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FOUNDATION EXPO '88 1 expo2020lympiad uluru 2007 Australia Information Sessions John McGregor.

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1 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 1 expo2020lympiad uluru 2007 Australia Information Sessions John McGregor

2 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 2 Project Goals Australia to host the 2020 Joint Universal Exposition and 32 nd Summer Games Olympiad Creation of a new super global digital eTechnopolis at Uluru, 2, 000 persons from each nation on earth 250 th Anniversary of New South Wales 1770-2020 A.D.

3 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 3 Universal Expositions Universal Expositions celebrate great anniversary dates and achievement, they are also renowned for their contribution to world education, progress, peace, the arts, culture, and architecture OTHER INFO... 1851 London is regarded as the first Universal Exposition, celebrated at the custom-made Crystal Palace. The Eiffel Tower is the heritage of the 1889 Paris Universal Exposition. Recent post-World War II Universal Expositions include Brusells 58, Montreal 67 Man and His World for the Centenary of Canadian Confederation, Osaka 70 Progress and Mankind, and Seville 92 Discovery for the Fifth Centenary of the Discovery of the Americas.

4 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 4 The Olympics Games The Olympics Games of the modern era too, are a global celebration of achievement, a survey of excellence of mankinds endeavours in the sporting field Australia has participated at every Summer Games Olympiad

5 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 5 An exp0lympiad This will be the first hosting of a Joint Universal Exposition and Summer Games Olympiad since 1900 Paris and 1904 St Louis, re-uniting these two world events It will be the first hosting of a Universal Exposition for Australia It will be the first of the third millenniums exp0lympiads, celebrated every duodecade (2020, 2040, 2060, 2080, 2100, 2120…) every 0-ending Summer Games Olympiad year.

6 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 6 The City-State of Uluru expo2020lympiad uluru will create a new Australian and World capital Each nation on earth will be asked to send 2, 000 citizens to become new dual citizens From 2018 the City grows at 2 nations (4, 000 persons) per week

7 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 7 A Global eTechnopolis The City-State is the worlds first super global digital eTechnopolis, featuring wireless data and electricity All energy is solar-powered, via the Solar City energy grid 10 kilometres to the Citys north-west, and throughout the City, by solar panel glass where glass is normally used Convenience renders 90% of all household chores automated, and in home/office compactor/disposer units, in conjunction with enzyme in all packaging, allow instantaneous biodegradability into pure water. ePaper digital paper and smart cards replace all paper and currency transactions, intuitive iComputers monitor all external and internal data via audio-visual and remote sensing technology 100 venues from all over the world, in each avenue of human endeavour, government, the performing arts, visual arts, are interactively live-linked to the Citys broadband multimedia television delivery The Digital Alexandria Library of Uluru, featuring millions of works, both in photograph facsimile and text document format, 10, 000 works of literature from each nation on earth, cross-referenced and translated to every language, featuring internet instantaneous access, and unlimited viewing, at no cost to the reader, is made available from the start of expo2020lympiad uluru as part of the exp0lympiads universal heritage.

8 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 8 expo2020lympiad uluru Theme of the exp0lympiad is timely and topical Respect and Preservation of the Worlds Indigenous Cultures, promoting ancestral roots in the midst of a new global culture. Theme is articulated to foster maximum participation: * Born of the Land – the Indigenous Peoples * Born of other Lands – the new Arrivals * Born of the New Land – the Indigenous – and the Arrivals – Together in the New Land The exp0lympiad site is a work visible from space, a white marble rendition of the Dreamtime Creator Spirit Wandjina. Uluru is the footstool, leading to the 100-metre wide and 2,000 metre long Pavilions Way, at left and right a wonderful myriad of International and Corporate Pavilions from all over the World, centred at top with the 500,000 seat Central Stadium (1/8 th gap allows for direct engagement with Pavilions Way and Uluru), and with two long arms, Exp0lympiad West, and Exp0lympiad East, for official hotel and residential space, in the style of expo 67 Montreal Habitat A north-south Cable Car and Shuttle services the left and right engagement of Pavilions Way from Central Stadium to Uluru The Expo Symbol Tower, the 1,000 metre high Australian Desert Indigenous Male, standing with spear for support Native Australia, is immediately adjacent to Uluru, and is the tallest structure in the World. The 1,000 metre high spear is the lift shaft for the attraction, which features the Australian National Pavilion and Thematic Pavilions in the head, crossable via a clear perspex tunnel at 800 metres. The top eight levels of the 1,000 metre spear is a circular rainforest atrium featuring restaurants, shops, theatres and more. The big toe on Native Australia alone is 25 metres high. A London Eye experience complements the symbol tower, adjacent to Central Stadium. To the West and East of Central Stadium, in two semi-circle arcs is the seven-story high Civic Government of the City of Uluru, and University of Uluru, which is home to the World Centre for Indigenous Learning and Public Policy.

9 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 9 Education World Centre for Indigenous Learning and Public Policy, training and empowering indigenous and non-indigenous leadership, popular and academic courses City of Uluru Education System: Sports and Education equal assessment, with mandatory non-assessed Technical education Training leaders for a highly localised and global networked work and social environment, 75% to 25% local to online content ratio, and native language abilities in English, Arabic, and Mandarin, articulated to branch language groups.

10 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 10 Our Proud Qualifications Australias proud participation as host of and representative at the Olympics Games and World Expositions give us excellent qualifications for an outstanding project, which further advances Australia and the Olympics Games and World Expositions.

11 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 11 Australian World Expositions and Olympics Games 1879 Sydney International Exhibition 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition 1888 Melbourne International Exhibition 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games 1988 Brisbane World Expo 88

12 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 12 Australian World Expositions and Olympics Games 2000 Sydney Olympic Games 2020 expo2020lympiad uluru

13 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 13 Competitive Analysis Competitors – A Leader in the field –expo2020lympiad uluru is the first proposed bid for the 2020 32 nd Summer Games Olympiad and 2020 Universal Exposition. We have six years of good preparation and promotion to present a winning bid for both events in 2013. The time to start preparing and developing this into an official bid is now. We need bipartisan support to see that expo2020lympiad uluru receives official Government endorsement, early, for an official Australian public launch next year, at the 20 th Anniversary of World Expo 88 in Brisbane, and, for an official International public launch in 2010, at the centre of the Australia Pavilion for the expo2020lympiad uluru centre at Shanghai World Expo 2010. Strengths –The bid re-unites the Summer Olympics Games and Universal Exposition experience –Australia has excellent qualifications in hosting of and representation at World Expositions and Olympics Games –This is a grand project on a world-scale, the creation of a complete new city, a super global digital eTechnopolis that sets the standards for technology, law and society for third millennium earth, that also celebrates a significant Australian anniversary date – the most significant anniversary date since the 1788-1988 Bicentennial Celebrations, the 1770-2020 250 th Anniversary of New South Wales Weaknesses –The City State of Uluru will be created in the process of winning the bid. This will be a unique development where an entire City will be created in tandem with the facilities for the Olympics Games and Universal Exposition. Construction of the City will be delayed until 1 January 2018 to allow for wide-scale application of emergent technologies.

14 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 14 Competitive Analysis, Cont. Competitors World Expositions and Summer Games Olympiads before/after expo2020lympiad uluru. A particular theme, anniversary date, world-class infrastructure, and classification of Exposiition are the guiding considerations for the Bureau of International Exhiibitions. Strengths The 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Games Olympiads have been given to large very developed metropolises, with the possible addition of Tokyo for 2016. expo2020lympiad uluru will be a unique Olympics Games in that it takes place in the midst of a national park, at the base of one of earths most significant natural landmarks, a new and refreshing change for the Olympics Games, a respite of new images and experiences for both Visitor and eTourist, and a new story for the Olympics Games movement. Expositions near the 2020 date include the 2015 Pan Pacific International Exposition (Brisbane, Honolulu, Lima, San Francisco, Tokyo); the 2018, the 2023 Brisbane Bicentennial; however, these are all International- Class expositions. This will be the first Universal Exposition for Australia, after several previous bid near successes (i.e. Sydney/Melbourne 1988) at a significant national anniversary date, and at a dream site that furthers Australia and Olympics Games and Universal Expositions. Weaknesses The expo2020lympiad uluru project and City State of Uluru project require that a further exp0lympiad be won by the City State of Uluru in 2040, the expo2040lympiad uluru, which returns, with the exception of the 1,000 metre high symbol tower adjacent to Uluru Native Australia Australian indigenous desert male standing with spear for support, the site to as it was before 2020. Although this may be a fait accompli, it will require a further bid to the IOC and BIE in 2033. FOR MORE INFO... Visit the Bureau of International Exhibitions Paris website at http://www.bie- Visit

15 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 15 Technology - Highlight P.E.P.P. The Planet Earth Pilot Program –The City State of Uluru will be self-legislating and self- governing, setting new third millennium earth standards in technology, law, and society, coupled with a new medium of wireless data, electricity, and external/internal and remote sensor surveillance technologies embedded within the complete construction of the City State itself, intuitively monitored by iComputers, who record data and confer with eachother, whilst in aggregate tabulating data on human behaviour, both as individual and interactive systems. The aggregate data and problems and recommendations addressed by the expo2020/2040lympiad project are released during the project and at the conclusion of the project, for the betterment of mankind, a better planet, and guide mans development as an interplanetary race.

16 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 16 Team/Resources A Joint United Nations, IOC, BIE, Australian States and Territories and Commonwealth of Australia Project –2,000 citizens from each nation on earth, a City of 600,000 persons, plus 100,000 visitors per day 1 May to 1 November 2020, increasing to population of 1 million persons for the Summer Games 0lympiad duration, 1 August to 15 September 2020 (expo2020lympiad uluru day is 21 August 2020 A.D., 250 th Anniversary of Cooks proclamation) –3 rd millennium construction and logistics, site construction commences 1 January 2018, 2 nations (4,000 persons) arriving per week, all construction off site, and assembled on site. –Exp0lympiad site, the inner and outer city –Worlds largest car park at Citys outer city external circular periphery –Light, medium, heavy industry delegated to Citys outer city internal circle –Day, Week, Monthly and Season Tickets for expo2020/2040lympiad uluru, and Visitor Tickets for the expo2020/2040lympiad interval, with Pavilions converted to Embassy and Corporate Headquarters. expo2040lympiad site is Kata-Tjuta, creating a further satellite city for Uluru, and new super expressway between the two Cities

17 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 17 Procedures Northern Territory Lobbying 2007, Northern Territory Government approval 2007, Australian States and Territories/Commonwealth Government Lobbying 2008, Australian Public Launch World Expo 88 20 th Anniversary 30 April 2008, Commonwealth Government approval 2009, International Public Launch Australia Pavilion expo2020lympiad uluru centre Shanghai World Expo 2010 BIE and IOC Lobbying 2010, 2011, 2012 BIE and IOC Bid Success 2013 FOR MORE INFO... 1992 Seville Universal Exposition Australia Pavilion Sydney 2000 Bid Display BID SUCCESS….Japan Pavilion Aichi World Expo 2005 Bid Display BID SUCCESS

18 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 18 Schedule Lobbying, Approval, Bid Success FOR MORE INFO... 1.07 Northern Territory Lobbying and Approval Commonwealth Government Lobbying and Approval BIE/IOC Lobbying, BID SUCCESS

19 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 19 Current Status Concept Inception and Launch 3.05 Email Communique to and fexpo88 eGroups (500 persons). Webpage several paragraph text summary. Launch at 8.06 More detail to text summary, with Site, City, and Symbol Tower Schematic Diagram Pamphlet Launch 4.07 Australian Government Leaders, Sports, Arts and Media Sectors, World Expo 88 and World Expositions VIPs Logo, eGroup Launch 5.07 Concept development, including theme song, at 5.07 Northern Territory Briefing Launch 8.07 Darwin, Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Resort Briefings. Government and Private Enterprise Representation. expo2020lympiad uluru team at 2007 Henley on Todd Regatta, Alice Springs. Northern Territory Government Approval 2007 Incorporation of expo2020lympiad uluru centre into the centre of the Australia Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010. Australian Public Launch World Expo 88 20 th Anniversary Official Commemorative Lunch Wednesday 30 April 2008. International Public Launch expo2020lympiad uluru centre in the centre of the Australia Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010 LOBBYING, APPROVAL, BID SUCCESS

20 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 20 Related Documents Master/Marketing plan –City Masterplan by Seidler Architects, Concept development and Management with think!ots (Australia Pavilion World Expo 88, Aichi World Expo 2005, Shanghai World Expo 2010) and Burson Marsteller (Seville Universal Exposition 1992). Merchandise by/at Foundation Expo 88 Gift Shop, official Expo Authority Uniforms by Prue Acton, Theme Song by Sneaky Sound System. Budget –Launch of for profit entity public company unlimited with share capital the World Expositions Foundation, specifically created to further Australian World Expositions Post Briefing Contact –John R McGregor, Executive Director Foundation Expo 88 – mob +614397 34018 Submit questions –

21 FOUNDATION EXPO '88 21 Merchandise and Website Foundation Expo 88 Gift Shop giftshop/ Website expo2020lympiaduluru/

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