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Years 5 and 6 Residential visit 30 th May – 1 st June 2012.

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1 Years 5 and 6 Residential visit 30 th May – 1 st June 2012

2 Transport We will be travelling to the Santa Marina Resort, Paphos and daily to the trips using coaches booked through the hire cell, Akrotiri. All coaches will have seatbelts. A staff car is taken in case of an emergency.

3 Staffing Mrs Sutton – trip leader, Deputy Head, First Aid trained. Miss McKee – Deputy trip leader, teacher. Mrs Noble – teacher, First Aid trained. Mrs Scarff- Teaching Assistant, Key Stage 2, First Aid trained. Mr. Mark Ward, ICT Technician, 5 instructors leading the outdoor adventurous activity days. Individual instructors at Santa Marina Resort.

4 Medicine All medical requirements should have been recorded on the indemnity form. Medicines should be clearly labelled with instructions included. There are three qualified first aiders on the trip. Zephyros sports have a paramedic in attendance. Please speak to us if you have any concerns about your child.

5 Emergency contact. The Emergency contact person will be: Rachel Thomas headteacher. School hours: School phone number 24744288 Out of school hours: 96729843 All calls should go via Mrs Thomas who will then contact the group leader.

6 Mobile phones Please DO NOT send your child with a mobile phone.

7 Accommodation

8 Riu Cypria Maris Hotel The Riu Cypria Maris is a four star hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. The children will be sharing an en-suite room in threes. Staff rooms are situated at either end of the corridor where the children are located. Children will be given the room number and room telephone contact number of Mrs. Sutton and Miss Mckee. This year we are on an All Inclusive basis. Breakfast and dinner are a choice from the hotel buffet. A packed lunch will be provided by the hotel on Thursday and Friday, pupils will need to bring their own packed lunch on Wednesday.

9 Swimming pool We have access to the swimming pool for an allocated period of time on the first day. During this time the hotel is providing us with a lifeguard and three school staff will be on poolside as spotters. Children will only be allowed in the pool in supervised groups and when the lifeguard is present. Non-swimmers will need to wear buoyancy aids. Children will only be allowed to swim in the allocated areas outlined by the teachers – even if they would normally swim across the whole pool on a family basis. All children are expected to follow safety guidelines.

10 Pocket Money The maximum amount we believe the children will need is 20. There is a gift shop at the hotel where the children will be allowed to buy a small souvenir. There will also be some opportunities to purchase ice creams and some soft drinks. Children will be responsible for looking after their own pocket money which should be in a clearly named wallet or purse.

11 Behaviour We expect that all children will have good manners and will be courteous at all times to the people they come into contact with during the trip. It is particularly important that the children listen well and behave responsibly during adventure activities and swimming times. If at any time we feel that a childs behaviour is endangering themselves or others we have the option of contacting parents and asking them to collect them and take them home. NB: If any children cause damage to other guests or their property parents are liable for the payment of the damage.

12 Activities Wednesday: Travel to Santa Marina Retreat, take part in two chosen activities, lunch, head to Paphos, Swimming time in hotel pool, dinner time, quiz/quiet activities/bed time. Thursday: Breakfast, Water activities day ( lunch provided on site.) back to the hotel, get ready for dinner, quiet activities/bed time. Friday: Breakfast, Pack up kit and depart hotel, Adventurous Activities day, ( lunch again provided.) Return to school.

13 Kit list Pyjamas, toothbrush, toothpaste Swimwear and swimming towel Underwear Shorts, t-shirt, light clothing for three days Clothes for the evening Shoes for inside the hotel Trainers or similar e.g. diving shoes ( crocs or flip flops are not suitable)

14 Necessities Hat Sun lotion Water bottle – preferably named Lunch for day 1 All medicines needed by your child Trainers or similar to get wet.

15 Optional extras Sunglasses ( cheap in case of loss or damage.) Camera ( named and taken at own risk.) Book/diary Small hand held game ( taken at own risk) Wet suit – If your child has their own they may wish to take it. Named please!

16 Santa Marina Retreat ACTIVITIES At the Santa Marina Retreat the children will choose two activities from the following: Sky trail, Horse riding and Archery. All activities are risk assessed by the Santa Marina Retreat and this company also have public liability insurance. Risk assessments for movement around the Santa Marina Retreat and when near the horses and small pets area have been carried out by Mrs. Sutton. Children will also have their packed lunch and be able to purchase drinks and icecreams. Anti Bacterial gel will be carried and children will be expected to use it after contact with animals.

17 Zephyros sports All activities at Zephyros sports are risk assessed by the company. They also have their own public liability insurance. Zephyros have a paramedic on site on the water activities days.

18 Zephyros sports Raft rescue

19 Zephyros Sports Snorkelling

20 Zephyros sports Coasteering

21 Raft building

22 Kayaking

23 This year on Day 2 we will be doing other Adventurous Outdoor activities: Mountain-biking, rock climbing, abseiling and Survivor.

24 Any further questions?

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