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Careers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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1 Careers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
TOURISM PROFESSIONALS: A breakthrough in the careers and trends of the hospitality and tourism industry Careers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Ronaldo “Ronnie” Tiotuico Regional Director Department of Tourism – Region III Website: Facebook:

2 Objective: Understand the noodle principle Tourism Industry : To learn its meaning and how it is important The components of the tourism industry Hospitality Industry : To learn its meaning and how it is important Career : To understand its meaning What are the jobs available to the Tourism Professionals?

3 A Bowl of Noodles

4 A Bowl of Noodles

5 Tourism – Myths and Realities
The majority of tourism in the world is international Tourism in the world is predominantly domestic (people traveling their own country). Domestic tourism accounts for about 80% of tourist trips. Most tourism journeys in the world are by air as tourists jet-set from country to country The majority of trips are surface transport (mainly by car) Tourism is only about leisure holidays. Tourism includes all types of purpose of visit, including business, conference and education. Employment in tourism means substantial travel and the chance to learn language. Most employment in tourism is in the hospitality sector and involve little travel. Large multinational companies such as hotels chains and airlines dominate tourism. The vast majority of tourism enterprises in every destination are SMEs Tourism is a straightforward sector demanding little research or planning Tourism is a complex multi-sectoral industry demanding high-level planning underpinned by research to succeed.

6 Industry Components

7 Tourism, Hospitality and Events
Sectors in the Tourism, Hospitality and Events industry. Travel Agencies Sport & Recreation Tour operator services Entertainment Tourism, Hospitality and Events Transportation & Transfer Accommodation Restaurants Attraction Take away food services Cafes Events Source: Service Skills Australia, Tourism, Hospitality and Events Skills Council: Environmental Scan 2011/edited by Jacqueline Jewel Bernardo

8 Tourism Industry

9 Definition by UNWTO ( United Nations World Tourism Organization)
Tourism defined as “ the activities of persons traveling to and staying in place outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purpose”

10 Hospitality Industry

11 Hospitality Industry The industry segment pertaining to guest and entertainment, such as hotels, restaurant, attractions The hospitality industry is not only about providing foods or accommodation.

12 Career : Meaning

13 CAREER: ( Merriam Webster Dictionary)
a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life<Washington's career as a soldier> a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling <a career in medicine> <a careerdiplomat>

14 Industry : Upclose

15 Advantages • Abundance of jobs • Meeting people • Pleasant workplace • Travel a lot

16 • Hours of work • Relocation • Stress
Challenges • Hours of work • Relocation • Stress

17 Jobs/Opportunities


19 Career Options • Banquet Setup Server • Chef/Cook Assistant
• Fast Food Assistant Manager • Food Preparation Worker • Host • Pastry Cook • Prep Cook • Restaurant Server • Short-order Cook – Chef-Head Cook – Food and Beverage Manager Baker/Pastry Chef • Fast Food Manager • Food and Beverage Manager • Food Service Specialist • Maitre’d • Restaurant Assistant Manager • Sous Chef • Specialty Cook

20 Career Options Caterer • Catering and Banquet Director
• Culinary Arts Instructor • Executive Chef • Food and Beverage Director • Food and Beverage Manager • Independent Chef/Owner • Kitchen Manager • Restaurant/Food Service Owner • Restaurant Manager Catering/Banquet Manager • Corporate Executive Chef • Food and Beverage Administration • Food and Beverage Controller • Food and Beverage Director • Operations Administrator • Vice-President Operations

21 Cruise Ship Restaurants Hotels Resorts International Domestic
Where ? International Domestic

22 00, to 000,000.00 PHP Salary ? $


24 Career Options: Activities Assistant • Athletic Trainer Assistant
• Fitness Worker • Gift Shop Salesperson • Guest Services Worker • Health Club Attendant • Intramural Referee • Lifeguard • Office Aide/Receptionist • Recreation Attendant • Recreation Worker • Special Events Assistant • Sports Complex Attendant • Tour Guide

25 Activity Specialist Aerobic Instructor Club Assistant Manger Event Planner/Assistant Director Facility/Maintenance Supervisor Fitness Trainer Recreation Leader Referee/Sports Official Supervisor/Manager Trainee

26 Athletic Trainer Competitive Sports Athlete Museum Guide Museum Technician Manager
Recreation Supervisor Recreation/Amusements Activity Director Sportscaster

27 • General Manager • Parks and Gardens Director • Post-Secondary Fitness Teacher • Professional Sports Scout Chief Operating Officer • Competitive Sports Coach • Corporate Special Events Director • Curator- Museum/Cultural • Director of Athletics

28 Amusement and Recreation Attendants Animal Trainers Athletes and Sports Competitors Farm and Home Management Advisors Gaming Cage Workers Gaming Dealers Motion Picture Projectionists Recreation Workers Set and Exhibit Designers

29 Casino Cruise Ship Museums Theme Parks Resorts Spa Domestic
Where ? International

30 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

31 Airline Industry

32 Exciting and attractive to the adventurous, whether in the air or on the ground servicing the carriers between flights. Salary levels are relatively high in the airlines.

33 Flight attendant Stewardess, Hostess or steward Young female or male Unmarried/(married ) Attractive Average tall in height Weight should be proportional to his or her height Excellent English language skills

34 Duties and Responsibilities
Performs several services conducive to the safety and comfort of airline passengers during flight, greets passengers, verifies tickets, records, destinations and assigns seats, explains use of safety belts, oxygen masks, and life jackets, and serves previously prepared meals and beverages.

35 Availability of free or reduced travel rate
Benefit Availability of free or reduced travel rate

36 Ticket Agents, Reservation Agents, Clerks

37 Reservation Agents and Clerks
The link between telephone inquiries and the computer terminal. Agents answers questions on flight schedules and seat availability and make reservations Their work brings them in telephone contact with the general public, travel agents, as well as their own company’s ticket agents.

38 Ticket Agents Work at airport tickets counters and in the central city ticket offices Their duties includes answering questions about fares and schedules, handling out time tables and literatures, checking with the reservation agent on seat availability, and selling tickets. They check baggage, add excess weight charges if necessary, and issue boarding passess. Direct contact with the public

39 Airline Food Service

40 This is a behind-the-scene position but an essential one in the airline industry. They provide quality meals to attract potential travelers Airline have its own food service division or arrange for a private catering service to prepare in-flight meals. The prerequisite for a position in an airline food service is educational training in food service or practical experience in the hotel or restaurant field.

41 Flight Dispatcher

42 The flight dispatcher gives permission for aircraft of specific airlines to take off. Evaluates all factors of the flight including the airplane’s status, the crew, weather information, and other details. They keep the crew informed of any delays at the airport caused by weather or crowded airspace conditions.

43 Operations, Station Ramp Agents

44 They supervision and loading of baggage and cargo Cargo weight must be evenly distributed by these agents with the corresponding list of members and passengers recorded. They coordinate the transfer baggage for connecting flights while taking on new luggage at stop-over airports Responsible for announcing arrivals and departures

45 Sales Manager District Sales Manager

46 Oversee ticket and reservations offices Supervise sales representatives Promote traffic on their airlines Maintain contact with local travel agents and tour operators to keep them informed on the latest airline promotions. Sales manager maintain a profit for the airline on the basis of volume in these cases.

47 Flight Reservation Manager

48 Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, flight reservation activities for certified commercial or transport companies, Reviews flight reservation reports Conducts comparative studies with other airline reservations To develop method and procedures designed to improve operating efficiency Increase reservation for company flights

49 Interprets and implements, through supervisory personnel, company policies and procedures regarding customer relations and contact with the public. Analyzes economic statistics as applied to air transportation and other factors such as weather conditions, special fare rates, and package deals to estimate volume of flight reservations Directs investigation of customer complaints regarding reservation service Prepares correspondence designated to improve customer relations

50 Airline Lounge Receptionist

51 Duties and Responsibilities
Admits members and guest to the airline lounge Serves beverages and snacks Opens the doors to the lounge in response to the sound buzzer Verifies membership cards and guests Answers questions regarding scheduled flights and terminal facilities Verifies passenger reservation

52 Flight Attendant Supervisor

53 Supervises and coordinates activities of flight attendants Assigns duties and areas of work to flight attendant Observes activities of employees to evaluate work performance and maintain s personal records Explains and demonstrates methods and procedures for performing tasks Prepares evaluation for conformity to company standards.

54 Ramp Flight Attendant

55 Checks flight attendant’s conformity to personal appearance standards and performance of preflight duties during the boarding stage of scheduled airline flights and complies reports of findings Inspect appearance and grooming of personnel for conformity to company standards Consolidates trip reports and daily checklist of information regarding work performed, emergency equipment , safety procedures and appearance standards for use by supervisor Prepares flight register Schedules to indicate assignments Notifies personnel of changes in schedules

56 Crew Scheduler

57 Compiles duty roster of flight crews and maintains records of crew members’ flying time
Schedules Airline flights Prepares flight register which crew members sign to indicate their preference and availability for flights and time they wish to be called before each flight Type names of crew members in the flight schedule in the order of seniority to indicate flights to which crew members are assigned Posts names of extra crew members in the order of seniority on reserve list.

58 Select replacement when needed Computes & logs cumulative flying time for crew members and removes crew members names from flight schedules when their flying time limit has been reached May notify crew members of assignments using the telephone

59 Flight Crew- Time Clerk

60 Complies flight time records of flight officers for the payroll and crew scheduling departments to ensure accuracy of payroll and legality of flights Post data such as time in flight, type of aircraft, mileage flown, weight of aircraft, flight time records using posting machines Reviews unions agreements to ascertain payroll actors such as meal expensive allowance, billeting allotment, and rates of pay. Computes pay; compares figures with flight officer’s log to detect and reconcile discrepancies Notifies crew schedulers of total accumulated flight time of each officer; and submits pay records to payroll section.

61 Gate Agent

62 Assist passengers and checks flight tickets at the entrance gates or stations when boarding or disembarking airplanes of commercial airlines. Examines passengers tickets to ensures that passengers have the correct flights or seats or direct passengers to correct boarding areas, using passenger manifests, seating charts, and flight schedules. Verifies names on passengers manifests or separate portions of passenger’s ticket and stamps or marks ticket or issues boarding passes, to authorize passengers to board the airplane Assists elderly, disabled, or young passengers to board or depart from airplanes such as moving passengers in wheelchairs.

63 Gate Services Supervisor

64 Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in admitting departing passengers to the aircraft Assisting passengers to disembark at terminal exits of commercial airlines Review flight schedules and passengers manifests Observes workers to ensure that services to passengers are performed courteously and correctly .

65 Ground Hosts/Hostess

66 Renders personal services to passengers in airline terminals to facilitate movement of passengers through terminals and create goodwill. Greets and welcomes passengers to the terminals and answers questions and advises passengers concerning flights terminals. Answers questions and advises passengers concerning flight schedules and accommodations such as arrivals or departure time, location of concourse and gates selection of seats on aircraft. Assembles and forwards luggage to departing flights. Guides and escorts foreign speaking passengers to designated gates for boarding of aircraft.

67 Passenger Service Representative

68 Renders a variety of personals services to airlines passengers requiring other than normal services such as taking care of company officials, distinguished persons, foreign speaking passengers , invalids, unaccompanied minor/children; Greets and escorts distinguished persons to lounges or waiting areas; transports special passengers between lobby and boarding passes, using electric carts Gives aids to sick or injured passengers and obtains medical assistance Assists elderly persons and unaccompanied minor in claiming personal belongings and baggage Prepares baby food for mother with infants

69 Reservation Agents

70 Makes and confirms reservations and routing on schedules airline flights Arranges reservations and routing for passengers at the request of ticket agents or customers using timetables, airline manuals, reference guides , and tariff books; Types requested flight number on keyboard of on-line computer reservation systems and scans screens to determine space availability Telephones customers or ticket agents to advise changes in flight plans or to cancel or confirm reservations.

71 Senior Reservation Agents

72 Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in reserving seat space for passengers on schedules airline flights; Assigns workers to tasks in accordance with disabilities and personnel requirements Observes work procedures, monitors telephone calls, and reviews completed work to ensure adherence to quality and efficiency standards and to rules and regulations. Writes revisions to procedures guides and memoranda describing changes in reservations methods.

73 Records teletypewriter messages and telephone passenger service personnel to obtain information regarding flight cancellations and schedules changes to determine disposition of passengers holding reservation on cancelled or rescheduled flights.

74 Ticketing Clerk

75 Compiles and records information to assemble airline ticket transmittal or mailing to passengers Reads coded data on booking card to ascertain destination, carrier, flight number, type accommodation, and stop-overs enroute; Selects ticket blank ;invoice; Customer account card; compiles, computes and records identification and fare data using tariff manuals, rates tables, flight schedules, and pen and ticket imprinter; Seperates and files copies of completed tickets; clips completed tickets and invoices to booking cards and routes to other workers for teletype transmittal or mails tickets to customers

76 Aircraft Log Clerk

77 Keep records of usage and time intervals between inspection and maintenance of designated airplane parts; Complies data from flight schedules Computes and posts amount if time airplanes and individual parts are in use daily using calculating machines; Maintain cards files for individual parts with notations of time used and facts taken from inspection records; Notifies inspection including accumulated time and routing schedules Prepares reports on schedule delays caused by mechanical difficulties to be filed with the Federal Aviation Administration ( US ) and Civil Aeronotics Board ( PHL)

78 Airport Attendant

79 Periodically inspects buildings and hangars to detect fir hazards and violations of airport regulations Examines fire-fighting equipment to detect malfunctions and fills depleted fire extinguishers Performs minor repairs on fire trucks and tractors Patrols airfield to ensure security of aircraft and facilities Records airport data such as the number of planes stored in hangars Plane landings and departures, and number of passengers carried on planes.

80 Flight Information Expediter

81 Determines flight times of airplanes and transmits information to flight operations and Air Traffic Command Centers; Evaluates Data, such as weather conditions, flight plans, ramp delays and enroute stop- overs to determine arrival and departure times for each flight using aids such as weather charts, slide rule and computers; transmit identity and type of airplane , flight locations, time of arrival and departure. Names of crew members to Air traffic Command to obtain clearance for flight over restricted areas

82 Notifies relevant departments of airlines of pending arrival of inbound flights to ensure that personnel are available to load or unload fuel, baggage , and cargo .

83 Airport Manager

84 Plans, directs, and coordinates, through subordinate personnel, activities concerned with construction and maintenance of airport facilities and operation of airport in accordance with governmental agency or commission policies and regulations Consults with commission members, government officials or representatives of airlines to discuss and plan such matters as design and development of airport facilities, formulation of operating rules, regulations and procedures of aircraft landing, taxing and take-off patterns for various type of aircraft landing.

85 Negotiates with representatives of airlines, utility companies , or individuals for acquisition of property for development of airport, lease of airport building facilities, or use of rights-of-way over private property; Inspects airport facilities such as runways, buildings, beacons and lighting, automotive or construction equipment Formulates procedures to be used in case of aircraft accidents, fire and other emergencies

86 Coordinates activities of personnel involved in the repair and maintenance of airport facilities, building and equipment to minimize interruption of airport operations; Directs personnel in investigating violations of aerial or ground traffic regulations, reviews investigation reports, and initiates actionts to be taken against violators.

87 Station Manager

88 Directs & coordinates airline station activities at transpot stations located at airports to provide services for scheduled flight operations; Reviews station activity reports to ascertain data required for planning station operations; Directs preparation of work schedules to obtain maximum utilization of manpower and facilities; Coordinates activities for passenger reservations and ticketing; Passenger services ; and dispatching aircraft to ensure operations to meet company and government policies and regulations; Directs preparations of passenger list, cargo manifest; and plans for storage of cargo and baggage aboard aircraft.

89 Chief Airport Guide

90 Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in conducting guided tours at airport Arranges tour according to interests of group such as school children, foreign visitors, and civic or private organizations; Schedules tours tours to avoid interruption of airport operations and minimize congestion Assigns workers to guide tours.

91 Domestic International
Where ?

92 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

93 Travel Intermediary Sector
TRAVEL AND TOURISM Travel Intermediary Sector

94 Career Options Agency Manger Travel Agent Travel/Tour Guide Customer Service Agent Office Aide (Travel and Tourism) Receptionist (Travel and Tourism) Reservation Clerk Tour Guide

95 Chief Executive • Corporate Director of Sales • Corporate Travel Executive • Director of Tourism Development • Tour Guides and Escorts • Transportation Attendants • Travel Agents • Travel Guides Interpreters and Travelers • Managers • Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners • Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agents and Travel Clerks

96 Convention Services Manager • Sales Manager • Tourism Marketing Specialist • Travel Agency Owner

97 Travel Agent

98 Travel agencies

99 They are legally appointed agent representing the principal in a certain geographic area. They act as a broker, brings the buyer and seller together for the other supplliers such as , car rentals, ground operators, and tour companies. There are several jobs that exist in the travel agencies.

100 Plans itineraries and arranges accomodations and other travel services for customers of travel agency; Converses with customer to determine destination, mode of transportation, travel dates, financial considerations, and accomodations required; Plans and describes and sells itinerary package tour;

101 Gives customers brochures and publication concerning travel and containing information regarding local customs, points of interest, and special events occuring in various locations of foreign country regulations such as consular requirements, rates of monetary exchange, currency limitations; computes cost of travel and accomodation or quotes cost of package tours, books customer on transportation carrier and makes hotel reservations.

102 Travel-Information Center Supervisor

103 Supervises and coordinates activites of workers engaged in greeting and welcoming motorist at state highway information centers; Provides information such as directions, road conditions, and vehicular travel regulations; Provides maps, brochures, and pamphlets to assist motorist in locating points of interest or in reaching destinations.


105 The wholesale agent of the travel industry Design tours and travel packages on large scale, marketing these packages to the retail travel agent and the major airline carriers. They enjoy travel benefits similar to travel agents, free or reduced air travel, and trips to potential promotable destinations are frequenty available.

106 Tourist Information Assistant

107 Provides information and other services to tourist at an information center; assist tourist planning itineraries and advises them of traffic regulations; Giver information on resorts, historical sights, scenic areas, and other tourist attractions.

108 Domestic International
Where ? International

109 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

110 Tourist Guide

111 Escorts visitors around the city or town ; Describes and gives commentaries of point of interest along the route of tour using public address system or megaphone, collect fees and tickets Plan refreshments and rest stops May be required to speak a foreign language when communicating with the foreign visitors.

112 Domestic International
Where ? International

113 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP


115 Career options Bell Attendant • Concierge Trainee
• Front Desk Assistant • Guest Room Attendant • Laundry Attendant • PBX Operator • Public Space Cleaner • Reservations Assistant • Rooms Division Assistant Concierge • Front Desk Clerk • Manager Trainee • Rooms Division Specialist Assistant Executive Housekeeper • Front Office Assistant Manager • Hotel Assistant Manger

116 Career Options ( continued)
Convention Services Manager • Executive Housekeeper • Front Office Manager • Lodging Manager Corporate Service Trainer Executive Director Recreations Manager Training and Development Specialist Vice-President Operations

117 Career Options ( continued)
Baggage Porters and Bellhops Concierges First-line Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers Food Service Managers Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks Lodging Managers Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners Residential Advisors

118 Career Options ( continued)
Bakers • Baristas • Chefs and Head Cooks • Cooks, Restaurant • Cooks, Short Order • Counter Attendants, Cafeteria, Food Concession, and Coffee Shop Food Preparation Workers Hosts and Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge and Coffee Shop Waiters and Waitresses

119 Hotels and Motels

120 Manager , HOTEL OR MOTEL

121 Manages a hotel or motel to ensure efficient and profitable operations ; Establishes standards for personnel administration and performance, service to patrons, room rates, advertising publicity, credit, food selection and service type of patronage to be solicited; Plans dining room, bar and banquet operations ; allocates funds , authorizes expenditures and assists in planning budgets for departments; hires personnel; Delegates authority and assigns responsibilities to department heads.

122 Lodging Facilities Manager

123 He manages and maintain temporary of permanently lodging facilities such as small apartment housesl small hotels, trailer parks, and boat marinas; Purchases supplies and arranges for outside services such as fuel delivery; laundry, maintanance and repair, and trash collection ; cleans public areas such as entrances, halls, and laundry rooms, makes minor electrical, plumbing, and structural repairs.

124 Hotel Clerk

125 Performs a combination of duties for guests of hotels, motels, motor lodges, or condominium hotels; registers and assigns rooms to guests; issues rooms keys; transmits and receives messages; answers inquiries pertaining to hotel services, registration of guests, shopping, dining; Keeps records of room availability and guest’s account; computes bills, collects payments.

126 Sales Representative

127 Representatives of government, business , and social groups to solicit business for hotels, motels, or resort; selects prospective customers by receiving information concerning functions such as sales meeting, conventions, training classes or routine travel by organization members Calls prospect, outlines type of services offered, and quotes prices Verifies reservatios by letter or drawn up contracts.

128 Hotel Domestic mOTEL International PENSIONS HOUSE ETC..
Where ? International PENSIONS HOUSE ETC..

129 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

130 Cruise Lines

131 Cruiseline Director

132 He is responsible for all daily activities , planning, entertainment, and port of call information for passengers. This requires a strong background in the entertainment field, and exceptional ability to work well with people, and the ability to handle administrative details.

133 Documentation Supervisor

134 Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparing shipping documents and related reports, and in classifying and rating cargo according to established tariff rates; Reviews ships schedule and booking records to plan and schedule work activities Assigns rating activities to workers and reviews ratings.

135 Chief Steward/Stewardess

136 Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel in the steward’s department aboard a passenger vessel; Supervises workers engaged in housekeeping and meal serving Arranges space for shipboard recreation activities; Inspects passenger areas for cleanliness; and observes services rendered by steward personnel for conformity to company standards.

137 Social Director

138 Helps organizes recreation; activities and creates a friendly atmosphere for guests in hotels or resorts or for passengers on board ships, greets new arrivals introduces them to the other guests , acquiants them with recreation facilities; Encourages tourist tojoin in group activities

139 Booking Supervisor

140 He supervised and coordinates activites of workers engaged in booking shipments of cargo on ships and keeping booking control records to ensure maximum utilization of cargo spaces; Reviews records of booking, studies plans of cargo spaces to determine type of tonnage that can be booked on each ship to obtain maximum revenue, and utilize available cargo space; Assigns booking duties to workers .

141 Domestic International
Where ? International

142 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

143 Motorcoaches

144 Bus Dispatcher

145 Dispatches long distance buses according to schedule and oversees bus drivers and bus attendants while they are at the terminal; Issue orders for station departute of buses at specified hours or according to schedule; Arranges for extra buses and drivers in case of accidents or heavy traffic; Announces incoming and outgoing buses over public address systems in the bus terminal.

146 Bus Attendant

147 Renders a variety of personal services to bus passengers to make their trip pleasant; Welcomes passengers boarding the bus; Adjust seating arrangements to accomodate passengers when requested; Answers questions about bus schedules, travel routes, and bus services Points out places of interest; Distributes newspaper, magazines, pillows, & blankets.

148 Dispatcher Clerk

149 Schedules works for bus crew or individual workers and keeps time records; Enter names of workers in assignment shet for each trip on the basis of seniority; Notifies workers of assignment, Establishees availability, assignes replacements crew when needed.

150 Car Rental Companies

151 Sales Rental Agent

152 Greets customers and helps them find suitable cars for their needs; They are trained in computerized reservation and billing procedures as well as communication skills such as proper telephone manners and customer relations.

153 Reservation Agent

154 Works directly over the phone with requests from airline reservation clerks, travel agents, and the general public. They check availability of cars in the city requested and take all pertinents information including a credit card number to secure reservation.

155 Car Rental Sales Representative

156 Promotes car rental services to the business traveler segment
Promotes car rental services to the business traveler segment. Deal and with the travel agents and airlines with the goal increasing sales through the establishment of corporate package deals on a large volume basis.

157 Automobile Rental Clerk

158 Rents automobile for customers at airports, hotels, marinas, and other locations; Talks to customers to determine type of automible desired and accessories such as power-steering, airconditioning, location where the car is to be picked up and returned, number of days required; Examines customer’s driver’s license and determines amount of deposit required ; Quotes cost of rental based on per-day and per-mile rates;

159 Automobile Companies

160 Marketing Professionals

161 Domestic International
Where ? International

162 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

163 Academe/Education

164 Teacher/Faculty/Professor/Dean/ Trainor

165 Domestic International
Where ? International

166 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

167 BPO/Call Center

168 Domestic International
Where ? International

169 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

170 Media/ Travel/Travel Publication

171 Domestic International
Where ? International

172 Salary ? 00, to 000,000.00 $ PHP

173 Customer Oriented Industry
Better service Satisfied Customer Oriented Industry Thank You!

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