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Doc.: IEEE 802. 15-09-0723-02-wng0 Submission Slide1 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Project: IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks.

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Presentation on theme: "Doc.: IEEE 802. 15-09-0723-02-wng0 Submission Slide1 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Project: IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks."— Presentation transcript:

1 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide1 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Project: IEEE P Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) Submission Title: [Paradigm Shift to Personal Environment Service: What are the requirements? Which solution is suitable?] Date Submitted: [17 November 2009] Source: [S.M. Ryu, D.Y.Kim, J.G.Han] Company [Casuh Corp., Chungnam University, & PicoCast Forum] Address [#813 Leaders B/D, 342-1, Bundang, Seongnam, Kyeonggi, , Korea] Voice: [ ], FAX: [ ] & Re: [In response to WNG call for presentations.] Abstract:[In the future, most of users want to maintain their environment mobility within a moving personal space. So, Personal Environment Service(PES) based on WPAN technology would be leading & killer application of Ubiquitous services in the future. We can figure out 5G mobile communication is only the connections of the PES spaces. ] Purpose:[Information for asking international cooperation] Notice:This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. Release:The contributor acknowledges and accepts that this contribution becomes the property of IEEE and may be made publicly available by P

2 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide2 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han November 2009 S. M. Ryu CASUH Corp. D. Y. Kim Chungnam University J. G. Han PicoCast Forum Paradigm Shift to Personal Environment Service What are the requirements? Which solution is suitable?

3 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide3 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Content PES Solution & Structure Conclusions II. I. III. IV. Paradigm Shift to PES PES Requirements

4 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide4 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Lazybones want quick & convenient service PicoCast Personal Environment Service PlatformSoftwareInternet Business Solution OS Data Center ? Ubiquitous StandardExclusiveOpen, Share User Convenience U ser I nterface S ervice Paradigm Shift – Invisible World User-Oriented Mobile Space Personal Environment Service

5 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide5 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han How to increase mobile channel capacity ? MacroMicroPicoFemto Capacity ,000 Low Power Personal Space Mobility Tx Power 11/1,0001/1,000,000 3Km Macro. 300m Micro 30m Pico Femto 3m Ubiquitous World Personal Mobile Space (WPAN) Find new frequencies not developed yet ?; no more available Find new signal processing techniques ?; only few times increasable The only way to achieve few thousand times capacity ; reduce cell size Paradigm Shift – Personal Mobile Space : WPAN

6 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide6 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han User terminals should meet provider I/F specs. Mobile Phone WiMAX IPTV RFID USN DMB Mobile VoIP WSD LTE Space User WiMAX IPTV RFID USN Mobile Phone DMB Mobile VoIP LTE WSD Providers should translate their services to user I/F spec. within user mobile space. Provider-Oriented User-Oriented Paradigm Shift – User-Oriented Terminal

7 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide7 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Wired Broad- casting Mobile Wired Mobile Broad- casting Int er net WLAN Femto IPTV Home Appliance Mobile VoIP User Space WSD Paradigm Shift – Personal Environment Service Mobile Wired Broad- casting PES Internet Mobile Wired Broad- casting Internet Femto IPTV Mobile VoIP User oriented Ubiquitous PES WLAN

8 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide8 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han HSDPA WiMAX LTE PES = User Interface Select among services broadcast by providers Mobile service Wired Service PC IPTV Home Appliances User Oriented Terminal Femto-cell Paradigm Shift – Personal Broadcasting (PicoCast) Service Option selected by user

9 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide9 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han e f S g h A a PicoZone TPMS PicoCastPicoCast B b c PicoZone d C PES PES (IEEE WNG) Control signal Information user DB Security Personal Environment Service – Service Zone (PicoZone)

10 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide10 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Tour Site Gift Shop Restaurant Street Light Bus Stop Multi-lingual Tour Guide ; Gift Shop Ad. Gift Interpretation, Elec. Pay, Restaurant Ad. Menu Announce, Metering Low-Tier Mobile, local Search, etc Route Guide, Ticket, Location High-tier Mobile Personal Environment Service – Service Zone Spread

11 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide11 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Top level Sync Master 1 st Level (GPS ?) Base Station 2 nd Level (Base Station) 4 th Level (Device, Sensor ) PES Master Higher ID Fixed AP 3 rd Level (AP) Fixed AP Mobile AP Mobile AP Fixed AP White Space Personal Environment Service –– Hierarchical Sync Structure 4W EIRP for fixed Devices 100mW EIRP for portable Devices

12 sg-whitespace-09/0048r5 Submission Fixed Devices –1W Tx power / 4W EIRP (max) –VHF + UHF TV channels 2, 5-36, nationwide (282 MHz) –If on adjacent channel - power limit is 40mW –Must sense signals to -114 dBm Personal / Portable Devices –100mW EIRP –UHF TV channels 21-36, nationwide (180 MHz) –Must sense signals to -114 dBm –50mW EIRP if device uses spectrum sensing only Strict Out-of-Band Emissions –In the adjacent channel must be 55dB below the highest average power in the channel in which the device is operating –More stringent at edges of channels 36 and 38 Devices must include adaptive power control Fixed devices shall transmit identifying information –Device ID and co-ordinates Key RF Parameters March 2009 Stephen G. Rayment (BelAir Networks) et al Slide10

13 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide13 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Home Network Personal Mobile Space Telematics Cell Phone WiMAX Cable PBX HSDPA LTE etc. Select Existing Infra Wired, 2G, 3G, 4G PES Space Networking Personal Environment Service – Infra Structure of 5G PES Space PES PES Service IEEE WNG Ubiquitous User Interface PES Service

14 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide14 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han UWB ? Bluetooth Data Transmit Rate Power Consumption WLAN Audio Mobile Video VideoVoiceSensor RFID Ultra Low Power Bluetooth Mobile Phone Power Consumption ZigBee PES needs a single solution for multiple Services PES few μA power consumption & high speed multimedia Higher synchronization performance is required ; 128bits preamble PES Requirements – low power & high speed WPAN PES : Personal Environment Service Container Concept Based Sensor & Multimedia Protocol

15 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide15 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han False Alarm & False Dismissal Probability of 128bit preamble 64bit is not enough but 128 bit is high enough ; so we suggest multi Preamble N=64 N=128

16 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide16 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Vessel (256msec) #0# 1#2#3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 12# 13# 14# 15 Control Box Payload Box #1Payload Box #nPayload Box #2 Container (16msec) EOB Lock (AA) 128bit Preamble 40bit TagA Payload Box Data Encryption PHY dependent constant parameter PES Solution – container concept structure example

17 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide17 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Lock time MessageEOF Fixed Header VariableMultiple Lock timeMessage 64bits Preamble EOF Header Conventional Frame Structure Suggested Frame Structure Sync Aide & Command Multiple Preamble contains short message 128bits Preamble PES Solution – 128 bits multiple preambles

18 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide18 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han 2-D 3-D GC1 GC2 GC4 GC8 GC26 Self Organizing MAC is inevitable Container Concept is Required to avoid mutual interference in dense environment GC1 GC2 GC3 GC8 PES Requirements – 3D Frequency Planning increasing Mutual Interferenc e

19 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide19 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han R R T T T R T R R T T R R R T Container R R R R T T T T R R T T R R R T T R R T T T TR R M S1S1 S2S2 S3S3 S5S5 S6S6 PES Requirements – Container Structured Protocol

20 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide20 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Master / Slave M S Sync Data M S S S S Star Multicast MS S S SS S S Direct Multi Channel M S S SS SS S M S S S S Convergence of Broadcasting & Communication M S S SS S S Broadcast Relay with Single Master MS S S S M S S S M S S S Sync Relay M S S S PES Solution - protocol convergence; Existing solutions cannot support Possible by Existing Solutions

21 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide21 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han TypesWiFiDECT ZigBee (RF4CE) Bluetooth (Wibree) PES (PicoCast) Speed (bps) 54M96K250K1M (3M)1M (10M) Broadcasting (Local Ad.) XO Hands Free X XOO Mobile VoIP OOXXO 2-way Remote XX O Conference XXXO Microphone XXXXO Stereo Ear-set XXXOO TV, Game Headset XXXXO Mobile Video OXX O 5.1ch Speaker OXXXO Sensor XXO O Container XXXXO PES Solution – Comparison of Wireless Solutions

22 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide22 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han PES Requirements – Wireless Body Area Network requirements IEEE Wireless Body Area Network Requirements ~7dB Non- Medical Medical WBAN requirement would be a subset of PES requirements Low Power Sensor / High Speed Multimedia dual support Single MAC for Multi PHY to cover wide Applications

23 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide23 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han PHY Type : 2.4G RF, UWB, White Space, MICS, & etc. PHY Interface : TDMA with Synchronized Container Concept Special Features : Synchronized Interference Rejection Scalable data rate depend on PHY PES MAC (Baseband) PHY #1 (RF #1) PHY #2 (RF #2) PHY #N (RF #N) Basic Speed ~Mbps Basic Container < 20msec PES Solution – Single MAC for Multi-PHY

24 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide24 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han PES Terminal Network Voice Multimedia (Mobile Video) Data (Sensor, Control) Low Speed < Audio Speed C High Speed >Audio Speed D Access Point E Cordless Phone F Home Theater G H PES Terminal PES Terminal TPMSTPMS A B HSDPA, WiMAX, LTE, etc Module Low-tier PES Terminal Dual Mode Terminal App Store Remote Service Toll Charge PES Terminal – Low-tier based terminal ABCDEFGH Voice Multimedia Data

25 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide25 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Local 2-way Advertisement PicoCast PicoZone Communication Service Provider PES Killer Application : 2-way Graphic Remote controller Graphic Remocon = Internet DMB = Mobile IPTV = Mobile VoIP = Local Broadcasting = Mobile Search Searching Service Provider Broadcasting Service Provider

26 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide26 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Additional Considerations for PES MAC 30m Pico Femto 3m Open PHY Interface Power Control Hybrid Diversity Smooth Sliding Sync Role Exchange QoS Check Sounding Emergency Flooding Roaming / Hand-over Sensor Mesh Relay Through Body 3m = Forward Body 30m

27 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide27 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Conclusions PES Protocol can be used for 5G mobile communication, too. PES personal space & mobile femto-cell have almost the same structure. In the future, the cell size of 5G will become pico-cell because of capacity. 5G network merely a connection of user oriented mobile spaces (PES). White space devise requirements would be satisfied with PES protocol. What is the PES ? Facilities surrounding users can be automatically configured to user preference. The user interface environment within user space follows when a person moves. It provides broadcast, multicast, communication & sensor convergence service. User terminal can select a service among services broadcast by providers. It could be leading & killer application of Ubiquitous services. What kind of WPAN solution is suitable for PES ? Dual support for both low power sensor and high speed multimedia. Container concept to reject mutual interference and converge various services. Abundant channel capacity based on avoidance of mutual interference. Hierarchical sync & frame structure for scalable & self organizing system. What are the PES Requirements ? Service convergence with single solution; Especially broadcasting is necessary. 3-D frequency planning to avoid mutual interference in dense environment. Soft handover between AP only by protocol without additional device. WBAN requirements( ) would be a subset of PES requirements.

28 doc.: IEEE wng0 Submission Slide28 S.M.Ryu, D.Y.Kim, & J.G.Han Thank You !!! Q & A Seung Moon Ryu Vice President, PicoCast Forum ( CEO, Casuh Corp. (

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