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Tourism Beautiful British Columbia. History of Tourism The main attractions in Vancouver sparked a lifestyle around the area. It was a strong culture.

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1 Tourism Beautiful British Columbia

2 History of Tourism The main attractions in Vancouver sparked a lifestyle around the area. It was a strong culture from the time colonies were established, and continues to thrive today. The tourism industry has many beautiful landscapes that are fun, refreshing, and keep visitors coming to our province. Stanley Park was established in the 1800s on a peninsula in Vancouver. Created in a coniferous rainforest, an outstanding seawall was formed which carries its theme of a soothing zone. As a large park in an urban landscape, it acts as a sanctuary to many people who like to escape the city-feel Vancouver provides. When it was first created, Stanley Park had many salt-water pools, which now has been transformed into a fresh-water pool. In 1886 a locomotive train gave a fifteen- minute tour around the park which helped the park grow as the lovable place we know it as.

3 Created as an HBC fort in 1843, Victoria is a thriving tourists attraction which gathers visitors from all over the world. With very British tainted grounds, the Victoria-era city is regarded as a world-renown beautiful city. The rich landscape has made Victoria what it is throughout the ages, a breathtaking beauty at the edge of Vancouver Island. High up on the mountains or low below in the village, Whistler- Blackcomb has been a hot attraction since the early 1900s. In 1914, the Rainbow lodge opened, however due to the rough terrain, it wasnt very popular. Once the Pacific Great Eastern Railway was built, the economy in Whistler boomed. In 1966, the Whistler mountain ski area opened, which drew in many from across North America. These three cities have created British Columbia atmosphere to be as loveable as it is. Since the 1800s BC is a great place to live, and keeps up a scenic province...truly the heart throb of the west.

4 Where is the Industry Going? Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria still are breathtaking environments to live in. The tourism industry is quite large and continues to skyrocket as more people view it. Having one of the highest real- estates in North America, it proves that everyone wants to live in Vancouver. Whistler holds the largest ski-resort in North America (8171 skiable acres), a very nice feature. Victoria is a world renowned beauty in British Columbia, housing some of the most scenic landscapes that many drool over. However, one question that must be asked is, where are these positive aspects taking the BC tourism industry?

5 When Vancouver was chosen to house the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, an uproar of joy was created within the community. Apartments and buildings were flung off the markets due to so many citizens of other countries wanting to buy in the urban area. The tourism has sparked many positive events in the Fraser Valley. Plan A in Abbotsford makes the small city more appealing. The Olympic stadiums and Whistler-Blackcomb is expanding more to be qualified for Olympic standard. Also, the transit system is improving in Vancouver to accommodate the visitors and the citizens. One other positive event is city council has finally decided to try and solve BCs homeless rate, or at least to get the homeless off the streets into a home where they can live. The overall image for Vancouver to become even more gorgeous is becoming a factor that is on many Canadian minds. Everyone wants BC to grow to prepare for the Olympic Games. This will help spurt tourism in British Columbia overall by the massive amount of funding going into the event, which will help solve many of Vancouvers Problems.

6 The Fields of Tourism B.C has a wide variety of tourism ranging from our main attractions like Whistler Blackcomb ski resort and Whistler Village, the largest ski area in North American, Stanley Park where over 8 million people visit each year, and Victoria which is considered one of the worlds most beautiful cities. Stanley Park is the third largest urban park in North America. Stanley Park has many different attractions within, the top being The Brockton Totem Pole area. The Brockton visitor center offers an interpretive area about the totem poles and the significance they have, and a gift shop. The horticultural center in spring fills the atmosphere with fragrance and beautiful colors. Stanley park also provides a heated fresh water pools, and a swim beach and second beach located on the west side and a water park for the kids on the eat side. There is a nature house at lost lagoon, the park birds sanctuary and fresh water pond for the nature lovers. The area is filled with Canadian geese, swan, and ducks. The nature house at lost lagoon also offers natural history of the area and guided walking tours. The Vancouver aquarium is also available which is Canadas largest aquarium with over 8,000 creatures from all around the world. A miniature, replica of Locomotive Engine #374 which led the first transcontinental passenger train into Vancouver in 1886, provides a 15-minute tour of the park just for you. The farmland offers up close look to many farm animals, as well as the birds and reptiles. Some other attractions you can find in Stanley Park include a traffic school for kids, an 18-hole, par-3, pitch and putt golf course, and 17 tennis courts. There are also several restaurants and concessionaires located throughout Stanley Park. There are many shuttle buses provided, and the park is open all year around, with some exceptional season attractions. Victoria has a very unique landscape which provides the land with a lush landscape, full of lush forest all along the coast to the Garry oak forests at higher elevations. Attractions include Craigdarroch Castle and the Craigflower Farmhouse and Schoolhouse, The art gallery of Victoria, The maritime museum, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, The Saanich Historical Artifacts Society, The B.C. Aviation Museum; The Fisgard Lighthouse (c. 1900) is Canadas oldest west coast lighthouse., Victoria also offers plenty of biking and walking paths throughout the city and is home to eight championship golf courses. Other more unique attractions include whale watching, kayaking, and diving offshore at the Brentwood Bay reef. Victoria also plays hostess to several music and theatre festivals throughout the year. Blackcomb has 8,171 ski-able acres compared to the second largest Vail, Colorado with 5,289 acres. 8,171 ski able acres compared to Vail, Colorado (the second largest) with 5,289 acres. The resort village includes several different lodging choices, with many restaurants and bars for the visitors. Whistler Blackcomb also has a mountain bike park, which is accessible from the ski lifts which are equipped with bike racks. With 2 million visitors every year whistler is a must come see place. Overall, British Columbia has many beautiful areas to view.

7 Impact on Community Vancouver, being ranked 10 th among the worlds best cities, makes B.C a huge tourism attraction. Tourists that come every year make a huge impact on our community. From the money they spend on our wonderful attractions, to the new citizens who plan on staying, tourists make our community grow bigger and stronger, making us more successful and a greater place to live. With the 2010 Olympics only 2 years away, our community is going to have a huge increase of people, which will bring many cultures into our area and our tourism industry will strike up very high, building up our community.

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