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Two For One Emmas Diary Episode 5 Emma kept a diary of being Snake and Emma at the same time and loads of other stuff.

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2 Two For One

3 Emmas Diary Episode 5

4 Emma kept a diary of being Snake and Emma at the same time and loads of other stuff.

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6 Dear Diary, Living a double life is hard! Im wondering whether I should give up and leave the stage… But I love Snake. She is my favourite person. I cant let her go, shes another part of me! Dear Diary, I just came back from a concert today. It was tough seeing the crowd cheering my name. I know I cant give up! Look how many people it would crush! Im the number 1 superstar to a whole generation. I brought rock to the younger generation. The one that was obsessed with corny pop until I came along. Dear Diary, Mum has booked me guitar lessons to get more people interested in my music … as in Little Miss Rock shredding the electric guitar on stage. I mean I dont see why not buy for that purpose? Over the top, much?! Dear Diary, Me and my song writer were just making a new song for Snakes new album (Hush Now). Its really quite awesome. Its called Winter Life. Its about a girl who hates the winter cold but soon the winter comes and she lies in bed refusing to go to school or anywhere and then the person she has a crush on comes over and persuades her to get up and into the open. Heres the chorus: No, winter cold, She lies in bed, Wont get out, Its not in her head, No one can stop it, She aint ready yet, Thats Winter Life, Woah, thats Winter Life. Isnt it a cool chorus? I cant believe I found a brown coloured pen…?

7 Dear Diary, Today, I was on Monkey Music TV and the presenter was talking to me about Winter Life. I gave them a demo of it. My songwriter also came and he played the music whilst I sang. The audience were cheering and clapping. They were chanting Snake Rock and Pops!. It was awesome. This is one of the reasons I dont want to quit the music business making myself just Emma Franklin. How boring would that be? Dear Diary, I had another interview today but not with Monkey Music TV. It was with Tween Radio. I was broadcast live on there! And yes, I had to play my new song live! And there was a calling session and a caller was talking to me live. Dear Diary, I went down to the recording studio with Mum and Joe (my manager). I recorded six of my new songs for Hush Now. They were Winter Life, Joy In America, Nightmares Will Eat You, Attack of the Rockstar, Love Is Fragile and Death Wasnt My Plan. These are all the songs that are going to be in the fifteen-song album: Winter Life, Nightmares Will Eat You, Joy In America, Death Wasnt My Plan, Attack of the Rockstar, Love Is Fragile, Hate Is An Ugly Thing, Accept It, Music With Style, Guitar, Never Stop Playing That Piano, Holy Microphone, Dont, Memories and Chances Are Knocking At My Door. My three favourite songs out of all of them are Winter Life, Guitar and Death Wasnt My Plan. Thank you, my little song writer. Dear Diary, My albums coming out soon. I have to go and film my advert for the album now! Bye. x

8 Dear Diary, Today we recorded a few more songs. Yay. My advert goes out first at 12 noon today!!! Cant wait. Thats my first advert. Also, the albums out in a week! Yay. It comes out next Monday. When I went to school, everyone was buzzing about Snakes new album. I was smiling to myself. Dear Diary, Since its remembrance day tomorrow, I am going on to ITV with a load of other celebrities (Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner ect.) and Fearne Cotton is going to be talking to us about it. Ive got a poppy but I got my fashion designer to add jewel stickers on to it so it looks really funky and I like it. Dear Diary, I cannot believe it… I met Britney Spears! I was invited on a TV show and guess who they made come as a surprise guest? BRITNEY SPEARS!!! Woo! I was like wow. We all talked about remembrance day and stuff. It was pretty cool. Dear Diary, Mum really likes my album. Her favourite song out of them is Attack of the Rockstar. I played it to my bff because she knows that I am Snake. Her favourite song is Chances Are Knocking At My Door. I really like it too. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY SONG WRITER!!! I cant waaaait for everyone to be buying them and then it gets sold out in like three days! Dear Diary, Im meeting up with my best friend today to listen to my album and compare thoughts!

9 Dear Diary, I had a concert last night at Garadde Hotel but they made me have to say dont forget to buy more shower gel, shampoo and conditioner from the hotel gift shop for $2 each. Its kind of embarrassing. Dear Diary, My manager told me when my next tour will be. Its next month. A cruise! Its in America and were going to cruise from California to L.A. (ect.) and I perform in each city. Ive seen the boat that Im going to be on. Its so cool. Dear Diary, Guess what?! Demi Lovato has joined my school. Everyones all over her! Its so unfair. Hello??? Im a celebrity too. It isnt that fair is it? I think I should have people all over me. Maybe I should tell the secret…? Dear Diary, Should I tell the secret? I dont know because Demi has become friends with me… sort of. I think thats quite cool. But, people would be dying to be my friend if I told the secret. Should I? Should I? Dear Diary, Demi still wants to be my friend. Its still cool. I went to a movie premiere with her. It wasnt her movie premiere, it was someone elses like her dads or something. I was invited!!! With two others (my best friend and a girl called Michelle). Dear Diary, Shakira, Beyonce and Britney all in one room… the same room Im in! OMG! Is that cool, or what? It was a special concert (dont ask me which one). Lol.

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11 That was an extract of Emma Franklins diary!

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