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Click to start the most exciting journey!!!! Lakes and Dales By Stephanie Buttigieg.

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2 Click to start the most exciting journey!!!!

3 Lakes and Dales By Stephanie Buttigieg

4 Day One – 4 th April 2012 Flight EZY 1998 to Manchester airport left at 11:40am and took three hours and a half. When we arrived there at 12:10pm (English time) we had a two hour drive to look forward to, to arrive at our lodging, Ashley Bank. We chose our rooms, spending money was collected and settled down. We threw a surprise party for Jasmine who turned 12 years old on that exact day!

5 Some views we saw through the window… Beeeeeq!

6 Day Two – 5 th April 2012 Woke up and prepared for the day Went to: Dove Cottage Gingerbread Bakery Keswick Pencil Museum Rheged Creativity Centre. Went back to Ashely Bank and after we played in the field we went to eat dinner.

7 Dove Cottage Dove Cottage is the place where William Wordsworth wrote his best poems. He had three women looking after him so he was spoilt. The room that interested me the most was the cooler room because it showed that even people living in older times were intelligent.

8 Gingerbread bakery We stopped at the Gingerbread bakery to buy some, well, gingerbread!

9 Keswick Pencil Museum In this pencil museum one can find the biggest and tallest pencil in Britain and probably the whole world. There were also escape pencils where you can put in a rolled map into them and give them to prisoners without being noticed. There were a lot of different pencils and other things related with drawing in the gift shop and nearly everyone bought something.

10 Rheged Creativity Centre To end the day we went to Rheged Creativity Centre where we could buy things made of pottery and then paint them. It was a messy business but we all had fun! before after

11 Day Three – 6 th April 2012 Woke up and had breakfast Drove up towards Haworth where we saw some snow but, unfortunately didnt have time to stop and have a snowball fight! Stopped at a playing field to have a break. Went to the White Scar Caves. Went back to Ashley Bank to sleep.

12 Haworth Haworth is the village where the Brontë family used to live. We entered the church where Charlotte and Emily are buried but Anne is buried in Scarbourgh. We also entered the Personage – the home of the Brontë family.

13 White Scar Cave We had the opportunity to enter the longest show cave in Britain, the White Scar Cave. We had to wear hard hats because sometimes the ceiling was low and we bumped our heads!!! The most interesting parts of the cave were the straw stalactites which grow in this particular cave only. There were also some very interesting formations and my favourite one is the Judges Head!

14 Day Four – 7 th April 2012 Woke up at about 7 oclock and had breakfast. Went to Ullswater, Gretna Green and Penrith. Went for a walk in the neighbourhood. Went back home to sleep.

15 Ullswater We went on a boat trip on the lake Ullswater and the views we saw were breath taking!

16 Gretna Green While we were driving up towards Gretna Green in Scotland we saw the first and last house in Scotland. As girls, we cant go anywhere without shopping so we spent the next three hours shopping there.

17 Penrith We stopped at Penrith while we were driving back towards our cottage. There we walked around the village and saw the village clock.

18 Day Five – 8 th April 2012 Woke up and wished Happy Easter to each other. Drove towards Camelot Theme Park where we spent the best Easter Sunday ever! Went back home as we were soaking wet and tired.

19 Camelot Theme Park The most exciting ride was the Log Fall were we had to ride on a log and get the biggest fright when we fell down a hill! We also saw a jousting show which was amazing.

20 Day Six – 9 th April 2012 After we had breakfast we went to the Aquarium of the Lakes. Then we went to the Wildlife Animal Park but unfortunately the weather wasnt so nice but we still had fun. We went back home to sleep.

21 Aquarium of the Lakes We saw a lot of interesting fish and strangely enough, other animals! We also saw the feeding of the otters but the smell wasnt so pleasant.

22 Wild Life Animal Park We saw lots of different, wild animals in this park including: peacocks, kangaroos, flamingos, lemurs and lots more. We also had the chance to feed the giraffes which was an amazing opportunity.

23 Day Seven – 10 th April 2012 On this day we slept a little more as we were going to the cheese factory and take it easy! Afterwards we went for a walk in the dales but it was too cold so we went shopping instead!

24 Hawes Creamery While we were driving towards the factory we passed through the Buttertub Pass. There were all types of different cheeses but unfortunately they dont make chocolate cheese any more.

25 Day Eight – 11 th April 2012 We woke up at 1:30 in the morning to leave for the airport. Flight EZY 1997 left Manchester airport at 6:30am.

26 Lets not forget the jokes… Once when I was in the bathroom Ms Ruth told my friends to tie a rope around the handle of the door and pull so that I wont be able to open. When all the suitcases were packed, John weighed them all to make sure we didnt exceed the weight limit and he gave me the biggest shock when he told me that mine weighed 29KG. Laughter is the best medicine of all and we really had a good laugh!

27 A big thanks To Ms Ruth Spiteri Bezzina, Mr John Bezzina and Ms Josepha!!

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