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Bringing Donors and Missionaries together for the New Evangelisation in Ireland.

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1 Bringing Donors and Missionaries together for the New Evangelisation in Ireland


3 Sense of let down and uncertainty following recent scandals General lack of commitment and zeal in faith Fall in moral standards at all levels of society (political, banking, personal etc) Poor Mass attendance, especially among the young Poor level of religious knowledge and catechesis (Iona Institute poll, 2008) Delay in Sacrament of Baptism Secularisation of Catholic schools & hospitals Confession has become a Lost Sacrament Great need for the Gospel to be proclaimed with clarity and enthusiasm in all spheres

4 What is Evangelisation? Direct Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Empowering people with the truth and life giving message of the Catholic Church What is The New Evangelisation? Referred to by John Paul II and Benedict XVI Evangelisation of previously evangelised peoples New in its ardour, methods and expression

5 New Movements Communities Church at Parish or Diocesan Level Individual Missionaries Initiatives of the Faithful Carry out Evangelisation Projects


7 Starting from nothing Volunteers, often young No missionary should be contained to secular life for financial reasons alone Allow missionaries to be missionaries Projects need to be funded Donor-Missionary Matching

8 One stop shop for donations Right amount; to right cause; at right time Co-ordinated and focused funding Bequest/Legacy Assistance Encourage everyone to become missionaries too, by being donors

9 Support is needed for Evangelisation projects undertaken by the new movements and other missionaries Allow Missionaries to be missionaries through financial support Support is needed for initiatives that promote a better and more widespread catechesis in the Catholic faith Authentic Catholic evangelisation initiatives need to be financed or they will not achieve their potential or may not happen at all

10 Company Limited by Guarantee; registered in Republic of Ireland 2009; Zero Overheads Registered Charity Experienced in Evangelisation, Finance, Legal, Marketing & PR; All share a deep love for Christ and His Church 7 Founder Members Cardinal Sean Brady Endorsement


12 The New Evangelisation Trust Prayerful & Wise Discernment Donations( Once off & Regular) Mission Funding in Ireland Bequest/ Legacy

13 Genuine Catholic Evangelisation Causes in Ireland will be adequately financed to realise their full potential

14 Missionaries Retreat givers, speakers, writers, educators, organisers, street evangelists, mission teams, media spokespersons Projects Events, books, CDs, DVDs, facilities, courses and seminars that present the faith authentically and convincingly Catechesis Parish & School programmes Funding Priorities

15 Catechised Ongoing Formation Prayer Eucharistic Adoration Support from Group Evangelised


17 Funding round is announced Applicants apply using forms provided Grants Committee examine applications Grants Committee makes systematic analysis Grants Committee recommends to Board of Directors Board of Directors reviews Grants Committee recommendations and issues grants


19 Fully Established as Charity, 2009 Procedures in place to process applications and funding Completed First Round of Funding, 2009 8,000 Fund Raised Invitation of Applicants Processing of Applications Awarding of 9 Grants Up to date Audited Accounts Website

20 Pure in Heart Welcome Home Youth 2000 Elijah Fellowship Net Ministries Ireland Our Ladys School of Evangelisation Irish School of Evangelisation Tine Network Apostolate for Pure love

21 Pure In Heart - New Website

22 Welcome Home Stand at RDS

23 Youth 2000 Christmas Retreat

24 Elijah Fellowship – Catholic CDs Project

25 Net Ministries – School Retreat Teams

26 OLSE Knock – Student Subsidy Formation Prayer Life School Life Community Life Outreach and Mission Recreation and Outings

27 Pilot (25,000) Develop & Fine-Tune Systems Process Pilot Feedback into 2011 Plans Establish & equip a network of promoters Develop Associate Membership Develop Website Annual Report

28 Consistent Growth to Serve the Great Need Wide Publicity, especially in relation to Wills Network of Promoters to become National Education & Advice to Donors & Missionaries Development of Bursaries Constant Improvement Develop & Fine-Tune Systems Process Pilot Feedback into 2011 Plans Extend Website Annual Reporting

29 According to a recent opinion poll: Almost one third of 15-24 year olds do not know that the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated at Easter Most people, of all ages, do not know what the first of the Ten Commandments is Thousands of people have sought to defect from the Church through websites like Increasing numbers of people live their lives away from the sacraments Aggressive Secularism / Marginalisation of religion Priests are ageing and can do less than in the past To rise against this tide and water the buds of hope….

30 As you take up the challenges of this hour, I ask you to remember the rock from which you were hewn (Is 51:1). Reflect upon the generous, often heroic, contributions made by past generations of Irish men and women to the Church and to humanity as a whole. Pope Benedict to the Catholics of Ireland, March 2010 The Church in Ireland has always faced difficulties

31 A new increase in vocations to some religious orders New movements, especially amongst the young Young people reverting to their faith, disillusioned with the Godless lifestyle Various new initiatives of the faithful These changes are small in number, but they are a start

32 We must answer Pope Benedicts call for renewal in the Church in Ireland Without financial support, many good initiatives can wither and die

33 Donation (Once off or Standing Order) Writing a Gift into your Will (Legacy/ Bequest)

34 Speak to your Solicitor Free Solicitor Service Texts for Wills Codicil for existing Wills Tax Efficient Bursaries

35 Donation (Once off or Standing Order) Writing a Gift into your Will (Legacy/ Bequest) Become a Trained TNET Promoter Become Associate Member Spread the word among family and friends And most importantly, Prayer


37 Bringing Donors and Missionaries together for the New Evangelisation in Ireland

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