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NOTICE SUBMISSIONS Requirements and Procedures 1.

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1 NOTICE SUBMISSIONS Requirements and Procedures 1


3 Equipment Replacement Medical and Non-Medical Used for similar purposes as equipment being replaced Substantially equivalent technology FDA-approved, if applicable. 3

4 Nonclinical Infrastructure Including but not limited to HVAC, fire alarm and call bell systems, exterior building envelope, parking garages and elevators. Others that do not relate to: Clinical space or service Renovation or reconfiguration of patient rooms Renovation or reconfiguration of resident rooms. 4

5 Non-Clinical Construction 5 Administrative Offices Utility Structures Maintenance Shop Central Kitchen Cafeteria Gift Shop Dedicated Worship Space Hospital Lobbies

6 Clinical Impact 6 Limited Review (710.1(c)(5)) still required for projects that impact clinical space, such as Operating rooms Treatment and procedure rooms ICUs Special care units (e. g., cardiac) Isolation rooms Laboratories

7 Clinical Impact Limited Review (710.1(c)(5)) still required for projects to: Renovate or reconfigure patient rooms Renovate or reconfigure resident rooms. Notice required for painting, replacement of floor coverings, etc., which are repair and maintenance 7


9 Written Notice Electronic Submission via NYSE-CON 9

10 Notice Submission to NYSE-CON Format Similar to Limited Review Application, but streamlined: Project Description Architecture/Engineering Certification, where applicable. 10

11 Patient Safety Plan Required for projects that implicate patient safety Submission of plan document required 11

12 Timing and Acknowledgements No timeframe for submission in advance of project No formal approval will be issued by the Department for Notices An acknowledgement will be generated by NYSE-CON when a notice is uploaded. 12

13 Compliance Pre-opening and /or Post-opening inspections will be conducted selectively. All projects must be fully compliant with applicable codes and regulations. Full citation and correction of any violations. 13

14 Certification Documents Initial Submission: Architect/Engineer Certification Patient Safety Plan Physicist Certification 14

15 Certification Documents 15 Project Closeout Architect/Engineer Certification Installers Certification Balancing Report

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