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Mummies By. Augusto D., Jack B., Dynasti K., & Dana B.

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1 Mummies By. Augusto D., Jack B., Dynasti K., & Dana B.

2 What did the Egyptians Think the Afterlife Would be Like? Dana-1 minute Ancient Egyptians thought there would be a great life after death. What's it like, Dana?

3 How Could You Get Into The Afterlife? Augusto-1min So Augusto, what would one have to do to get access to this afterlife?

4 What are the First Steps to Embalment? Dynasti-1min So when you find a dead body, what are the first things to do to make it a mummy Dynasti?

5 How Were the Bodies Dried? Jack-1min Hey Jack, do you know the Egyptians secret to the drying out of the bodies?

6 Do you Know How the Egyptians Cleaned the Bodies? Dana-1min How did the embalmers "wash up" before it was time to cut 'em open?

7 Removing Organs? Ewww... Augusto-2min When they finally cut open the body, what is removing the internal organs like, Augusto

8 So... What did they do with the organs? Dynasti-2min After they are wrapped and Dried, where did they put these organs, Dynasti?

9 Final Steps Until Wrapping Jack-2min Now that everything is out and in its place, what is there to do before we break out the linen, Jack?

10 Why Linen Cloth? Dana-1min Why was linen cloth so special and how did they use it?

11 Wrapping Ceremony! Augusto-1min Hooray! Now its time to "wrap it up."How did the Egyptians go through with this, Augusto?

12 Masks and Paintings Dynasti-1min Now that the Mummy is wrapped, what did they do with the wrapped body, Dynasti?

13 Why Coffins? Jack-1min Jack, now that everything is decorated, where did they accually put the body?

14 Into the Tomb! Dana-2min Now that our mummy is all packaged up, where will he rest, Dana?

15 Treasure? Where? Where! Augusto-1min So Augusto, what were all the goodies put in the mummy's tomb?

16 Oh No, Not the Tomb Robbers! Dynasti-1min Dynasti, what kind of mean person would steal all those treasures?

17 Thousands of Years Later... Jack-1min Now its present time, how are mummys used, Jack?

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