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December 6, 2007 Tourism is the core of Bisbees Economy. As you will see, our efforts in Tourism have paid dividends in the last two years. Other aspects.

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2 December 6, 2007

3 Tourism is the core of Bisbees Economy. As you will see, our efforts in Tourism have paid dividends in the last two years. Other aspects of our economy, principally consumer products, are actually a larger segment of our economy than Tourism. An analysis of Sales Tax Revenues shows that we are receiving the greatest amount of Sales Tax from the San Jose Area, followed by Old Bisbee. Consumer products may be the economic growth area of the immediate future. Job growth and creation are the greatest prospects for the long-term. Possible growth areas are the re-emergence of mining in the Bisbee area, along with economic development potential around the Airport and in San Jose.

4 Tourism 16 Annual Events in Bisbee Copper Classic Car Show Coaster Race Hard Rock Drilling and Mucking Contest Great Bisbee Stair Climb Bisbee Pride Weekend Brewery Gulch Daze Farmers Market Garden Tour Festival of Lights Historic Home Tour Holiday Bizarre Bisbee Blues Festival Vintage Wine Tasting LaVuelta De Bisbee Chocolate Tasting Bisbee Gem and Mineral Show Courtesy of Bisbee Arts Commission

5 50,000 visitors annually Re-established the Bisbee Gem & Mineral Show this year, and will host 2 shows per year Currently renovating the gift shop and laying new rail. Now offering a wide variety of mineral specimens for sale New and different tours will be offered next yearTourism Attractions Website:

6 Tourism Attractions Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum Former Phelps Dodge HQ A Smithsonian Affiliate Visit our newest attraction, Digging In Recently awarded $50k grant to renovate the first- floor exhibit. website:

7 Tourism Attractions Turquoise Valley Golf Course and RV Park Located just south of Bisbee, TV Golf Course is the oldest continuously operated golf course in Arizona. TVGC also features the longest hole in Arizona, the par six, 747 yard Rattler. TVGC also includes an RV Park with full hookups, and a full-service restaurant and bar with banquet facilities. website: Courtesy TV Golf Course

8 Tourism Other Attractions Lavender Jeep Tours Bisbee Restoration Museum Muheim Heritage House Lavender Pit 2.93 miles of stairs! Repertory Theater, currently closed but scheduled to re- open in January! and many more

9 Tourism Visitor Center Operated by the City of Bisbee; and affiliated with the Arizona Office of Tourism and the Cochise County Tourism Council. Renovated this year, with new paint, carpet, counter space, office space, signage and displays ($10,000). Recently awarded $30,000 to increase technology for the visitors and for the employees and volunteers. Projected 57,600 (+ 13%) walk-in visitors, 6,100 (even) phone calls, 1,000 (+ 65%) e-mails, and 110,000 (+ 40%) website visitors in 2007. Advertised Bisbee in 10 publications, 3 electronic media outlets, 2 media websites, and brochures in visitor racks all over the western United States.

10 Construction Projects Bakerville Drainage and Paving funded and being engineered Arizona Street repaving scheduled for 1st Quarter of 2007 ADOT Roundabout Project is finally complete Main Street Sidewalk Project scheduled for next Spring Airport Runway Widening & Overlay project underway Airport Fire Suppression System scheduled for 2008 Airport Runway Lighting Scheduled for 2008 Wastewater Re-use Project at TVGC is nearly complete

11 Bakerville Drainage CDBG project engineering is nearly complete. A new round of CDBG funds has recently been appropriated to continue drainage and repaving in this neighborhood. Phelps Dodge is repaving the section of American Ave. (at right) as a part of their environmental remediation efforts in Bisbee.

12 Arizona Street is in poor condition due to age, a new sewer line, and a new water line. Earlier this year, the city was awarded a $2.2 million TIP grant for reconstruction, and a $0.5 million TEP grant to add landscape and pedestrian features. Engineering is 30% compete, and construction is likely to begin in the Summer of 2008. When completed, we look forward to a resurgence of commercial activity, and a return of the Main Street of Warren to its former grandeur!

13 This ADOT project, completed in November 2007, provided new landscaping in the existing Roundabout. Sculptures of the 4 points of the compass have been installed. The Roundabout provides a Hub and Gateway to all of the neighborhoods of Bisbee. The two pictures on the left were taken one year apart. Thank you ADOT for this wonderful improvement!

14 Widening and Overlay of Runway 17-35 is currently underway. When completed, this $1.4 million project will allow larger aircraft to land here in Bisbee. Runway Lighting and Airport Fire Suppression are future projects funded by the FAA, ADOT Aero, and the city over the next 2 to 3 years. Look for the airport to become a valuable economic development asset in the coming years! Pictures: Bill Siebold and Steve Pauken

15 This project will use wastewater from the new San Jose Wastewater Plant to augment well water now being used to irrigate Turquoise Valley Golf Course. Construction of this project is nearly complete and this $900,000 project is being totally funded by the Upper San Pedro Partnership.

16 New Development Sierra Cobre Estates: 56 residential units Park Place Townhomes: 21 residential units Crestview Subdivision: 40 residential units Homestead Subdivision: 25 residential lots in phase 2 Naco Highway: 2.5 acre retail site of possible Dollar Store Stephenson Annexation: Mixed-use, 40 acre master plan Copper Leaf: possible 1000 acre master planned community Harry Gellis Purchase: 16 acres at Naco Hwy. & Collins Road None of the residential developments listed above are new since last year, reflecting market conditions and the housing slump. Commercial activity is dependent on market conditions and growth. Our best prospects; new mining activity and easing of the housing slump.

17 2007 Building Activity As of 10/30/07 Building Permits New Construction 6 Remodel113 Residential Value, all permits$2,008,754 Commercial Value, all permits$3,687,517 Included in the Commercial Value are the remodeling of the Safeway Store and renovations of the Cochise County facilities on Quality Hill. Residential construction activity is stable with activity of a year ago, perhaps reflecting the nationwide slump in new housing starts.

18 Finance/Budget Budget Total Revenues/Exp. General Fund Revenues/ General Fund Exp. July-Oct. GF Actual Revenue July-Oct. GF Actual Expend. 2007-08 $23,455,237 $6,449,430 $1,954,543 $1,947,441 2006-07 $18,338,713 $6,158,801 $1,630,243 $1,935,726

19 Finance/Budget The City of Bisbee provides at least as many municipal services as any small city in America. These include; Street maintenance and repair Solid waste collection and recycling Wastewater collection and treatment Parks and Recreation Municipal airport Building maintenance and repair Law enforcement, investigation and crime prevention Fire suppression, rescue and prevention Emergency Medical Services

20 Finance/Budget Library Services Legal Services Community Development Services Building and Zoning Tourism Services (QMT & Visitor Center) Administrative Services The only municipal service we do not provide is water treatment and distribution. We are proud to provide these vital services to the community.

21 Finance/Budget The 2006-07 Fiscal Year ended with revenues about $100,000 in excess of expenditures. The good news is that early in the budget process, we projected that we would fall short by approximately $184,000. The 2007-08 Budget projects that we will end the year BALANCED! We are extremely optimistic about the financial future of Bisbee. Our core industry, Tourism, continues to flourish despite pessimism in other economic indices. We obtained about $4.5 million in revenues from grant sources, and continue to pursue these opportunities. In our enterprise funds, we are committed to operating like a business and maintaining self-sufficiency. We are also committed to balanced, sustainable growth; both residentially and commercially. We will also continue to develop additional opportunities as they come our way.

22 Looking Ahead - 2008 City Council and Staff are looking forward to another great year in 2008. There are many challenges ahead; continuing to rebuild our infrastructure, continuing to support and improve Tourism as our core industry, diversifying our economy through new opportunities, improving the quality of municipal services you receive, paying for the wastewater project, dealing with new development, increasing our tax base and remaining fiscally sound. We are invigorated by the potential to be better. Getting better is hard work because it involves change. We believe we are up to it. Thanks for participating in the Bisbee Economic Focus. We are happy that you care enough about our community to attend. Oh, and one more thing…

23 From your Mayor & City Council City Manager and Staff Artwork by Jim Disney, Loveland, Colorado Ornament to be placed on the 2007 White House Tree

24 Ronald R. Oertle, Mayor Stephen J. Pauken, City Manager 118 Arizona Street Bisbee, AZ 85603 (520) 432-6000

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