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By Emily Kapinus

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1 By Emily Kapinus

2 Meeting at school We woke up very early We went to school. when we arrived we got our binders then we all got into a circle and said a prayer we got on the bus and went to the airport then we got on the plane

3 Famers market we got there around 7:45am -8:30am we went to a food place then we went to a gift shop. there were many foods and gifts the food there was yummy some of us got gifts at the gift shop

4 Mokupapapa center we watched a video we also had a discovery hunt we learned a few facts it was interesting to learn about the sea

5 Lyman Museum and Akaka falls we learned many facts we things about Hawaiians volcanoes and Korean it was a long time next we had lunch at McDonalds' then we went to Akaka falls, it was a pretty waterfall. we learned a story, facts and took many pictures

6 At KMC we got there around 4:30pm we ate dinner and it was yummy in my tummy then we went to the arcade I beat Emilee at air hockey (very hard) we worked on our book then we went to bed

7 Rainbow Falls then Naha stone we saw another beautiful waterfall we heard another story also And we took many pictures we then saw the big Naha stone we tried lifting it but it was to big, not even the teachers could

8 Tsunami Museum and the Thurson lava tube we learned many facts about tsunamis we also heard stories about the past tsunamis on the big island. and we had page to do in the book. lastly we saw a movie about the tsunamis now we were heard to go to the thurson lava tube it was a cool experience.

9 Back to KCM we came back to have dinner after we had dinner we went to the Lehua room we had trivia game everyone got a gift then we all went to bed

10 Black Sand Black and the Bread shop we saw a nice view of a beach. we also saw a turtle on the beach. we took many pictures of the view it was a sunny day the Bread shop was full of people. also the food was yummy in my tummy yum!

11 Puuhonua o Honaunau Historical park and Petroglyph Rubbings it was a a beautiful place we saw everywhere of it they the Hawaiian had many cultures so we learned many things it was a hot day there were many petroglyphs they all looked interesting

12 Onizuka Space museum and the Airport they had many cool thingamajigs. we also learned about Mr. Onizukas life too. I Also got a a few things from the shop. After that we went to the airport. we did security and we on the plane

13 Bye-Bye Big Island, Hello Oahu I almost sat to an older lady then me but she had the wrong ticket. It was a long way back I was so sad I had to leave big island. I played cards with Cameron on the plane. Then we were back on Oahu Home sweet home

14 Home sweet home!

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