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College English Course for Overseas Undergraduates JNU QUALITY COURSE.

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1 College English Course for Overseas Undergraduates JNU QUALITY COURSE

2 a new language course for tomorrow s business leaders Course Book 1 intermediate Business English MARKET LEADER JNU QUALITY COURSE


4 4 Listening The Mini range JNU QUALITY COURSE ML Book One Unit Nine Overview Reading LVMH Vocabulary Describing companies Language Focus 1) Present continuous 2) PS VS PC Skills Starting a presentation Case study You and Your company

5 Warming up

6 Which company ? 1.___ began in1865 as a forestry and power business. a) Ericsson b) Nokia c) Motorola 2.___ produces the most successful toy in history. a) Disney b) Fisher-Price c) Mattel 3.___ has its head office in San Francisco. a) Levi-Strauss b) Nike c) Calvin Klein 4.___ buys more sugar than any other company in the world. a) Nestle b) Coca-Cola c) Suchard Starting up A Do the companies quiz. Discuss your answers with a partner. Then turn to page 137 to check your answers. b a b c

7 5.___ employs more people than any other company. a) Wal-Mart b) Siemens c) General Motors 6.___ has the largest factory in the world. a) Boeing b) Ford c) Sony 7.___ was started by Ray A. Kroc in 1955. a) Burger King b) Kentucky Fried Chicken c) McDonald s What famous companies come from your country? What do they do or make? B Starting up c a c

8 listening Martina Mertes is Corporate Communications Manager for the Mini range of cars at BMW. Tick the words you think you will hear in the interview. model launch production factory university demand exhibition Check the meanings of any words you dont know in a good dictionary.

9 1.where is the factory? Oxford 2.How is business? Very good. 3.How many days a week is the factory working to meet demand? seven 4.What is the biggest market for Minis? the UK 5.What is the newest market for Minis? China 6.Where were the original Minis built? Oxford 7.Is BMW developing new models in Oxford? yes 9.1 Listen to the interview. Then answer these questions. C listening

10 Language focus 1---Present continuous Grammar Present continuous, basic briefing Introduction How do we use the Present Continuous Tense? We use the present continuous tense to talk about: action happening now action in the future

11 Present continuous tense for action happening now a) for action happening exactly now I am eating my lunch. pastpresentfuture The action is happening now. Look at these examples. Right now you are looking at this screen and at the same time... Language focus 1

12 b) for action happening around now The action may not be happening exactly now, but it is happening just after now, and it is not permanent or habitual. Look at these examples: Muriel is learning to drive. I am living with my sister until I find an apartment. We are studying in Jinan University. Language focus 1

13 Present continuous tense for the future We can also use the present continuous tense to talk about the futureif we add a future word!! We must add (or understand from the context) a future word. "Future words" include, for example, tomorrow, next year, in June, at Christmas etc. We only use the present continuous tense to talk about the future when we have planned to do something before we speak. We have already made a decision and a plan before speaking. Im meeting Tom this afternoon to talk about the new project. We are flying to Tokyo to attend an international conference next week.

14 Language focus 1 I am taking my exam next month. pastpresentfuture A firm plan or programme exists now. The action is in the future. Look at these examples: We're eating in a restaurant tonight. We've already booked the table.. They can play tennis with you tomorrow. They're not working. When are you starting your new job? In these examples, we have a firm plan or programme before speaking. The decision and plan were made before speaking.

15 Language focus 1 How do we spell the Present Continuous Tense? We make the present continuous tense by adding -ing to the base verb. Normally it's simplewe just add -ing. But sometimes we have to change the word a little. Perhaps we double the last letter, or we drop a letter. Here are the rules to help you know how to spell the present continuous tense.

16 Language focus 1 If the base verb ends in consonant + stressed vowel + consonant, double the last letter: Basic rule Just add -ing to the base verb: work>working play>playing assist>assisting see>seeing be>being Exception 1 stop>stopping runrun>running begin>beginning Note that this exception does not apply when the last syllable of the base verb is not stressed: open>opening stop consonant stressed vowel consonant (vowels = a, e, i, o, u)

17 Exception 2 If the base verb ends in ie, change the ie to y: lie>lying die>dying Exception 3 If the base verb ends in vowel + consonant + e, omit the e: come>coming mistake>mistaking Language focus 1

18 A Complete these sentences with the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets. 1.BMW ___________ (sell) Minis in China now. 2.People __________ (work) in the factory 51 weeks a year. 3.I ___________ (call) about a problem. 4.Many Chinese people ____________ (learn) English. 5.She _____________ (attend) a course on presentations. 6.He ______________ (work) in the office today. 7.They ______________ (entertain) some foreign guests. is selling are working am calling are learning is attending isnt working are entertaining

19 Language focus 1 B Complete the article about food group Pret a Manger. Use the present continuous form of the words from the box: increase export plan expand translate The number of Pret a Manger (PaM) shops _____________ not only in London, but also in other parts of the UK. At present PaM ____________ its overseas business, particularly in China. Currently it _____________ its advertising material into Chinese. PaM ______________ its winning formula to Hong Kong and Tokyo. PaM ____________ to open new shops in New York. is increasing is expanding is translating is exporting is planning

20 Vocabulary---Describing companies describing companies A These sentences describe two companies, Autotech and Green Fingers. Choose pairs of sentences which deccribe similar things and match them with the correct company. AUTOTECH A large car parts company GREEN FINGERS A small garden products company John Smith started Autotech in 1960. George and James Hawkins began Green Fingers in the 1920s.. It has a workforce of 2,500. Autotech exports to over 12 countries. It manufactures car parts It introduces one or two new components each year. Autotech provides components for the car industry It employs about 35 people. Green Fingers sells some of its products abroad It makes garden products. Green Fingers supplies the gardening industry. It launches twelve new products a year

21 vocabulary B Now underline the verbs which mean the same thing in each pair of sentences in the Exercise A John Smith started Autotech in 1960. George and James Hawkins began Green Fingers in the 1920s

22 vocabulary C Use verbs from Exercise A which you underlined to complete this company profile. GKS Services ________ in 1989 when Dieter Norland left his job as an engineer in the computer industry. The company _________ high-tech security alarms and ________ its products all over the World. It ________ 150 people at its factory near Rotterdam, Although the companys head office is in Amsterdam and ______ a staff of 20, the company _________ a number of new products each year. GKS Services _________ products to the security industry and _______ domestic alarms for the general public. began makes exports employs has introduces supplies provides

23 Reading---- LVMH What products do you think of when you see these brands ? A 1 Louis Vuitton 2 Givenchy 3 Kenzo 4 Donna Karan 1.Designer clothes, fashion accessories, watches, luggage 2.Designer clothes, perfume, cosmetics 3.Designer clothes, fashion accessories, perfume, cosmetics 4.Designer clothes, perfume, home accessories

24 Read the first paragraph of the article about LVMH and complete the fact file. B Name: LVMH Head office: Number of stores: Product: Number of brands: workforce: France 1,500 56,000 60 Designer clothes, fashion accessories, watches, luggage Reading

25 Company Profile: LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A., usually shortened to LVMH, is a French holding company and the world's largest luxury goods conglomerate. It is the parent of around 60 sub-companies that each manage a small number of prestigious brands. These daughter companies are, to a large extent, run autonomously. The group was formed after mergers brought together champagne producer Moët et Chandon and Hennessy, a leading manufacturer of cognac. In 1987, they merged with fashion house Louis Vuitton to form the current group.

26 LVMH reports strong sales By Jo Johnson and Martin Arnold in Pairs LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessey) manufactures and sells luxury goods, such as designer clothes, fashion accessories, watches and luggage. There are several companies in the group. LVMH has 60 famous brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Kenzo, Christian Dior and Donna Karan. It has 1,500 stores worldwide and is expanding its network. It employs 56,000 people. Its head office is in France, but 63% of its staff work outside France. Sales at its Louis Vuitton division rose 22% to 1.175bn ($1.26bn) in the fourth quarter. Total sales at the LVMH group rose 4% to 12.7bn last year. Bernard Arnault, chairman, said that the fashion and leather goods division of LVMH made excellent progress. Reading

27 LVMH had excellent sales because of its strong brands, store opening and successful new product launches. One of its new products, the Tambour watch, did not have huge sales but it brought customers into the stores. Sales in the US, France and Japan were good. Fewer Japanese tourists traveled last year, but they bought more goods in their home market. Recently, LVMH opened a large store in Japan, which is doing well. LVMH is a creative and innovative group. It aims to impress its customers with its high quality and long-lasting products. Its new products----particularly in cosmetics---depend a lot on research and development.LVMH controls every detail of the brands image. From the Financial Times FINANCIAL TIMES World business newspaper Reading

28 Prestigious brands under LVMH

29 Answer these questions. C 1.What percentage of LVMHs staff do not work in France? 2.What was the percentage increase in sales at the Louis Vuitton division in the fourth quarter? 3.Which of the following were reasons for the increase in LVMHs sales? ( ) a) Well-known products c) Better research b) New stores. d) New products 4.How did the launch of the Tambour watch help LVMH? 5 in which markets did LVMH sell a lot of products? Reading 63% 22% a, b, d It brought customers into the stores. US, France, Japan

30 D Mark each statement true or false. Reading 1.LVMHs main product is cosmetics. 2.LVMH doesnt launch many new products. 3.,sales in Japan are poor. 4.LVMHs products are well made. 5.The image of its products is important to LVMH/ D Why do you think LVMH is a successful company? What other successful companies do you know? Why are they successful? false true

31 A Underline the present simple or the present continuous form of the verb to complete these sentences. 1.I stay / am staying at the Ritz every time Im in New York. I stay / am staying at the Ritz at the moment. 2.She works / is working at home today. She works / is working at home every day. 3.She often calls / is calling Russia. At the moment she calls / is calling a customer in Moscow. Languages focus 2

32 4. I dont usually deal / dealing with all the paperwork I deal / am dealing with all the paperwork while Susan is away. 5. It normally takes / is taking about two months, but this delivery takes / is taking longer than usual. 6. We normally use / are using a London firm. this time we use / are using a different company. Languages focus 2

33 B Complete this article with the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Languages focus 2 The Inditex group The Inditex group ______ (own) six fashion chains including Zara. It ______ (have) around 1,500 stores worldwide. It ________ (operate) in 44 countries. Inditex ________ (employ) 27,000 people and ____ (have) more than 200 fashion designers. Currently the fashion dedigners _____________ (work) on next years designer. The Inditex group _________ (do) very well at the moment, and it __________ (try) to become a global fashion leader. Amancio Ortega, the founder of Inditex, also _________ (invests) in property and hotels. Most of this years investment __________ (stay) in Spain, owns has operates employshas are working is doing is trying invests is staying

34 C Languages focus 2 Work in pairs. Role play this situation. Student A works at the EBB Bank. Student B works at the Goldcrest Hotel. Take it turns to show each other around your company. Say what happens in each area and what is happening now. Student A EBB Bank AreaWhat happensWhat is happening now Main hailserve customerscashier/ talk/ to a customer Currency section exchange foreign currencycustomer / change dollars into euros Loans Section assistant manager arranges Loans for customers assistant manager/ talk/ to a customer on the phone Mangers office manager worksmanager/ meet / an important client Reception desk staff answer questions from customers receptionist / listen / to a customers complaint

35 Languages focus 2 1. This is the main hall. We serve customers here. At the moment a cashier is talking to a customer. 2. This is the Currency section. We exchange foreign currency here. At the moment a customer is changing dollars into euros. 3.This is the Loans Section. Our assistant manager arranges loans for customers here. At the moment, the assistant manager is talking to a customer on the phone. 4.This is the Managers office. Our manager works here. At the moment, the manager is meeting an important client. 5.This is the Reception desk. Staff answer questions from customers here. At the moment, a receptionist is listening to a customers complaint.

36 Languages focus 2 Student B Goldcrest Hotel This is the kitchen. We prepare and cook meals here. At the moment the chefs are preparing todays lunch. AreaWhat happensWhat is happening now Kitchenprepare and cook mealschefs/ prepare todays lunch Restaurantserve breakfast, lunch and dinner waiter / clear / the tables Receptionwelcome guests, answer calls receptionist / talk / to a customer Gift shopsell souvenirsmaid / clean / the room A bedroomguests stay

37 Languages focus 2 2. This is the restaurant. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner here. At the moment the waiters are cleaning the tables. 3. This is the reception. We welcome guests and answer calls here. At the moment a receptionist is talking to a guest. 4.This is the Gift Shop. We sell souvenirs here. At the moment, a sales assistant is helping a customer. 5.This is a bedroom. Guests stay here. At the moment, a maid is cleaning the room.

38 Skills---Starting a presentation A Listen to the start of a presentation. Number items a) to e) in the order you hear them. a)There are three parts to my presentation. Firstly. b)By the end of my presentation you will understand clearly our future plans. c)Good afternoon, names Ricardo Valdes. d)Id like to talk about our new marketing strategy. e)Finally, the details of the costs… 3 5 1 2 4

39 Skills Listen again. Match the heading 1 to 4 to the items a) to e) in Exercise A. B 1.Topic of the talk 3 Greeting the audience 2.Aim 4. Plan of the talk d b c a C Work in pairs. Prepare an introduction to a presentation. Then introduce the presentation to each other. Choose role A or role B, and use the notes to introduce your presentation. Add any information you wish.

40 Role A Topic The launch of your companys new product Plan 1. The background to the launch 2. The features of the new product 3. The advertising and marketing plans Aim To give a clear idea of the sales potential of the product Skills Role B Topic Your companys new e-mail system Plan 1. The background 2. Why the company needed to change the system 3. How to use it and to report faults Aim To give a clear idea of how the new e-mail system improves communication in the company.

41 Good morning! My name is … and I would like to talk about the launch of our companys new product. There are three parts to my presentation, Firstly, the background to the launch. Secondly, the features of the new product. Finally, the advertising and marketing plans of the product. By the end of my presentation, you will have a clear idea of the sales potential of the product. Good morning, everyone. My name is … and I would like to talk about our companys new e-mail system. There are three parts to my presentation. Firstly, the background of the new system. Secondly, why the company needed to change the system. Finally, how to use it and to report faults. By the end of my presentation, you will have a clear idea of how the new e-mail system improves communication in the company.

42 Skills Useful language Greeting Good morning / afternoon. Im… Hello, everyone. Nice to see you again. Topic My subject taday is … Id like to talk to you about… i;m going to talk about… Plan There are three parts to my presentation. My presentation is in three sections. Firstly,… Secondly,… Finally,… Aims By the end of my presentation, you will have a clear idea of … By the end of my talk, you will understand how / why …

43 Case study---You and your company You are beginning a training course on giving presentations. The trainer has provided a structure for an introduction. She asks you to introduce yourself and the company you work for. You are all from different parts of the world and different industries. 1.Work in small groups. Choose role card A,B or C and read your company profile (page 138) 2. Prepare an introduction for a presentation about yourself and the company you work for. It should last approximately one minute. 3.Make your presentation to the other members of your group, try to answer any questions they ask. 4. As a group, decide what you like about each presentation. Why was it interesting? Background Task

44 Structure for introduction Greeting your name Your nationality Your position Topic Your company Plan Company products or services Important figures:number of employees, turnover, profits Your duties A B C Writing You are a representative of your company. Write a short profile of the company. Include some of the Information from the introduction to your presentation. Writing file page 134 Case study

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