiring, equipment or appliances (overloaded electrical outlets) Overcrowded conditions where the occupant load is exceeded. Locked, blocked or inoperative designated fire exits. Appropriate building signage.

56 Facility Safety Inspections – Example items which typically fall under the Facilities Maintenance's purview. Work Orders submitted by EHS Building Administrator copied for notification and follow-up Examples: Inoperable emergency exit. Broken fire door closer. Inoperable emergency lighting. Mechanical/building system deficiencies. 56

57 Asset Management Acquisition o Property tag needed for purchases over $1,000. o All computer equipment (I-pads, tablets, PCs, Mac) o No action needed, a staff member will contact your department. Biennial inventory o Conducted during the even fiscal year – (next will be FY14 conducted in summer of 2013) o Notices to Building Administrator in Spring 2013 to initiate logistics. o Items not reconciled require a Public Safety report to distinguish if lost or stolen. Disposal o Email EHS,, with quantity and brief description of items, regardless of the presence of a property tag. EHS will reply or may make site visit to determine best o Items should remain in secure location until time of disposal. o Enter a facilities work order for final disposal. The physical move will be scheduled and you will be notified of your share of the cost. 57

58 Emergency Evacuation Drills Academic/Administrative buildings – Annually Residential + multi-use buildings (i.e., Caldwell/Seton) – each semester Notification to Building Administrator. o Watch Captains and RAs informed. o Watch Captains roll – coordinated by Dept. of Public Safety – semester meetings conducted. o Emergency Notification – Information conduit via Watch Captain List of Watch Captains to be emailed to Building Administrators. 58

59 59 Provides communication to occupants regarding the reporting of maintenance, custodial, utility, safety and security concerns. Assists with the coordination, scheduling and communication for projects and repairs. Encourages occupants to report all Facilities related issues directly to the Facilities Service Center by using the on-line forms at or by calling x5121. Building Administrator Web page:

60 60 Dept initiates request in QBIC DFSA reviews request Pre- Approved Capital Project? Does dept have funding available? Is the request an emergency? Does it have funding? AVP assigns PM PM initiates PAF AVP assigns PM to develop a budgetary estimate Do available funds cover budgetary estimate? Yes No Project Stops AVP discusses with VPFT VPFT Pre- approves? PM initiates PAF Yes No Does AVP feel project should proceed for other reasons? Yes No Project Stops

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