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E-Commerce and the Concert Venue Andy Redfern June 2011.

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1 E-Commerce and the Concert Venue Andy Redfern June 2011

2 Who I am? Launched New Consumer Shop and in 2005 Merged with in 2009 Re-launched in 2009 Worked on e-marketing with 30 different ethical sellers and charities Acquired by Spark Response in 2011 Formerly a director of Traidcraft plc and Editor in Chief of PC Magazine in 1990s

3 Who I work for? Spark Etail – e-commerce and e-marketing division of Spark Response. Spark Response – a major UK fulfilment and contact centre provider – over £200million in goods shipped in last year on behalf of:

4 Why do we care about e-commerce? Growing market – UK Online sales April 2011 - £5.3 billion Up 18% year on year May bricks and mortar fell by 1.4% Puts niche products in touch with customers worldwide Low cost of entry Can turn traffic in to revenue more effectively than banner ads or sponsorship

5 E-Commerce and the Music Venue Let your potential customers book tickets – If youre not doing this ignore the rest of what I say – start on this immediately! Physical products – CDs, DVDs, merchandise, gifts, vouchers – Books and music (printed scores etc) – Aims to continue or extend the experience Virtual products – Music and video downloads – Virtual events – pay per view and the Arts – Podcast and Vodcast – the making of...

6 But what is your USP? (Why would people buy from you rather than Amazon?) Price? Range? Unique products? Relationship and commitment to your brand?

7 The future in and outside of the auditorium Insert your custom auditorium experience here!

8 A new world? Don Giovanni – Sage – 12 August 2012 Sub titles in English or Italian. Buy Download Don Giovanni is an opera in two acts with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and with an Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. It was premiered by the Prague Italian opera at the Teatro di Praga (now called the Estates Theatre) on October 29, 1787.[1] Da Ponte's libretto was billed like many of its time as dramma giocoso, a term that denotes a mixing of serious and comic action. Mozart entered the work into his catalogue as an "opera buffa". Although sometimes classified as comic, it blends comedy and supernatural elements. Ringtones Tickets Next up..

9 Reviews and social media Products and downloads allow the interaction to go on – More from this composer...orchestra...conductor – If you may also like... Spread influence from a locality to a global audience Become platform neutral: – Your shop or Amazon? – Your download or Apple iTunes? – Your gift voucher or via an experience website Join the conversation And afterwards?

10 And finally.... Find the right partners and get the boring stuff right first time Take lots of little steps quickly rather than big steps slowly Copy the best, learn from the rest Work together – co-opertition is healthy for all And finally its almost always easier to seek forgiveness than to gain permission....start experimenting now!

11 Join the conversation Andy Redfern - @andyredfern Spark Response - @sparkresponse

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