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Zippo Manufacturing Company

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1 Zippo Manufacturing Company

2 Power of the Zippo Brand
After nearly 80 years, the Zippo pocket lighter remains what it has always been: a brilliantly simple work of care and craftsmanship. Built by generations of proud hands. Collected by thousands. Recognized by millions. Loved by all. Part of the Fabric of American Culture… Made in USA Lifetime Guarantee Sold in over 150 countries worldwide Highly Collectable – 1 out of 3 lighters is never opened or used Appeared in over 1,500 movies and TV Shows Over 4,000 videos on YouTube…20,000 MySpace mentions Virtual Zippo lighter iTunes application has over 11,000,000 downloads Relevant Marketing: Zippo 200, Live Nation,

3 Windproof Lighter FEATURES & BENEFITS
Windproof: easy to light in outside elements One Hand Operation: easy to operate Refillable: non-disposable Durable Metal Construction: enables Zippo to honor Lifetime Guarantee Bottom Stamp: enhances collectability Individuality: hundreds of designs Patented Shape: imitation protection Iconic Design: universally recognized as “cool” Special Travel Retail Pricing 60% Gross Margin

4 Standard Gift Box Packaging
Top Selling Lighters Base Models Lucky Zippo Zippo Standard Gift Box Packaging Young & Edgy Peace Patriotic Zippo For Women Love Butterfly Hidden

5 Display Options Stand-Alone Display Countertop Display
- Light and Motion - Two sizes: 60 or 96 lighters - Lockable - Base holds stock Available with or without base Optional accessory display adapter Optional Zippo BLU panel Countertop Display -Holds 15 or 30 lighters -Swivel Base -Lockable -Optional accessory display adapter Blister Packaging -Great for j-hooks and clip strips -Small footprint

6 Outdoor Line PRODUCT LINE
Hand Warmer: reusable and produces 10x the heat of disposable warmers Utility Lighter: metal, refillable, and Lifetime Guarantee Emergency Fire Starter: rugged metal case protects dependable burning sticks Campfire Starter: unique blend of recycled cedar and refined wax

7 Writing Instruments FEATURES & BENEFITS
Solid Brass and Stainless Steel: high quality materials enable Zippo to offer 2-year guarantee 25 SKUs: ballpoint and rollerball styles provide variety to consumers Distinctive Gift Box: giftable Special Travel Retail Pricing 60% Gross Margin

8 Watches – Available April/May
FEATURES & BENEFITS Sturdy and dependable: high quality materials enable Zippo to offer 2-year guarantee Multi-Functional: designed with simple, yet innovative features geared toward performance, elegance, and sportsmanship. 25 SKUs: range of dress, casual, and sport styles. Distinctive Gift Box: giftable Special Travel Retail Pricing 60% Gross Margin

9 Zippo Apparel – Brand Extension
Launched February 2011 Target Market: Gen Y Group (18-30), who are hipster enthusiasts that enjoy Fuel TV, the Dew Tour, and the X Games Line includes: t-shirts, jeans, hats, belt buckles, bags, key chains and accessories Significant budget for launching: Zippo custom Jeep by West Coast Custom will air in February

10 Extending the brand The new face of Zippo in brick-and-mortar categories Traditional retail stores Travel retail segment Kiosks Shop-in-shops Zippo branded retail stores

11 Thank you Bart Collins Citra Inc. PO Box 153 Stony Brook, NY 11790

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