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Section A (3a-4) Teacher: Liu Zan Unit 8 How was your school trip?

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1 Section A (3a-4) Teacher: Liu Zan Unit 8 How was your school trip?

2 Step 1 Share my interesting trip.

3 Task: Know about my trip. Changlong Ecological Zoo ( )

4 the Panda Garden many visitors [ ' v ɪ z ɪ tə]

5 the Outdoor Pool [ 'au td ɔ :] at the end of the day [end] ---

6 Step 2 Share my pen pals great trip.

7 Task 1: Know about my pen pal. She is the monitor of Class 9. ['m ɒ n ɪ tə] She comes from Chicago. [ ʃɪ ' k ɑ : ɡ əu]

8 Task 2 : Make a prediction. an octopus [' ɒ ktəpəs] Where did they go?

9 Task 3: 3a Read the article and answer the two questions. 1.Where did they go? They went to Blue Water Aquarium. 2. How was their school trip? I think it was great.

10 1. The students had a terrible school trip. 2. They saw an octopus in the Visitors Center. 3. They took the subway back to school. great Outdoor Pool bus 4. The students watched a movie about dolphins. 5. The science teacher cleaned the bus. sharks class monitor Task 4: Read the article and correct the statements below.

11 Task 5: Fill in the chart. A trip to Blue Water Aquarium Time Place Activity First1.__________ ____________ Watched a movie about sharks Then2.________________ _________________ After that3.__________ ____________ Saw a big octopus 4._________The Gift ShopBought lots of gifts Finally5.________________ The Visitors Center Watched a dolphin show The Outdoor Pool After lunch Came back to school

12 Task 6: Listen and repeat.

13 Class 9 then after that after lunchFinally at the end of the day Task 7: Retell the article in your own words in groups. first Visitors Center

14 Step 3 Share your wonderful school trip.

15 Fantawild Adventure [əd'vent ʃ ə] Task1: Talk about your school trip.

16 A trip to Fantawild Adventure Last term we had an unforgettable trip to Fantawild Adventure. First, … : 1. 4D watch 4D movies 2. watch the Jungle Story 3. see Ghost Stories 4. see Space Flight Task 2: Write about your school trip in groups.

17 Step 4 Share an unusual trip.

18 Task: Watch and talk about their trip in groups. the harmonica [h ɑ :'m ɔ n ɪ kə] 1.Tiangong-1 [, s ʌ mə's ɔ :lt] 5. space somersaults 4. land :

19 1.Their unusual trip paved the way ( ) for the space station. 2. We believe our country will be stronger and stronger.

20 1. Read 3a twice. 2. Write an article about your trip. assignment


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