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Activity # 2 By Katherine Araya Food around the world

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1 Activity # 2 By Katherine Araya Food around the world

2 Aim This lesson looks at the food that people eat around the world at special celebrations. Students read a text and then write about the food they eat at New Year, weddings and birthdays.

3 Procedure 1. Warmer Elicit the words ‘New Year’, ‘wedding’ and ‘birthday’ from the students by drawing pictures on the board. Here are some ideas: New Year – bottle of champagne, fireworks, or something else that symbolises New Year in your country.

4 Wedding – bride and groom, rings.
Birthday – birthday cake, present. Elicit the English word for the pictures you draw too to expand your students’ vocabulary.

5 2. Then tell students they are going to read a text about foods that are eaten at the above celebrations.

6 3. Students answer the comprehension questions.

7 4. Students match the definitions to the words.
5. Ask the students to write about how people celebrate New Year, weddings and birthdays in their country. “Do you do some of the things in the text as well?”

8 Assessment for writing

9 Can we use this activity in Chile?
Target group: 3nd grade highschool Sagrado Corazón School Objective aimed with this activity: Desarrollar una actitud positiva hacia la lectura, respeto por la diversidad cultural e interés por la información entregada por los textos en idioma extranjero.

10 Suggestions or possible modifications:
The reading activity can be made in groups, Or even as a class by reading at loud. In activity 3 and 4 student can work in pairs. Show your students the rubric before they start writing.

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