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1 unit03

2 Agenda Agenda Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Extended Exercises Checkpoint
UNIT GOALS Agenda 1. Leave and take a message 2. Check in and check out 3. Request housekeeping services 4. Comment on a hotel and its related services 5. Write about a hotel or a trip Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Extended Exercises Checkpoint

3 Lesson 1 Lesson 1 3 Lead-in Listening Speaking Reading Writing

4 1-Lead-in Lead-in Exercise A Exercise B Exercise C 3 3
Sitcom: Can I Take a Message? Scene 1 3 Exercise A Exercise B 3 Exercise C

5 Exercise A 1-Exercise A A. Check whether each statement is true (T) or false (F). True False 1. Cheryl is in the office when the □ □ phone rings. 2. Mr. Rashid answers the phone □ □ and takes messages. 3. All three callers are clients of Top □ □ Notch Travel. 4. Mrs. Beatty is calling from her □ □ hotel room. 5. Mrs. Beatty is happy about her hotel. □ □ 6. Mr. Rashid is traveling to Rio. □ □ 7. Mr. Rashid would like to have □ □ breakfast in his hotel. 8. Cheryl will call each person back. □ □

6 Exercise B 1-Exercise B B. Write the reason why each person calls Top Notch Travel. 1. Mrs. Beatty ________________________________________________________ 2. Mr. Rashid ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Ms. Nobak ______________________________________________________________________________________________ . Mrs. Beatty is not happy about her hotel. There is no bellman. Mr. Rashid wants a cheaper hotel in Budapest. A hotel without breakfast is OK. Ms. Novak wants to bring her cat with her to the hotel in Rio. She also wants a king-size bed in her hotel room.

7 Exercise C 1-Exercise C C. Complete the incorrect message Mr. Evans gives Cheryl. “Let’s see. Mrs. Beatty wants a cheaper ________( 1 ). Mr. Rashid isn’t satisfied with his ________( 2 ). And Ms. Novak thinks the _________( 3 ) needs a king-sized ________( 4 ).” cat breakfast bellman bed

8 1-Listening Listening Part 1 Could You Take a Message?
3 Part 1 Could You Take a Message? Part 2 Phone Messages 3 Part 3 Check In and Check Out Part 4 I Want to Reserve a Room. 3 Part 5 Hotel Arrangements New Words

9 1-Part-1 Part 1 Could You Take a Message?
Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. 1. What is the name of the caller? a. Nick b. Nate c. Neil 2. According to the girl, her father:_______. a. is not home b. is on another line c. can’t come to the telephone 3. What is the man’s telephone number? a b c 4. The man tells the girl _______. a. that he will call again sometime after 7:00 PM b. to ask her father to call him later c. that he will drop by around 8:30 PM 5. What does the girl refuse to tell the caller? a. her age b. her name c. her address a c c b b

10 1-Part-2 Part 2 Phone Messages
Listen to the phone messages. Complete each message slip, according to the information you hear. IMPORTANT MESSAGE PHONE MESSAGE FOR: Judy Diller □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss Marc Pearl Phone number:__________ □Telephoned □Please call □Came to see you □Will call again □Wants to see you □Returned your call Message:____________________________ FOR: Hank Pitt □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss ______ Phone :__________ □Please call □Will call again □Wants to see you □Returned your call Message:____________________________ Vicky Denkus Will be at this number till six o’clock. He’ll be at the Savoy Hotel for two days. A Message For You WHILE YOU WERE OUT… FOR: Collin Mack □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss __________ Phone :__________ □Called □Please call back □Came to see you □Will call again □Wants to meet □Returned your call Message:____________________________ FOR: Patricia Carlton □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss_______ called. Phone :__________ □Please call back □Will call again Message:____________________________ Carol Braun Sam Hill He will be at the meeting at 3:00. Will call again next week.

11 Part 3 Check In and Check Out
Conversation 1 Conversation 2

12 1-Conversation-1 Conversation 1
Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. For which day does the man make a reservation finally? ___________________________________________ 2. For what day did Mr. Nelson make a hotel reservation? 3. What is taking place in the city that makes getting another room almost impossible? 4. How much is the initial discount on the honeymoon suite after Mr. Nelson complains about the hotel service? 5. How does Mr. Nelson respond when the hotel clerk offers to provide him with a free room on his next visit? 18th 19th There is a conversation going on in town. 10% He said that it’ll be a long time. / He implies that he might not visit again because of the problems he has had.

13 1-Conversation-2 Conversation 2
Check whether each statements is true (T) or false (F). True False 1. The guest is leaving the hotel. □ □ 2. The guest asks for spring water. □ □ 3. The guest pays cash. □ □ 4. The guest is going to the airport. □ □

14 1-Part-4 Part 4 I Want to Reserve a Room.
Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. 1. For which day does the man finally make a reservation? a. March 20th b. March 21st c. March 22nd 2. What kind of room does the man prefer? a. a non-smoking room b. a smoking room c. either one is okay 3. Why doesn’t he want to reserve the suite? a. It doesn’t have a nice view. b. It doesn’t come with a sauna bath. c. It’s too expensive. 4. How much is the man’s room Including tax? a. 80 dollars b. 88 dollars c. 96 dollars 5. How do you spell the man’s name? a. Maxner b. Maexner c. Mexner

15 1-Part-5 Part 5 Hotel Arrangements
Listen to a passage and fill in the blanks. 1. What’s the purpose of letter? ___________________________ 2. Between 22nd July and 30th August, guests will need ______ bed(s) in the hotel. 3. When will the guests need the packed lunch? ___________________ 4. Who wrote the letter? ________________ to confirm the hotel arrangements 66 on the day of departure hotel manager

16 1-New Words New Words accommodation n. (酒店、火车、船等提供的) 住宿膳食服务
additional adj. 追加的;附加的;额外的 alright adv. (=all right)好的 arrangement n. 安排 book v. 预订,预约 cancellation n. 取消,作废 confirm v. 确认 contract n. 合同 convention n. 大会,会议

17 1-New Words New Words discount n. 减价;折扣 grateful adj. 感激的,感谢的
honeymoon n. 蜜月 inconvenience n. 麻烦;不便之处 inn n. 旅馆,客栈 packed lunch (三明治、水果等)盒装午餐 plus prep. 和,加上 renovation n. 修复;装修,整修 sauna n. 桑拿(浴室) schedule n. 时间表 suite n. (旅馆的)套房 throw in 免费添加,额外奉送

18 1-Speaking Speaking Conversation Model Conversation Pair Work 3
Check In 3 Conversation Model Conversation Pair Work

19 1-Conversation-Model Conversation Model Read and Listen
A: Hi. I’m checking in. The name’s Baker. B: Let’s see. That’s one double for two nights. Non-smoking? A: That’s right. B: How do you want to pay? A: Here’s my card. By the way, is the restaurant still open? B: Actually, you’d better hurry. It closes at 9:00. Rhythm and intonation practice Now listen again and try to imitate. Pay attention to the stress pattern.

20 1-Conversation Pair Work
Role-play checking in. Discuss the room features you want. Ask about the hotel facilities in the pictures. A: Hi. I’m checking in. The name’s _________. B: ___________... Continue the conversation in your own way. HOURS p.m. business center HOURS pool Fitness center gift shop sauna HOURS 8:00 to 21:00 HOURS p.m. HOURS p.m.

21 1-Reading Reading Topic Preview Text A Text B Vocabulary Exercises
3 Topic Preview Text A Text B Vocabulary Exercises Vocabulary Activity

22 1-Topic Preview Topic Preview
What do you know about different currencies? Look at the pictures and tell the name and country of each currencies. 3.___________ ruble; Russia 1.___________ dollar; U.S. A. 2._____________ won; DPRK 4.______________ dollar (CAD); Canada 5._____________ won; ROK 6._________________ Euro; the European Union

23 1-Topic Preview Topic Preview 7._______________ 8._______________
rupee; India 8._______________ pound; British

24 Text A 1-Text A Text 3 Comprehension Check

25 Text A TA-Text-1 Look at the hotel bill. How many nights did the guest stay at the hotel?

26 TA-Text-2 Ms. Soo-Jin Hong ROOM 1102
Paradise Apt. # ARRIVAL 19/01/06 Myungil-dong, Gangdong-gu DEPARTURE 25/01/06 Seoul, Korea TIME 15:52 DATE REFERENCE DESCRIPTION AMOUNT 19/ Limousine 19/01 00:06:22 Overseas Call # 19/01 Room # 20/01 00:00:10 Local Call # 20/01 Coffee Shop 20/ Internet access 15 mins. 3.00 20/ Internet access 15 mins. 3.00 20/01 Room # 21/ Photocopies 21/01 Minibar # 21/01 Coffee Shop 21/01 00:00:08 Local Call # 21/01 Room # 22/01 00:00:04 Local Call # 22/01 00:31:10 Overseas Call # 22/01 Room # 23/01 Minibar # 23/01 Coffee Shop 23/01 00:30:40 Overseas Call # 23/01 Room # 24/01 Minibar # 24/01 Room # 25/01 Coffee Shop 5.10 25/ Limousine BALANCE  (Euro) TOTAL INCLUDING VAT*  (Euro) VAT 7.00%  (Euro) GUEST SIGNATURE Soo-Jin Hong *VAT=Value Added Tax TA-Text-2

27 ★paradise ★paradise n. a place that has everything you need for doing a particular activity 乐园,乐土 ● The market is a shopper’s paradise. ● Hawaii is a paradise for surfers.

28 departure departure n. an act of leaving a place, especially at the start of a journey 离开;(尤指)启程,上路 ● If we had known of your departure, we would have seen you off at the airport. ● If the roads are icy, you’d be better advised to delay your departure.

29 reference reference n. a number that tells you where can you find the information you want in a book, on a map, etc (书籍或地图等中的)参照符号 ● There is no further reference to him in her diary. ● You should make a reference to a dictionary.

30 ◆limousine ◆limousine n. a big expensive comfortable car 大型豪华轿车;
(美国机场运客的)中型客车 ● A limousine carried us to the museum. ● The hotel has a fleet of limousines to take guests to the airport.

31 ◆photocopy ◆photocopy
n. a photographic copy, especially of something printed, written, or drawn 影印本;复印件 ● It is a very poor photocopy but you should be able to make something of it.

32 ◆minibar ◆minibar n. a refrigerator in a hotel room containing a selection of drinks 小酒吧冰箱 ● The room is provided with a color TV and a minibar. ● The Hotel includes 44 bedrooms with private bathrooms, air conditioned, satellite TV, minibar, trouser pressing machine, safety deposit box and hairdryer.

33 balance balance n. the amount of money that you have in your bank account 余数,余额;结存 ● Could you tell me what my balance is please? ● All the parts of the building are in perfect balance.

34 Proper names Seoul Seoul 首尔(原汉城),韩国首都

35 Proper names Proper names-2 VAT (=Value-Added Tax) 增值税, 附加价值税

36 TA-Comprehension Check
Now please answer the following questions. How much did the guest pay in Euros for the total bill including tax? _____________________________________________________ 2. How many phone calls did the guest make? How many times did the guest use the Internet? 3. What was the cost of the room per day? 4. How much did she spend on local calls? 5. What other services did the guest use? Euros. The guest made six phone calls. She used the Internet twice. 75 Euros. 75 cents. Limousine, coffee shop, photocopy, and minibar.

37 Text B 1-Text B 3 Warm-up Text 3 Comprehension Check Critical Thinking

38 Warm-up TB-Warm-up 1. What is the most important factor for you in choosing a hotel—price, location, etc.? Give your reasons. 2. Have you ever stayed in hotels? For What reason? What kind of experience have you got?

39 TB-Warm-up Warm-up Reading Strategy: critical thinking
Use critical thinking to answer questions that ask for your opinion. Discuss with a partner the questions that follow each of these statements. 1. Stella Meyer is 70 years old. She likes to travel, but she has some difficulty with stairs. ● If Stella Meyer has difficulty with stairs, what does she need? ● What else might be important to an older person? 2. Carl Ryan loves to see plays and musicals. ● What kind of location would be important to him in a hotel? 3. Mark and Nancy Birdsall are traveling with their kids. ● What might be important hotel qualities for children? ● What might be important for parents? 4. Lucy Lee loves a hotel that is very comfortable. ● What makes a hotel comfortable? 5. Burt and Susan Rey are very active. They run and exercise every day. ● What would be important for them in a hotel? ● Why might location be important?

40 Text B TB-Text-1 Read the hotel guide for New York City. Which hotel sounds attractive to you? New York City has some of the best hotels in the world—and, believe it or not, some are not too expensive. But here are our picks for “the best of the best.” $$$$ Very expensive $$$ Expensive $$ Moderately priced $ Budget Most famous hotel The Plaza Hotel $$$ 768 Fifth Ave. (at 59th St.) 805 rooms Located at the southeast corner of New York’s fabulous Central Park, The Plaza is as near as it gets to the best shopping along New York’s famous Fifth Avenue. This 1907 hotel, with its beautiful fountain, is a famous location in many popular movies and books. Movie stars and the rich love to get married there. 4 restaurants, excellent full-service spa and health club, concierge and ticket desk, car-rental desk, business center, 24-hour room service, babysitting, laundry.

41 TB-Text-2 Text B Best service at a low price The Broadway Inn $$
264 W. 46th St. (at Eighth Ave.) 41 rooms Impeccably clean and very comfortable, this hotel is a real winner. Suites can be a great deal — with sofa, microwave, mini-fridge and lots of closet space. Located right in the noisy Theater District, the hotel is peaceful and quiet inside. Best of all are the attentive staff who work hard to make their guests happy. There is a special phone number in case guests have questions while they’re out sightseeing. Note: This four-story hotel has no elevators. 2 restaurants next door, concierge, fax and copy service

42 TB-Text-3 Text B Most interesting hotel Hotel Chelsea $$
222 W. 23rd St. (between Seventh and Eighth Aves.) 400 rooms, 100 available to travelers If you’re looking for the usual hotel comforts, go elsewhere. But if you’re looking for atmosphere — the New York of artists, actors, and writers — this is the only place to stay. Well-known novels and plays were written here. And artists and writers live here even today. This 1884 Victorian hotel has beautiful cast-iron balconies and a busy lobby filled with artwork. Rooms are simple, but generally large. Everything is clean, but don’t expect new. Not all rooms have air-conditioning. There’s no room service, but the staff will be happy to help you order from local restaurants or take your clothes to the cleaners. Restaurant, bell service, lounge

43 TB-Text-4 Text B Best health club The Peninsula-New York $$$$
700 Fifth Ave. (at 55th St.) 241 rooms The Peninsula Hotel is a place to see. Every room is high-tech with remote controls for lighting, music, TV, and air-conditioning — even in the bathroom! As a matter of fact, the huge marble bathrooms may be the most beautiful in New York City. Wonderful food service and a very helpful concierge desk (“We’ll do anything guests ask, as long as its legal.”), and one of the biggest and best spa and health clubs on the roof, make this quite a hotel. Valet parking, 2 restaurants, lounge, tri-level rooftop health club and spa with heated pool, exercise classes, whirlpool, sauna, and sundeck, 24-hour concierge, business center, 24-hour room service, in-room massage, babysitting, laundry service.

44 TB-Text-5 Text B For the budget-minded The Habitat Hotel $
130 E. 57th St. (at Lexington Ave.) Built in 1999, offers inexpensive — but small — rooms with style. Near shopping. The Hotel Newton $ 2528 Broadway (between 94th and 95th Sts.) A nice inexpensive hotel. Large rooms, firm beds, and very clean. The Lucerne $$ 201 W. 79th St. (at Amsterdam Ave.) Want comfort and service without paying high prices? Large rooms. Great for kids. Casablanca Hotel $$ 147 W. 43rd St. Free breakfast, coffee, tea, and cookies all day. Free passes to a nearby health club. Small rooms. Unusual Moroccan theme.

45 moderately moderately adv. fairly but not very 适度地;不过分地;有限地
● Just because Joe is moderately good-looking, he thinks he is the God’s gift to women! ● Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon can only be counted as a moderately successful film.

46 budget budget adj. (only before noun 仅用于名词前) very low in price; cheap 经济的;特价的;便宜的 n. a plan of how a person or organization will spend the money that is available in a particular period of time, or the money itself 预算;专款 ●From that discount store I bought a budget dress. ●Congress has approved the new educational budget.

47 ★fabulous ★fabulous adj. extremely good or impressive 极好的,给人印象深刻的
● You look fabulous! ● He is a fabulous hero in that book.

48 ◆babysitting ◆babysitting
n. taking care of children while their parents are away for a short time 临时受雇替外出的父母照料(小孩) ● She earns extra cash from babysitting. ● Babysitting wore me out.

49 ◆impeccable ◆impeccable
adj. completely perfect and without any mistakes 完美的;无任何错误的 ● Your English is impeccable! ● He was proud of his impeccable pedigree.

50 ◆winner ◆winner n. someone or something that is likely to be very successful 优胜者;成功的事物 ● The winner was presented with a trophy. ● Their latest model is certain to be a winner.

51 ★suite ★suite n. a set of rooms, especially expensive ones in a hotel 套房 ● The suite is for the honeymoon couple. ● The suite have a bedroom, a bathroom and a private sitting room.

52 ◆closet ◆closet n. a cupboard built into the wall of a room from the floor to the ceiling 壁橱 ● Jean had a closet full of clothes that most teenagers would be crazy for. ● Please put the coats back into the closet.

53 ◆attentive ◆attentive
adj. making sure someone has everything they need 照顾周到的 ● The crew were attentive to the passengers’ needs. ● My husband is very attentive when he’s at home, but when he’s away on business he never even thinks to call me.

54 elevator elevator n. a machine that takes people and goods from one level to another in a building 电梯 ● I took the elevator to the eighteenth floor. ● You may push this button to call the elevator.

55 atmosphere atmosphere
n. the feeling that an event or place gives you 气氛 ● The atmosphere at home’s been depressing since they had that fight. ● There is an atmosphere of peace in the country, quite different from the atmosphere of a big city.

56 air-conditioning air-conditioning
n. a system that makes the air in buildings, rooms, etc colder, or the machine that does this 空调系统 ● On the second day of the flight, the space shuttle’s main air-conditioning system broke down. ● Sorry, I will turn on the air-conditioning for you at once.

57 ◆lounge ◆lounge n. a small and comfortable public room in a hotel or other building used by many people (旅馆等的)休息室 ● She is waiting for me in the departure lounge.

58 ◆high-tech ◆high-tech
adj. (usually before noun) using high technology 高科技的 ● High-tech companies have been turning in very impressive sales reports in recent years. ● High-tech industry has boomed in this small town.

59 ★marble ★marble n. a type of hard white rock that becomes smooth when polished, and is used for making buildings 大理石 ● There are many perpendicular marble columns in Greek temples. ● The sculptor chiselled the lump of marble into a fine statue.

60 legal legal adj. allowed, ordered, or approved by law 法律的;法定的;合法的
● He had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream. ● He is the only legal heir of the rich man.

61 ◆valet ◆valet n. someone who parks your car for you at a hotel or restaurant(旅馆或饭店中)为客人泊车的服务生 ● The difference between a man and his valet, they both smoke the same cigar, but only one pay for them. ● No man is a hero to his valet.

62 ◆sauna ◆sauna n. a room that is heated to a very high temperature by hot air, where people sit because it is considered healthy 蒸汽浴房,桑拿浴房 ● I have a sauna and massage every week. ● A sauna in the hotel would be a useful amenity.

63 ▲massage ▲massage n. the action of pressing and rubbing someone’s body with your hands, to help them relax or to reduce pain in their muscles 按摩;推拿 ● She gave me a relaxing massage. ● A month or so in plaster and then a little massage and therapy, and we’ll have your ankle as right as a trivet.

64 ▲cookie ▲cookie n. a flat, dry, sweet cake usually sold in packets 小甜饼
● Karen had a glass of milk and a cookie. ● The cookie is made with sugar, egg whites, and almond paste or coconut.

65 theme theme n. the main subject or idea in a piece of writing, speech, film, etc 主题 ● The book’s theme is the conflict between love and duty. ● The theme of our discussion was Europe in the 1980s.

66 in case in case in case 以防万一 ; 如果
● Take an umbrella, in case it rains. ● In case I’m late, start without me.

67 bell service bell service bell service 客房按铃呼叫服务
● The bellservice in this is painfully slow—we waited over an hour! ● One of the reasons that I recommend this hotel is that its bellservice is prompt and friendly even on a Friday evening.

68 as a matter of fact as a matter of fact as a matter of fact 事实上
● I knew him when we were in college—as a matter of fact we were on the same course. ● No, I wasn’t annoyed. As a matter of fact I was very glad to see them.

69 free pass free pass free pass 免费乘车券
● Annie is the film critic for the local radio station, so she’s got a free pass for all the cinemas in the area. ● She managed to obtain a free pass which even allowed her to visit sensitive military areas.

70 Proper names Proper names Fifth Avenue (纽约市的)第五街 Broadway 百老汇大街;百老汇
Moroccan n. 摩洛哥人 adj. 摩洛哥的

71 TB-Comprehension Check
Complete the sentences. Circle the letter of the correct answer. b 1. What does the word “pick” (Para. 1) mean? a. suggestion b. choice c. favorite 2. Which is not the convenience provided by the Broadway Inn? a. mini-fridge b. a special phone number c. sightseeing 3. Which one is not the reason that people who are looking for atmosphere should come to Hotel Chelsea. a. it is frequented by artists, actors, and writers. b. it has beautiful cast-iron balconies and a busy lobby filled with artwork. c. it’s staff will be always happy to help. 4. The Hotel Newton is ________. a. expensive b. moderately expensive c. cheap 5. Which hotel can provide service of looking after children? a. the Lucerne b. the Peninsula-New York c. the Broadway Inn c c c b

72 TB-Critical Thinking Critical Thinking
Use the hotel listings in the reading to complete each statement. Think and explain your answers. Features The Lucerne Casablanca Hotel The Habitat Hotel Near Shopping Small rooms with style Free breakfast Large rooms, great for kids Moroccan theme Free passes to health club Comfort, service, moderate price

73 1-Vocabulary Exercises
Complete the sentence with a word or phrase in the box. Each one can only be used once. lobbying attentive fabulous babysitting budget laundry fountain massage 1. Although her own children are always left alone at home, she wants to earn the extra cash from __________. 2. I am looking for my blue shirt, has the __________ come back yet? 3. He played the __________ suitor, complete with roses and bonbons. 4. All the spectators were amazed by the __________ endurance of this marathon runner. babysitting laundry attentive fabulous

74 1-Vocabulary Exercises
lobbying attentive fabulous babysitting budget laundry fountain massage 5. You shall frequent that library, because it’s the __________ of information. 6. The traditional Chinese medical science Gua Sha as well as ________ both have the function of stimulating the blood circulation. 7. We even fail to make ends meet, so a new car will not be part of our ________ this year. 8. The respectable old man spares no efforts in _________ for stronger environmental safeguards. fountain massage budget lobbying

75 1-Vocabulary Activity Vocabulary Activity
Choose from the hotel services and facility, and fill in the blank with what the person might use. room services laundry wake-up service minibar shoe shine babysitting Internet connection airport shuttle bell service photocopying fitness center sauna gift shop pool business center 1. Frank is an athlete, and he needs to exercise to maintain his state. __________ 2. Tom, a sales manager, has to finish a project for work since its deadline is tomorrow’s evening. __________________________ 3. Having gone through a tough examination, Jamie would like to relax thoroughly. ____________ 4. In order to give a pleasant surprise to her little daughter at home, Jennifer needs to buy a present. ______________ fitness center business center, internet connection sauna gift shop

76 1-Vocabulary Activity Vocabulary Activity
room services laundry wake-up service minibar shoe shine babysitting Internet connection airport shuttle bell service photocopying fitness center sauna gift shop pool business center 5. Amanda loves swimming so much, and it is no exaggeration to say that she cannot live without water. ____________ 6. After three hours’ sightseeing, John has a dry mouth. ____________ 7. Mary has completed her tour, and her flight leaves at 3:00 in the afternoon. ____________ 8. Careless Tim spilled coffee all over his shirt and Nikes. _______________ 9. David has to hold an emergent meeting in the early morning. _____________________________ 10. Joe needs twenty copies of this memo to distribute to his clients. ______________ pool minibar airport shuttle shoe shine, laundry wake-up service, business center photocopying

77 Writing 1-Writing 3 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

78 Step1 1-Step1 Choose a hotel you know (or you can simply make up an imaginary hotel). List the important information of the hotel. You shall include some of the following factors such as hotel name, location, price, atmosphere, room size, cleanliness, services and so on.

79 Step 2 1-Step 2 Discuss with your group members, exchanging (or brainstorming) the details of this hotel.

80 Step 3 1-Step 3 Write a description about the hotel for a hotel guide book. Make sure that most of your description will be in simple present tense. Reference Sample

81 1-Step 3 Step 3 Reference Sample
Situated on the sunny Coast, Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel presents a flowing, contemporary Hawaiian style where guests experience the true essence of rejuvenation. Arriving at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel is like coming home, even if you’ve never been here before. Most returning guests are greeted by old friends—the same warm, kind and caring staff who have been greeting the same guests by name, year after year. And like our staff, our service and amenities maintain that high level of quality and hospitality. Part of our signature “Prince Pleasures” service include: ● Cool, moist towel and orange juice upon arrival ● In-room mini chill box with bottled water replenished daily ● Complimentary shuttle service to and from neighboring sister property, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel ● Complimentary locking safe for valuables in each guest room ● Complimentary valet and self-parking on site ● Complimentary admission to Fitness Centers at both Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel ● Complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body lotion ● Complimentary use of hair dryer, bathrobe, slippers, and iron/ironing board ● Complimentary beach/pool towel service ● Start off now! What else are you waiting for?

82 Lesson 2 Lesson 2 3 Lead-in Listening Speaking Reading Writing

83 2-Lead-in Lead-in Exercise A Exercise B Exercise C 3 3
Sitcom: Can I Take a Message? Scene 2 3 Exercise A Exercise B 3 Exercise C

84 Exercise A 2-Exercise A A. Check the problems Mrs. Beatty has at the Candle Inn. □ There is no Internet connection. □ They didn’t pick up the laundry. □ There is no elevator. □ There is no bellman. □ There is no pool. □ There is no room service. □ She has a smoking room. □ She doesn’t have a king-sized bed. □ They didn’t turn down the bed. □ They didn’t make up the room. □ The towels are dirty. □ They didn’t take away the dishes. □ There are students everywhere. □ There is no fitness center.

85 Exercise B 2-Exercise B B. Complete the sentences. Circle the correct words. 1. Mrs. Beatty is in a hotel in (San Francisco/Los Angeles). 2. She’s in Room (540/514). 3. Her room is on the (fifth/seventh) floor. 4. She says her hotel is not very (expensive/nice). 5. There are a lot of (movie stars/students) at the hotel. 6. Mrs. Beatty is at the (wrong/right) hotel

86 Exercise C 2-Exercise C C. Complete the conversation with the words you hear. Oh! Well! I’d better call 1____________. How will you get your bags to 2 ______________? I’m sure I can find 3____________ to help. I’ll say I’m 4____________. I’ll be fine. OK. Good luck. a taxi the front desk a student a movie star

87 2-Listening Listening Part 1 Select a Hotel Room
3 Part 1 Select a Hotel Room Part 2 At the Hotel Reception 3 Part 3 Which Hotel Do You Like? New Words

88 2-Part-1 Part 1 Select a Hotel Room Hotel room features. a single room
a double room a suite a twin-size bed a queen-size bed a king-size bed

89 2-Part-1 Part 1 Select a Hotel Room
smoking non-smoking a rollaway bed Listen carefully to the conversations. Write the hotel room features the guests needs. 1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ double double king-size bed suite rollaway non-smoking non-smoking smoking rollaway

90 2-Part-2 Part 2 At the Hotel Reception Conversation 1 Conversation 2
Complete the dialog by filling in the missing sentences. 3 Conversation 1 Conversation 2 3 Conversation 3

91 2-Conversation-1 Conversation 1
After a long journey from Heathrow, John finally arrives at his hotel in King’s Cross. He goes to the reception area to check in. Receptionist: Hello. Can I help you? John: Yeah hi, I’ve got a reservation, my name is John Arquit. Receptionist: 1___________________________________________ John: Yes, a shared room, but perhaps I’ll stay longer. Receptionist: 2___________________________________________ John: Yes, of course. How much is that? Receptionist: 3___________________________________________ John: Here you are. Ah, yes. You booked a shared room for one week? OK, but let us know as soon as you decide. It’s $18.50 for a shared room. Can I see your passport?

92 2-Conversation-2 Conversation 2
John is checking in at his hotel in King’s Cross. He asks the receptionist some questions about the hotel. What does he ask?Write them down on the blanks. Receptionist: Here’s your room key, it’s number 13, on the first floor. John: 4______________________________________________ Receptionist: Yes, it’s over there. John: 5______________________________________________ Receptionist: Yes, we have lockers available, they cost $2.00 a day. John: 6______________________________________________ Receptionist: Yes, of course, we have 24 hours reception. John: 7______________________________________________ Is there a lift? My case is very heavy! Oh one other thing, is there somewhere I can put my valuables? OK. And the hotel is open all night? OK, I think that’s everything, thanks.

93 2-Conversation-3 Conversation 3
Listen to the conversation, then answer the following questions. b 1. Peter thinks the hotel is ________. great b. OK, but he has some complaints c. terrible, and wants to leave immediately 2. Peter thinks the breakfast __________. a. is too early b. is too small c. tastes horrible 3. What’s the problem with the roommate? a. He’s noisy when he’s asleep. b. He’s noisy when he comes in the room at night. c. He invites his friends round for parties every night. 4. The problem with the heating is ________. a. the room is too hot b. the room is too cold c. sometimes it’s too hot and sometimes it’s too cold 5. John suggests they should _____________. a. call an engineer b. repair the heating themselves c. call reception 6. How many times does John make a request? a. Once b. Twice c. Three times a a b c b

94 2-Part-3 Part 3 Which Hotel Do You Like?
Listen to the details of these fictional hotels and then put the name of the corresponding hotel in the table. The Sunset Hotel, The Queen’s Hotel, The George Hotel, The Townhouse Hotel 1 serves large portions of food 2 lies in the centre of London 3 is good for shopping on a rainy day 4 is well located for someone attending an exhibition 5 is in a good position if you are a fan of the British Royal family The George Hotel The Townhouse Hotel The Sunset Hotel The Queen’s Hotel The Sunset Hotel

95 2-New Words New Words atmosphere n. 气氛 cheerful adj. 愉快的,高兴的
en suite adj. 成套的,构成一体的 enormous adj. 巨大的,庞大的 ensure v. 确保,保证 facilities n. (为某种目的提供的)设施(如房屋、设备、服 务等) heating n. 供暖系统,暖气设备 king-sized adj. 特大号的 locker n. 有锁的衣物柜 Madame n. 太太,夫人 maintain v. 维持,保持

96 2-New Words New Words oversleep v. 睡过头 passport n. 护照
personalize v. 使个性化;使(某物)符合某人的特定需求 princess n. 公主;王妃 queen-sized adj. 大号的 rollaway bed 滚移式折叠床 roommate n. 同屋者,室友 shared room 共用的房间 situate v. 位于 snore v. 打鼾,打呼噜 valuable n. (常用复数)贵重物品;私人财产 wink n. 眨眼 not get a wink of sleep/not sleep a wink 无法入睡

97 2-Speaking Speaking Conversation Strategy
3 Conversation Strategy Interaction. I’ll Take Care of That Right Away!

98 2-Conversation Strategy: confirming understanding
When giving or taking messages over the phone, be sure to confirm the information both for yourself and for the person you are talking with. Use the following expressions to confirm information for yourself. • Would you mind repeating that? • Could you please say that again? • Could you please spell that again? • Let me see if I got that right. Your name is spelled _______? Use the following expressions to confirm that the other person understands the information: • Could you please read that back for me? • Did you get that? • Would you like me to repeat that? • Would you like me to spell that for you?

99 2-Interaction Interaction. I’ll Take Care of That Right Away!
3 Step 1 Pair Work Step 2

100 2-Step 1 Pair Work Step 1 Pair Work
Choose a guest. Tell your partner what the guest is saying.

101 Step 2 2-Step 2 Role-play telephone conversations between one of the guests and a hotel front desk clerk. Use the pictures or other ideas.

102 Reading 2-Reading 3 Topic Preview Pre-reading Questions Text C 3

103 2-Topic Preview Topic Preview
Read the online articles about different types of accommodation.

104 2-Pre-reading Questions
1. What qualities of a hotel make it immortal? 2. Do you know about some domestic / foreign hotels which have special stories? Share with us.

105 2-Text C Text C Text Understanding the Structure of the Text
3 Text Understanding the Structure of the Text 3 Vocabulary Exercise Grammar and Structure

106 TC-Text-1 Text C The Palace Hotel
Para 1 Inspired by a dreamer, William Ralston, the Palace Hotel was the result of one man’s dream of turning the city from a small town into a metropolis, simply by building a hotel of timeless elegance and unprecedented luxury. Para 2 Ralston commissioned an architect to study Europe’s finest hotels and make them pale in comparison. To finance his dream and its $5 million price tag, he exhausted his banking empire. Just weeks before the Palace’s grand opening, he was told the Bank of California would close. The next day, Ralston’s body was found floating in the San Francisco Bay. His partner, Senator William Sharon, was undeterred in fostering the dream. On October 2, 1875, the Palace Hotel opened its doors to great acclaim. Para 3 When the Palace Hotel opened its doors in 1875, the Garden Court was the carriage entrance to this grand hotel. A parade of famous guests visited San Francisco’s Palace and stood in awe of its magnificence.

107 Text C TC-Text-2 Para 4 Admirers were awed by the hotel’s four hydraulic elevators known as “rising rooms.” Now guests could reach the hotel’s top floors without effort. Each room was equipped with an electronic call button so that every guest’s whim was met quickly and fulfilled completely. Para 5 Then, in 1906, a big earthquake shook all of San Francisco. The Palace survived the quake, but was destroyed by fires that engulfed the city in its wake. In 1906, following the earthquake, the Palace closed its doors for the first restoration. Three years later, the carriage entrance was transformed and the Garden Court was unveiled. Since its debut in 1909, the Garden Court has been recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful public spaces. Para 6 The grand hotel went down in a blaze of glory and was gutted by flames, not reopening until Afterwards, its beauty was enjoyed by many generations of society’s elite. Decades had passed since the 1909 re-opening and San Francisco’s “Beauty” was in desperate need of attention. In January 1989, the Palace closed its doors for a major restoration. When restoration began, the people of San Francisco were eyeing the plans for the hotel. Everyone was assured that the goal was to restore the hotel to its 1909 elegance, with concern on the Garden Court in particular.

108 Text C TC-Text-3 Para 7 With its incredible architecture, dome stained glass ceiling and Austrian crystal chandeliers, the Garden Court used to be the site for some of the nation’s most prestigious events. In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson hosted two luncheons in support of the Versailles Treaty which ended World War I. In 1945, the official banquet honoring the opening session of the United Nations was held in the Garden Court. Para 8 Two years later, the restoration was complete and San Francisco witnessed the rebirth of the Palace Hotel. The Garden Court was everything everyone had hoped it would be. It was, once again, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Para 9 Over the years, the Garden Court has become part of San Francisco history. The Garden Court holds many memories for many people. Shared stories of engagements, weddings, elegant dinner dances, fabulous parties and fond childhood celebrations make the Garden Court a truly magical place. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to add magic to your special event. We promise wonderful memories of your experience in the Garden Court. Para 10 And history, shall we say, was made again.

109 inspire inspire v. give someone the idea for a story, painting, poem, etc 激发;赋予灵感 ● The Lake District scenery inspired Wordsworth to write his greatest poetry. ● His best music was inspired by the memory of his mother.

110 ◆metropolis ◆metropolis
n. a very large city that is the most important city in a country or area (一国或一地区的)首要城市;大都会 ● Beijing is a metropolis in China. ● Paris is a super-refined metropolis.

111 ◆timeless ◆timeless adj. remaining beautiful, attractive and not becoming old-fashioned 永恒的;不受时间影响的 ● The city has a timeless quality as if it had existed forever. ● That song stands out as a timeless classic.

112 elegant elegant adj. very beautiful and graceful 优美的,高雅的
● The lady wears an elegant dark suit. ● I like my clothes to be simple but elegant.

113 elegance elegance n. refinement, grace, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners 优美,优雅 ● Ten years ago this dress was considered the last word in elegance. ● Her presence imparted an air of elegance (to the ceremony).

114 luxury luxury n. very great comfort and pleasure, such as you get from expensive food, beautiful houses, cars, etc 奢侈,奢华 ● They led a life of luxury, in a huge house in the countryside. ● A long hot bath can be pure luxury.

115 commission commission
v. to formally ask someone to write an official report, produce a work of art for you, etc 委托写(制作)某物 ● We’ll be commissioning a report on teenage alcoholism. ● I’ve been commissioned to write a new play.

116 finance finance v. to provide money, especially a large amount of money, to pay for something 为…提供(筹措)资金 ● These concerts are financed by the Arts Council. ● The repairs to the school will be financed by the educational department.

117 tag tag n. a small piece of paper, plastic, etc, fixed to something to show what it is, who owns it, what it costs, etc 标签 ● Did you see the price tag of the dresses? ● She peered at the tag to read the price.

118 exhaust exhaust v. to use all of something 用尽,耗尽
● We’ve nearly exhausted our coal reserves. ● think we’ve just about exhausted that subject.

119 grand grand adj. a grand building, occasion, etc is very impressive 壮观的,盛大的,隆重的 ● We attended a grand ceremony at the Palace. ● How grand the mountains look in the early evening!

120 float float v. to stay or move on the surface of a liquid without sinking 漂 浮 ● Wood usually floats. ● Annie was floating on her back in the pool.

121 senator senator n. a member of a senate 参议员
● The senator voted to support the president. ● Senator Smith worked on the other committee members to vote for the bill.

122 ◆undeterred ◆undeterred adj. persevering despite setbacks 未被吓住的;不屈不挠的
● They remained devoted and undeterred in pursuing their course. ● They were undeterred by the small setbacks.

123 ★foster ★foster v. to help a skill, feeling, idea, etc develop over a period of time 促进,培养,助长 ● These sessions are designed to foster better working relationships. ● People who cannot have a baby of their own sometimes foster (a child).

124 ▲acclaim ▲acclaim v. to praise someone or something publicly 为…喝彩,称赞;推崇 ●His last play was acclaimed by the critics as a masterpiece. ● Her performance won her much critical acclaim.

125 entrance entrance n. a door, gate, etc that you go through to enter a place 入口;门口 ● He had passed the entrance examination of the college. ● They were refused entrance to the club.

126 parade parade n. a line of people moving along so that other people can watch them 游行;一队 ● The Olympic Games begin with a parade of all the competing nations. ● He’s always making a parade of his knowledge.

127 ▲awe ▲awe n. a feeling of great respect and admiration for someone or something 敬畏 ● Kate gazed at the mountains with awe. ● The sight of so many jewels in one place filled them with awe.

128 magnificent magnificent
adj. extremely impressive because of being very big, beautiful, etc 华丽的;宏伟的;富丽堂皇的 ● The interior of the building is magnificent and luxurious ● The Hungarian view is magnificent from the summit of the mountains.

129 ◆hydraulic ◆hydraulic
adj. (usually before noun 一般用于名词前) moved or operated by the pressure of water or other liquid 水(液)力的,水(液)压的 ● People came in flocks to see the new hydraulic power station beside the dam. ● The government invests heavily in hydraulic project.

130 equip equip v. to provide a person, group, building, etc with the things that are needed for a particular kind of activity or work 装备;配备 ● The boys equipped themselves with torches and rope, and set off. ● The emergency services are equipped to deal with disasters of this kind.

131 ◆whim ◆whim n. a sudden feeling that you would like to do something or have something, especially when there is no particularly important or good reason 突发的念头,一时的兴致 ● I went to visit her on a whim. ● The palace decor kept changing at the whim of the princess.

132 fulfil fulfil v. if a hope, promise, wish etc is fulfilled, the things that you had hoped, promised, wanted, etc happens or is done 履行;实现;达到 ● Visiting Disneyland has fulfilled a boyhood dream. ● Eisenhower finally fulfilled his election pledge to end the war in Korea.

133 ◆engulf ◆engulf v. to completely surround or cover something 完全包围 ,遮住
● Floodwaters engulfed midwestern farmlands. ● If an earthquake were to engulf England tomorrow, the English would manage to meet and dine somewhere among the rubbish, just to celebrate the event.

134 ◆restoration ◆restoration
n. the act of thoroughly repairing something such as an old building or a piece of furniture so that it looks the same as it did when it was first made (对旧建筑、家具的)修复 ● The army’s task was the restoration of public order. ● She is in charge of the restoration of paintings in the collection.

135 transform transform v. completely change the appearance, form, or character of something or someone, especially in a way that improves it 改变;改造 ● In the last 20 years China has been transformed into an advanced industrial power. ● Put yourself in the hands of our experts, who will transform your hair and makeup.

136 ◆unveil ◆unveil v. to remove the cover from something, especially as part of a formal ceremony 揭去…上的覆盖物;(尤指举行揭幕仪式时)揭开蒙在…上的布 ● The Queen unveiled a statue of Prince Albert. ● The president’s new drug policy was unveiled at the press conference.

137 ▲debut ▲debut n. the first public appearance of someone such as an entertainer or a sports player or of something, new and important (演员或运动员等的)首次公开露面,首次登台 ● Their debut album was recorded in 1991. ● The young actress made her debut in the new comedy.

138 ★blaze ★blaze n. (singular) the strong bright flames of a fire 火焰
● They fled from the blazing house. ● The firemen were unable to control the blaze.

139 glory glory n. a beautiful and impressive appearance 灿烂;壮丽
● The bright moonlight showed the Taj Mahal in all its glory. ● No road of flowers lead to glory.

140 ▲gut ▲gut v. (usually passive 一般用被动态) to completely destroy the inside of a building, especially by fire 彻底毁坏(建筑物)的内部(尤指烧毁) ● A fire gutted the bookshop last week. ● After what he said to my wife, I was surprised that he had the guts to come round and apologize.

141 flame flame n. hot bright burning gas that you see when something is on fire 火焰 ● The candle flame flickered and went out. ● The curtains were enveloped in a sheet of flame.

142 ◆reopen ◆reopen v. if a theatre, restaurant etc reopens or is reopened, it opens again after being closed 重新开放 ● School reopens next week. ● After receiving new evidence, the police have reopen the murder inquiry.

143 ★elite ★elite n. a group of people who have a lot of power and influence because they have money, knowledge, or special skills精华,精锐;中坚分子 ● Elite (= A group of excellent) troops were airlifted to the trouble zone. ● They are the country’s educated elite.

144 desperate desperate adj. needing or wanting something very much 急切的;迫切的 ● By then I was desperate for a holiday. ● If foreign aid dries up, the situation will be desperate.

145 assure assure v. to tell someone that something will definitely happen or is definitely true so that they are less worried 向…保证;使…放心 ● Mom assured us that everything would be all right. ● The dealer had assured me of its quality.

146 restore restore v. make something return to its former level or condition 恢复;修复 ● So far all attempts to restore normal relations between the two countries have failed. ● I feel quite restored to health after my holiday.

147 architecture architecture
n. the style and design of a building or buildings 建筑;建筑式样 ● The Forbidden City is one of the world’s greatest works of architecture. ● The style of architecture originated from the ancient Greeks.

148 dome dome n. a round roof on a base like a circle 穹顶;圆屋顶;拱顶
● The dome of St. Paul Cathedral is well known in the world. ● Upward pressure from underlying magma domes the surface.

149 stain stain v. to change the color of something, especially something made of wood, by using a special chemical or dye 染色 ● The little boy stained his fingers with ink. ● He stained the family honor.

150 stained glass stained glass
n. glass of different colors used for making pictures and patterns in windows, especially in a church (尤指教堂窗户上的)彩色玻璃 ● The church is known for its stained glass window. ● Authentically stained glass is colored while the glass is in a liquid state.

151 crystal crystal n. rock that is transparent like ice, or a piece of this 水晶; ● This set of crystal wine cups is very expensive. ● She made her meaning crystal clear.

152 ◆chandeliers ◆chandeliers
n. a large round structure for holding candles or lights that hang from the ceiling and is decorated with many small pieces of glass 枝形吊灯

153 ◆prestigious ◆prestigious
adj. admired as one of the best and most important 有威望(声望,威信)的 ● The writer was granted a prestigious literary award. ● The couple dreamed of sending their son into a prestigious university.

154 ◆luncheon ◆luncheon n. lunch 午餐,午宴
● We were invited to a formal luncheon. ● Thank you for your luncheon invitation for Sunday afternoon, January the tenth, at one o’clock.

155 treaty treaty n. a formal agreement between two or more countries or governments 条约 ● The treaty was the result of long negotiation. ● According to the treaty, China is to take back Hong Kong on July 1st, 1997.

156 banquet banquet n. a formal dinner for many people on an important occasion 宴会 ● He met the foreign friends and gave a banquet in their honor. ● The president gave the Prince and his attendants a farewell banquet.

157 honor honor v. to show publicly that someone is respected and admired, especially by praising them or giving them a special title 给…荣誉;尊敬 ● Would you honor me by dining with me tonight? ● The soldier’s brave deeds brought him honor and glory.

158 session session n. a meeting or period of time used for a particular purpose, especially by a group of people 会议;会议期 ● Be seated! This court is now in session. ● Parliament won’t be in session again until after Christmas.

159 witness witness v. to experience important events or changes because you are there when they are happening 经历;目睹,见证 ● We are now witnessing the break-up of the feudal empire. ● Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

160 ◆rebirth ◆rebirth n. a change by which an important idea, feeling, or organization becomes active again 新生;复兴 ● English drama has enjoyed a rebirth since the 1950s with writers like John Osborne, Harold Pinter and Tom Stoppard. ● Reincarnation, also called transmigration of the soul, is the rebirth in another body (after physical death).

161 ★engagement ★engagement n. an agreement to marry someone 订婚
● Their engagement was announced in the local paper. ● I have numerous engagements for next year.

162 celebration celebration
n. an occasion or party when you celebrate something 庆祝;庆典 ● I suppose we shall be having some sort of celebration for the bride. ● The climax of the celebration was a firework display.

163 opportunity opportunity
n. a chance to do something or an occasion when it is easier for you to do something 机会;时机 ● I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work on the project. ● Don’t hesitate; seize the first opportunity that comes along!

164 turn…into turn…into become something different, or make someone or something do this 变成;把…变成 ● You’ll never turn me into a salesman. ● Caterpillars turn into butterflies.

165 make … pale in comparison
to make sth seem small or unimportant compared to something else 相比之下令某事物黯然失色 ● This year’s profits make last year’s pale in comparison. ● The tallest buildings in London are pale in comparison with those in New York.

166 price tag price tag a small ticket showing the price of something 标签;标牌;价格;费用 ● The price tag says $100 and you charged me for $120. How do you explain the discrepancy? ● The clerk attached a price tag to each article.

167 stand in awe of stand in awe of
to have great respect and admiration for and sometimes a slight fear of someone 对某人非常敬畏 ● Because of his reputation as a dancer we were all rather in awe of him. ● You can’t help but stand in awe of powerful people.

168 in … wake in … wake behind or after someone or something 紧跟某人 / 某物后面
● The car left clouds of dust in its wake. ● Airport security was extra tight in the wake of yesterday’s bomb attacks.

169 in particular in particular especially 尤其,特别
● It was a good concert—I enjoyed the last song in particular. ● Among all the merchandise, I was interested in the cotton piece in particular.

170 add to increase the amount or cost of something by putting something more with it(使)增加 ● The sales tax adds 15% to the price of clothes. ● I have nothing to add to my earlier statement.

171 Proper Names Proper Names William Ralston 威廉姆•拉斯顿
William Sharon 威廉姆•沙伦 San Francisco 圣•弗朗西斯科 the Versailles Treaty 凡尔赛条约

172 TC-Understanding the Structure of the text
Read the text again and discuss with your partner the structure of the text, then try to fill in these blanks. I. The foundation of the Palace Hotel. (Paras 1-2) A. 1___________________ leads to the building of the Palace Hotel. (Para 1) B. Ralston killed himself because 2___________________________. (Para 2) II. The Palace Hotel attracted the guests by its 3___________ and 4___________________. (Paras 3-4) III. This part relates the two restorations the hotel experienced. (Paras 5-8) A. The first restoration is to 5_________________________________. (Para 5) B. The second restoration is to 6____________________________. (Paras 6-8) IV. The shared memories of many people in the Garden Court made it 7_________________________. (Paras 9-10) William Ralston’s dream the Bank of California would close magnificence four hydraulic elevators restore the hotel from the damage of the fire restore the hotel to its 1909 elegance the part of San Francisco history

173 TC-Vocabulary Exercise
Practice the usage of the following words, which you have learned in the text. Change the word form where necessary. Note that each one can only be used once. unprecedented debut engulf stain boom metropolis fabulous banquet unveil restoration erect acclaim 1. A distinctive sign was suspended in the window of the hotel, which reads “Closed during __________.” 2.This monument was __________ in honor of the martyrs during the civil war, in which the soldiers fought bravely. 3. Shirt __________ brown by coffee, he has to send it to a laundry. 4. The spring tide __________ the beach houses, which left hundreds of people homeless. 5. They __________ her royally when she became the director of the company. restorations erected stained engulfed banqueted

174 TC-Vocabulary Exercise
unprecedented debut engulf stain boom metropolis fabulous banquet unveil restoration erect acclaim 6. Penicillin, a kind of antibiotic drugs, was ____________ as the most important discovery during the 1940’s. 7. This __________ in adult education, in turn, helps to raise the intellectual standard of the whole county. 8. Her new series will ____________ next March on network television. 9. The early 1990s finds an _____________ tide of rural workers flooding into big cities in China. 10. Several new models were _____________ yesterday at the Motor Show. 11. Chicago is the ______________ of the Midwest in the U. S.. 12. The audience were amazed at the ______________ endurance of a marathon runner. acclaimed debut boom unprecedented unveiled metropolis fabulous

175 2-Grammar and Structure
Underline the figurative usage contained in the following sentences and discuss their usage. With its magnificence, the Palace Hotel makes the finest hotels in Europe pale in comparison. _____________________________________________ 2. In the day of its debut, the Palace Hotel was bathed in great acclaim of the citizens in San Francisco. 3. In 1906, a big earthquake shook all of San Francisco. 4. The Palace survived the earthquake, but was destroyed by fires that engulfed the city in its wake. 5. Two years later, the restoration was complete and San Francisco witnessed the rebirth of the Palace Hotel.

176 2-Writing Writing Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Writing
Step 5 Peer Feedback Step 6 Rewriting

177 Step 1 2W-Step 1 Complete the checklist by rating how important each hotel service is to you. (1=not important at all, 2=not very important, 3=somewhat important, 4=very important, 5=can’t live without it!) Hotel Service Room Service □ □ □ □ □ Laundry Service □ □ □ □ □ Shoe Shine Service □ □ □ □ □ Wake-up Service □ □ □ □ □ Minibar in Room □ □ □ □ □ Internet Connection □ □ □ □ □ Fitness Center □ □ □ □ □ Business Center □ □ □ □ □ Other □ □ □ □ □

178 Step 2 2W-Step 2 Think about the hotel you’re going to write about. Which of the services above does it have? Circle them.

179 Step 3 2W-Step 3 In groups, review the factors that are most important to you in a hotel. Also talk about hotel services and facilities.

180 2W-Step 4 Writing Step 4 Writing
On a separate piece of paper, write a first draft of your paragraph. Use the information in the above checklist. Reference Sample: I would prefer to stay at Hotel Chelsea. Although it does not have room services, nor very large and luxurious rooms, it has a special artistic atmosphere and can bring you back to the good old days. Besides, it is the favorite of many artists, actors and writers. They left a lobby filled with artwork. So lovely! I think if I could be there for a period of time, my artistic tastes would also be improved. So why shall I care about some trivial things. No shoe shine service? Forget about it, I would rather to do it myself. No business center? The purpose I am here is to throw all the business aside. No wake up service? I have very good biological cock plus a good quality mechanical clock. Since I can live without any of those routine services, and I am deeply captured by the description of Hotel Chelsea, I will not waver over my choice any longer. The time in Hotel Chelsea will be invaluable experience for me.

181 2W-Step 5 Peer Feedback Step 5 Peer Feedback
Meet with a partner. Read each other’s paragraphs. After reading the paragraph, complete the Peer Feedback Checklist. Then give your partner your feedback.

182 2W-Step 5 Peer Feedback Step 5 Peer Feedback PEER FEEDBACK CHECKLIST
Yes No 1. Is the paragraph interesting? □ □ If no, suggest ways to make it interesting. _______________________________ 2. Is the paragraph clear? □ □ If no, point out the parts that are not clear and suggest ways to make them clearer. ________________________________ 3. Is the new vocabulary used correctly? If no, □ □ underline the sentences that use the new vocabulary incorrectly. 4. Are there any misspelled words or incorrect punctuation? □ □ If yes, circle the misspelled words and incorrect punctuation.

183 2W-Step 6 Rewriting Step 6 Rewriting
Tell your partner to revise his or her paragraph based on your feedback. Revise your paragraph based on your partner’s feedback.

184 Extended Exercises Extended Exercises Cloze Sequencing Sentences
3 Cloze Sequencing Sentences Translation Idioms and Proverbs Project-leading Activities Free Practice Do You Know?

185 Cloze Cloze Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box. Change the word form where necessary. fitness center babysitting service reservation deliver laundry budget-minded room service escape available the front desk If you want a real vacation, stay with us at the White Sands Hotel on beautiful and quite Long Beach. Conveniently located off of highway 101, and just an hour away from New Orleans, our hotel offers an 1_______________ from your busy life. We offer many of the features and amenities that you expect from a four-star hotel. And 2________________ travelers are happy to find our prices affordable! Our newly-remodeled 3_________________ includes a sauna and an indoor/outdoor pool. The hotel offers two first-class restaurants. You can also order 4_________________ for any meal if you prefer to relax and dine in the privacy of your own room. Each morning we’ll 5_________________ the newspaper to your door. escape budget-minded fitness center room service deliver

186 Cloze Cloze fitness center babysitting service reservation deliver laundry budget-minded room service escape available the front desk Each room comes standard with an iron and a hair dryer. If you call 6__________________, someone can pick up and wash your 7__________________. Extra towels and pillows are always 8__________________ in your room. Take advantage of our complimentary shoe shine service, too. White Sands is the perfect place to bring your family. We offer a 9__________________ for children up to age 12 that includes a variety of activities. Go to to make your10________________ today. We look forward to your visit! the front desk laundry available babysitting service reservation

187 Sequencing Sentences Sequencing Sentences
Arrange the following sentences chronologically to the text. 1. In 1875, the Palace Hotel opened its doors to great acclaim. 2. After the restoration, the carriage entrance was transformed and the Garden Court was unveiled. 3. Stricken by misfortune, the Palace was destroyed by fires that engulfed the city in the wake of an earthquake. 4. Inspired by a dream, Ralston commissioned an architect to study Europe’s finest hotels and make them pale in comparison. 5. Then, Senator William Sharon undertook the work of building the Palace Hotel. 6. However, after exhaustion of his banking empire, Ralston’s body was found floating in the San Francisco Bay. ( )— ( ) —( )— ( ) —( )— ( ) 4 6 5 1 3 2

188 Translation Translation
Translate each of the following phrases into English, and then put it in a sentence. 使人心生敬畏 2. 洁白如雪/惨白 3. 令全世界瞩目 4. 相比之下黯然失色 5. 好评如潮 stand in awe of The tourists from all over the world stand in awe of the grandness of Great Wall. as white as snow/sheet/wool/flour The paper made from this material is as white as snow. At this terrible news, her face became as white as sheet. capture the world’s attention The fabulous achievements of Chinese people in recent years have captured the world’s attention. make … pale in comparison The beauty of the Palace Hotel makes other hotels pale in comparison. overwhelmed by the praises/compliments As the Palace hotel opened its door to the public, it was overwhelmed by compliments.

189 Idioms and Proverbs Idioms and Proverbs
Match the idioms and proverbs with their meaning, and then complete the following sentences with the idiomatic expressions. Change the word form where necessary.

190 Idioms and Proverbs Idioms and Proverbs
1. bed and breakfast A. change one’s airline seat from one class of service to a higher class of service 2. booked solid B. used to indicate that people are alerted to a situation they had not been thinking about. 3. kick back C. a lodging house with an informal atmosphere 4. upgrade D. a hotel has no more space available for guests 5. wake-up call E. relax and enjoy your free time 1. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t make a reservation for you on the Fourth of July in Washington, D.C. All the hotels you requested are ______________.” 2. I’m just _____________ with some friends watching the ball game. 3. When the boy swallowed too many aspirin, it was a(n) _______________ to other parents to be careful about leaving medicine where children can find it. 4. If you’re going to Maine, I know a really great ________________ that’s located right on the coast. 5. When I was ready to board the plane, I noticed that there were just a few business class passengers, so I asked for a(n) __________! booked solid kicking back wake-up call bed and breakfast upgrade

191 Project-leading Activities
◆Where would you like to go for vacation, at home or abroad? ◆ Use the Internet or a travel guide to find a Chinese hotel and a foreign one. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two hotels. ◆ Websites for reference For Unit 3 online activities, visit the website at / topnotch.

192 Free Practice Free Practice
Look at the pictures. Then complete the conversations. 1. A: Guest services. May I help you? B: Yes, please. Could you bring up some ________________? A: Certainly. B: And I could use a ________________, too. My hair is wet, and I don’t see one in the bathroom. A: Sure. We’ll bring those up right away. Anything else? B: Oh, yes. I have a lot of dirty clothes. Could someone please ________________? A: Yes, of course. B: I think that’s all. Thanks! towels hair dryer pick up the laundry

193 Free Practice Free Practice 2. A: Front Desk. May I help you?
B: Yes, I’d like to go for a swim. Is the ______________ still open? A: No, I’m sorry, it closed at 9:00. B: Oh. Well, maybe a workout. How about the ______________? A: No, it also just closed. B: Oh, no. Well, I guess I’ll have to do some work then. Is the ______________ still open? A: No, I’m sorry, it closed at 6:30. But you do have high-speed Internet access in your room. B: Oh, OK. Thanks. pool fitness center business center

194 Do You Know? Do You Know? FACTOID: TELEPHONES
There are more than 600 million telephone lines today, yet almost half the world’s population has never made a phone call. Source:

195 Checkpoint Checkpoint A. Listening Comprehension B. Crossword Puzzles
3 B. Crossword Puzzles C. Error Correction D. Writing

196 A. Listening Comprehension
Listen carefully to the conversations. Then listen again and write down the hotel service or services each person needs. Room service Laundry service shoe shine service wake-up service extra hangers extra towels make up room 1. □ □ □ □ □ □ □ 2. □ □ □ □ □ □ □ 3. □ □ □ □ □ □ □ 4. □ □ □ □ □ □ □

197 B. Crossword Puzzles B Look at the pictures. Circle the six hotel services contained in the pictures. The words are across (→), down (↓), diagonal (↘), and sometimes backwards (←). Then write the hotel services on the lines. (Workbook P29)

198 B B. Crossword Puzzles key
O R C N Q Y Z B S S N B B R A T L L F H T Y O E B A O B S A O X F H Z L G Y B B I E A G R Q Y L R B U Y S N V J G N W S S B C H S R I B A F L E S G I J W I X M T U S R C N Y E H S T L X O U V E Y Q Y C T X T D Q Z I R O O M S E R V I C E C Y R D N U A L C I N Z E P R M E O X O X Y U G U Source: Created by Puzzlemaker at ____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ key

199 B B. Crossword Puzzles Key: across: roomservice down: bellservice
H E O L I Y N M T V C D U G Key: across: roomservice down: bellservice across (backwards): laundry diagonal: babysitting diagonal (backwards): shoeshine, minibar

200 C. Error Correction C There is one error in each of the following sentences. Underline the error and make the correction. 1. To be a peddler seems a come-down from his low expectations. 2. Mary loves John so much that she could follow him for the five corners of the world. 3. An engine to a machine is that a heart to a human being. 4. Without the much exaggeration I can say that I hardly slept a wink. 5. The old peoples sat on the bench, still as statues. 6. No boy and girl is to be seen in the room which is as dark like pitch. 7. From the time she was a year old, the princess had been shower with presents. 8. Growing old is like this: after a certain distance, every step we take in life we find the ice grow thinner below our feet. high to what the 去掉 people as showered growing

201 D. Writing D Write a paragraph about sightseeing. Use the questions as a guide. What are the advantages of sightseeing? What are the disadvantages of sightseeing? How to prepare yourself well for sightseeing? Are there any things you shall pay attention to? What are the essential equipments of the trip? Reference Sample

202 D D. Writing Reference Sample
When asked about why they go sightseeing, different people will offer different answers. Some people say they want something exciting and exotic, while others want to refresh and relax themselves. And still others go sightseeing to enrich their experiences and broaden their horizon. Despite these advantages mentioned above, some of its disadvantages cannot be ignored. Once you are on the road, you’ll encounter many nuisances. Your train may be too crowded. Though very expensive, you may find it hard to find a room in the local hotels. Your holiday may be spoiled by the illnesses on the journey. You may get lost in a strange city and can’t understand a word of the local language. Worse still, your wallet might be stolen, and you can’t find any friends or relatives to turn to. So you should be psychologically prepared for those inconveniences and do something about them. It is advisable that you take some medicines with you and book the room in advance. It would be of much help if you can learn a few words and sentences of the local language. And above all, remember to put your credit card apart from your wallet so that you can withdraw some money from a local bank in case your wallet is stolen.

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