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2 First Steps in Starting a Business

3 www.lakeof Start-up Basics

4 www.lakeof Successful and experienced executives and business owners acting as volunteers Seminars and workshops Free Mentoring –One-on-one –E-mail Resources for small business About SCORE

5 www.lakeof Counseling Locations Two Locations: Camdenton Chamber of Commerce Lebanon Chamber of Commerce Mentoring can be done in person, by telephone and/or by email. We can also meet at your location or another alternative location.

6 www.lakeof Myths Business Opportunities Assessing Your Journey Organization, Insurance, Regulations Funding and Cash Management Business and Marketing Plans Next Steps Agenda

7 www.lakeof Briefly tell us a bit about you: Your name Your Business idea(s) What you want to learn today Nice to Meet You!

8 www.lakeof Start-up Myths

9 www.lakeof Myth: All I need is a good idea to be a successful entrepreneur. Reality: A good idea is a great start, but it takes hard work, research, and planning plus successful implementation strategies to turn your idea into a profitable enterprise. Myth #1

10 www.lakeof Myth: If you go out on your own, you wont have to work so hard or such long hours. Reality: Youll probably work harder and longer than youve ever worked before, but youll enjoy it more. Exhaustion fades at the moment you proudly say, I did this! Myth #2

11 www.lakeof Myth #3 Myth: Youll be able to deduct everything so you dont have to pay taxes. Reality: Taxes are based on net income, which can be lowered by subtracting expenses related to the business from gross income. Strict regulations apply, so keep good records and learn how to make the tax system work for you.

12 www.lakeof Myth #4 Myth: If you work independently, you wont have to report to a boss. Reality: You dont have a single boss, you have many. These are your clients and customers, each of whom have specific needs and demands. Your challenge is to keep all of them happy.

13 www.lakeof Myth #5 Myth: Business owners get to do the work they want to do and only what they find interesting. Reality: Think again. You will have to wear many hats and juggle many skills, some of which may bore you or be downright challenging.

14 www.lakeof Myth #6 Myth: If you choose to be self- employed, youll be limited in what you can achieve, since youll be working alone. Reality: The limitations are created mostly by the space between your ears. Be realistic, but dont trap yourself with self-imposed limitations. You can make a difference.

15 www.lakeof Reality: Business Success Percent of New Businesses after Four Years (Source: SBA)

16 www.lakeof Good choice of time and location Adequate capital Ability to manage and multi-task Education/experience in field Strong work ethic Effective time management Willingness to ask for input from others Critical Success Factors

17 www.lakeof Business Opportunities

18 www.lakeof Not hampered by previous image or technologies Can choose location, name, logo, relationships Can explore new markets and directions See your dreams come true No base, must build all new Greater risk No track record = difficulty in financing See your dream become a nightmare ADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES Starting a New Business

19 www.lakeof Established clientele, suppliers, location Known quantity, proven formula/name Help in starting and running business Can review records Easier to obtain financing Potential hidden issues: debts, poor reputation, loyalty to owner, out-of- date inventory or transfer issues No guarantee that success will continue ADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES Buying a Business

20 www.lakeof Proven image and product/service Marketing/Sales power Limited experience Training, professional guidance Continued consulting relationship Access to other franchisees for help Loss of control - not always your own boss Franchise = royalty and other fees Operational boundaries and limited choices Binding contract Franchisor problems are your problems Buying a FranchiseADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES

21 www.lakeof Convenient work location Less expensive Flexible schedule Tax Advantages - Sq. Ft of total home - Percentage of utilities Zoning or deed restrictions Isolation from others Difficult financing Family distractions IRS scrutiny Home Based BusinessADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES

22 www.lakeof Allows operation in a not-for- profit status – no owners May qualify for government or foundation grants Protection from liability for directors and employees Can pay salaries to employees and consulting fees for contractors Focus on educational or charitable purposes and cannot profit those who created the organization All profits remain within the organization Must apply and qualify for 501c3 status or sales tax exemption Non-ProfitADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES

23 www.lakeof Online BusinessADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Lower startup costs Expanded geographic reach Convenience & accessibility Flexibility Low conversion rates Low barriers to entry = higher competition Visitor expectations No personal contact/ limited sensory info

24 www.lakeof Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Journey

25 www.lakeof Self-starter Resourceful Responsible Organized Hard worker Persistent Decisive Healthy Supportive family Entrepreneur Characteristics

26 www.lakeof How Many Hats Will You Wear?

27 www.lakeof Strategy used to create a desire to purchase Creates your company image Anything you do to get and keep a customer Your product or service will not sell itself Marketing

28 www.lakeof Customer contact work Finding prospects Making presentations Preparing bids Closing deals Processing orders Sales

29 www.lakeof Definition of offering Functionality and packaging Quality Differentiation Product and/or Service

30 www.lakeof Position Location, Location, Location Niche / target market Competition Distribution Merchandising

31 www.lakeof Name recognition Qualification of product/service Market identity Advertising Branding

32 www.lakeof Price Consumer reaction Cost Competition Credit terms and discount

33 www.lakeof Competition Size of operation and number of employees Price and quality Services provided Reputation: strengths and weaknesses Personal visits and observations Suppliers & contractors Other businesses in area

34 www.lakeof Details, Details, Details: Legal Forms, Insurance, Regulations, Advisors

35 www.lakeof Naming your business Selecting form of ownership/Legal structure Obtaining legal registrations, tax numbers, licenses, permits, etc.. Taking Care of Basics

36 www.lakeof Naming your business – whats in a name? –Name should be unique –Name should describe your business or brand –Name should not be too restrictive/consider future aspects of the business (sale of business, merger. expanded market, expanded products/services, etc.). Taking Care of Basics

37 www.lakeof Naming your business - Considerations –Business name includes description of type of business (example: Acme Heating and Air) –Using your family name in business name (example: John Smith Realty) – consider pros and cons of using your name in the business name –Location used as part of the name (Camdenton Book Store) –Unique made up name Taking Care of Basics In all cases, check with the secretary of state to ensure name is not already in use

38 www.lakeof Sole Proprietorship Partnership Limited Liability Company (LLC) C Corporation (Conventional) S Corporation (Sub-chapter) Business Organization Forms

39 www.lakeof 38 Sole Proprietorship Advantages Disadvantages All profits to owner Profits only taxed once Owner makes all decisions Low cost organize Few legal restrictions Simple to organize Unlimited liability Limited in raising funds No separate legal status

40 www.lakeof 39 Partnership Advantages Disadvantages Easy to organize Separate legal status Profits taxed only once Taxed at partners rate Unlimited liability to general partners Divided decision making Transferability of ownership

41 www.lakeof 40 Limited Liability Company Advantages Disadvantages Limits your personal liability Separate legal entity Low cost to form (vs. corporation) Usually taxed as a sole proprietorship Unlimited number of owners Capital is easy to raise More costly than forming sole proprietorship or partnership (but still low cost) Investors may prefer stock ownership Personal tax liability

42 www.lakeof 41 S-Corporation Advantages Disadvantages Limited liability Profits taxed only once Capital is easier to raise through sale of stock Transfer of ownership Can be costly to form S-corporation requirements More administrative duties Cannot provide company- paid fringe benefits

43 www.lakeof 42 C-Corporation Advantages Disadvantages Limited liability Transfer of ownership Capital is easier to raise through sale of stock Company-paid fringe benefits Tax benefits Double taxation Can be costly to form More administrative duties

44 www.lakeof Property Liability Motor Vehicles Umbrella Liability Workers Compensation Health Life Insurance Considerations

45 www.lakeof Business Licenses and Approvals Obtain various tax numbers Federal ID number State ID number State Retail Sales (Sales Tax) Others IRS and Social Security Withholding & Payments Taking Care of Basics

46 www.lakeof Register the name and form of ownership with the State of Missouri (How do I register my business) Research (How to start a business in MO) Maintain (On-going requirements for my business to include filing, licensing, & permits) Resources (What resources are available to you) Taking Care of Basics Missouri Business Portal

47 www.lakeof Banker Lawyer Accountant Insurance Agent Business Mentor(s) Every Business Owner Needs:

48 www.lakeof Funding and Cash Management

49 www.lakeof Total monthly cost of living Areas where you can cut back Outstanding debt Amount in savings Total amount needed to cover 6 to 12 months of expenses Personal Budget Considerations

50 www.lakeof Essential Considerations: Tools and equipment Leasehold improvements Licenses and permits Professional fees Initial inventory Working capital reserve fund Start-up Cash Needs

51 www.lakeof Salaries Rent Insurance Taxes and fees Advertising Loan interest/principal Utilities Maintenance Operating Cash Needs

52 www.lakeof Equity Signifies Ownership Sources of Capital Personal savings Family and friends Partners contributions Profits retained in the business Banks and credit unions* Community Express Micro Loans* Credit cards (not recommended) * Can be guaranteed by SBA Debt Does NOT Signify Ownership

53 www.lakeof Lenders View of Borrower Character, Commitment Credit rating Cash flow Collateral Capital Industry knowledge Personal investment Financial history Financial projections Management skills Competition

54 www.lakeof Open a separate bank account for your business ASAP Deposit all receipts in tact Use a petty cash fund Separate sales tax receipts on your books Hang on to cash as long as possible Reconcile bank account monthly Cash: Most Important Asset

55 www.lakeof Business and Marketing Plans

56 www.lakeof Encourages an objective view Becomes foundation for planning Powerful management tool Communicates owners ideas Business Plan Importance

57 www.lakeof Table of Contents Executive Summary Section One: The Business Section Two: Financial Forecasts Section Three: Supporting Data Business Plan Contents

58 www.lakeof Next Steps

59 www.lakeof What do these businesses have in common? Disney Apple Nike Wal-mart eBay Starbucks Your local grocery store, bakery, gift shop, landscaper… Make Your Dream a Reality

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