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Le Sirop dÉrable Sebastien Aube (Maple Syrup). Executive Summary Our company sells maple syrup. Our profits increase by almost $200,000 each year. We.

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1 Le Sirop dÉrable Sebastien Aube (Maple Syrup)

2 Executive Summary Our company sells maple syrup. Our profits increase by almost $200,000 each year. We will use the money we made solely for the business. In the first five years, we believe that we can make at least $3,826,000. We sell maple syrup products such as maple syrup, maple lollipops, maple candy, tire sur la neige (maple popsicles), maple cookies, and gift baskets.

3 Objectives We will try to ensure that employees are enjoying their work and work area. To provide the best products. We shall be open every day from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday thru Saturday. We shall be closed on Sunday. Also, we will be open during the holidays; that time is very busy for us. We will not be open Christmas Day and New Years Day. We will have sales at every holiday, 10-20% off any products. For Christmas, this sale will run from December 17 to December 24. We will also try have sales once per month.

4 Mission Provide people with the best maple syrup, maple candy, maple cookies, maple lollipops, and tire sur la nèige (maple popsicles) possible. We will try to provide the best service possible and make sure that every customer is treated like a king.

5 Keys to Success Politeness: We will train our employees to be as polite and helpful as possible, trying to make our customers feel as comfortable as if they were shopping in their own home. Good syrup: Obviously, the best maple syrup products must have the best trees possible, producing exceptional syrup. We will find a good forest with plenty of maple trees. Then, after buying the land, we shall make our building and start harvesting syrup. Good service: We will provide the syrup as quickly as possible, so that the product stays fresh during delivery.

6 Company Summary We will have workers to collect the syrup and perform the various jobs required to create the maple candy. We also have drivers to deliver the syrup to grocery stores, and also to individuals, for an additional cost.

7 Attention, ne mangez pas plus que quatre batons de tire si vous ne voulez pas vovir comme un criss de cochon. Personne ne peut lire francais ici. Product Description Maple Syrup –First: you pierce a hole in a maple tree and insert a pipe into the hole. Then you put a bucket on the pipe and allow the liquid to flow into the bucket. You repeat this process for every tree. Then, after combining all the liquid into one bucket, you boil it with sugar. Maple candy –Take the maple syrup and put it into a mold and then place it in the freezer for several hours. –$12 for a pack of 10 candies Tire sur la nèige –Place warm syrup on fresh clean snow, and place a stick in it. When it hardens, this popular Canadian treat is made. It is similar to the American Popsicle. –Sold for $9.50 for a pack of 5.

8 Product Description, Part II Maple Cookies –We shall use a recipe to make the cookies, and then we shall drizzle our syrup over the cookies. –They shall be sold for $10 for a pack of seven cookies. Maple Lollipops –These shall be similar to the tire sur la neige, however they are shaped in spheres, and they are not meant to be served cold. –There shall be 10 lollipops in one pack, sold at $5 a pack. Gift Baskets –These are a combination of our products, and is thus sold for more. It contains two bottles of syrup, three cans of syrup, one package of Maple Lollipops, two boxes of tire sur la neige, and one package of cookies. –They will be sold for $60 each

9 Market Analysis Summary We will be selling our products to supermarkets, as well as to individual customers. We will provide the supermarkets with our products for a set price, and send it to them via truck. Individuals can either visit our store or order it from the Internet, and it will be delivered by truck.

10 Market Segmentation Our products will be sold to a variety of people: –People wishing to only buy syrup –People wishing to buy both syrup and syrup products –People wishing to buy only syrup products –Supermarkets wishing to buy our products

11 Target Market Segment Strategy Advertising –We will advertise by word-of-mouth, meaning that our products must be good enough for customers to tell their friends. –We will also advertise on billboards, as well as make TV commercials. We will also put our name on our bags, (surprisingly some companies dont do this) so when friends of our customers visit the customer, they will see the bag, and ask about our syrup. Free Samples –We will provide our customers with a free sample when they walk in the door, so when they decide they like it, they can come back for more. We must limit this to only two free samples per customer.

12 Market Needs People need good syrup to put on their pancakes and waffles. There is really no good maple syrup out there for widely distributed sales. It also fulfills the need of gift giving. People are often hard-pressed to find good gifts, and syrup makes a great gifts for cooks. Gift baskets can also be sold as gifts for the non-cooks, because they contain a variety of treats.

13 Competition Our major competition will be other specialty syrup shops. Since our shop falls under this same category, it is natural that other shops in the same category will be our greatest competition.

14 Competitive Edge How will we beat the competition? –We will have better service by giving sales and being open more than other specialty syrup stores. Also, we will provide a larger area of delivery for the syrup. –We shall also evaluate their stores, and see what they are doing, and consider what is working well for them and what is not, and then apply it to our own business.

15 Sales Strategy We will sell our product at first only from our store. Later, we will open other stores in various malls. Eventually, we shall send our products to the supermarkets. However, we will have a website so people can visit it and learn about our prices and syrup. After a few years, we shall start to sell our products over the Internet and thus shall bring in a fleet of trucks to deliver directly to the customers houses. We plan to open our second store two years after the first opens, and a store each year after that. Of course, those store opened after Store 2 shall be smaller than the initial store.


17 100350075,45076,92581,02579,47594,250116,85079,22582,15071,22569,80086,77590,350ALL 120,00010,000 W & P TOTAL 10.00 $10 @ 1 120001000 Waffle/Pancake Mix 64,0005,000 6,0007,5005,000 4,500 5,5006,000 Lollipop TOTAL 5.00 $5 @ 10 128001000 120015001000 900 11001200 Maple Lollipops 414,00030,000 42,00060,00030,00036,00024,000 36,00042,000 Gift Basket TOTAL 60.00 $60 @ 1 6900500 7001000500600400 600700 Gift Baskets 125,00010,0009,00010,000 12,000 10,000 12,0009,00011,00010,000 Maple Cookies TOTAL 10.00 $10.00 @ 7 1250010009001000 1200 1000 120090011001000 Maple Cookie units sold 58,9006,6506,1755,2254,2753,8002,8503,3253,8004,2755,7006,1756,650 Tire sur la neige TOTAL 9.50 $9.50 @ 5 6200700650550450400300350400450600650700 Tire sur la neige units sold 54,0002,4005,4007,2006,6005,4004,2003,6006,0003,6003,000 3,600 Candy Total 12.00 12$ @ 15 4500200450600550450350300500300250 300 Maple candy units sold 70,0004,2004,5505,600 6,6509,1007,7004,5505,2505,6006,3004,900 Can TOTAL 7.00 $7 @ 1 10000600650800 95013001100650750800900700 Can of Maple Syrup 97,6007,2006,8008,000 8,40011,2009,6006,8007,6008,0008,8007,200 Bottle TOTAL 8.00 88$8 @ 1 122009008501000 10501400120085095010001100900 Maple Syrup Sold AnnualMay-06Apr-06Mar-06Feb-06Jan-06Dec-05Nov-05Oct-05Sep-05Aug-05Jul-05Jun-05

18 Gift Baskets 700600400 6005001000700500 6900 $60 @ 1 60.00 Gift Basket TOTAL 42,00036,00024,000 36,00030,00060,00042,00030,000 414,000 Maple Lollipops 12001100900 1000 150012001000 12800 $5 @ 10 5.00 Lollipop TOTAL 6,0005,5004,500 5,000 7,5006,0005,000 64,000 ALL80,35076,77559,80061,22572,15069,225 106,85 084,25069,47571,02566,92565,450955500 Thus, we predict that from all the sales, we shall have $955,500 for annual costs.

19 Management Strategy Sebastien Aube and Brett Kinsey will be head managers. Each product will be considered a separate department with its own manager. The managers will report directly to the head managers. We will run our company with rules and fairness. The Head Managers are the leaders of the company. The Department Managers are the bosses of the employees. Later, the department managers shall also consist of separate store managers.

20 Projected Profit and Loss and breakeven

21 447, 500Gross Profit 436,000Total Cost of Sales 70,000Maple Cookies 200,000Gift basket 32,000Maple Lolipop 27,000Tire Sur La Neige 27,000Maple Candy 35,000Syrup cans 45,000Syrup bottles Cost of Sales 883,500Total Revenue (Sales) 125,000Maple Cookies 414,000Gift Baskets 64,000Maple Lollipops 58,900Tire Sur la Neige 54,000Maple Candy 70,000Syrup Cans 97,600Syrup Bottles Revenue (Sales)

22 286000 Net Profit 233500 Total expense 2,000 Taxes (real estate, etc.) 5,000 Insurance 2,500 Utilities 1,000 Telephone 50,000 Loan 0 Accounting and legal 5,000 Car, delivery and travel 1,000 Advertising 2,000 Repairs and maintenance 10,000 Supplies (office and operating) 75,000 Outside services 80,000 Salary expenses Expenses To breakeven we need to make $669,500 for our first year

23 Five Year Projected Sales LoanProfit: (store 1)Profit: (Store 2)Profit: (store 3)Profit: (store 4)Total profit per year: Year 1$50,000 286,000 N/A $286,000 year 2 $100,000$400,000 N/A $400,000 year 3$180,000550,000$125,000 N/A $675,000 year 4$200,000650,000$250,000$150,000 N/A$1,050,000 Year 5175,000700,000$340,000200,000175,000$1,415,000 Total Profit after 5 Years: 3,826,000

24 Profits

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