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Tackley All in One Project Spring 2000 - onwards.

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1 Tackley All in One Project Spring 2000 - onwards

2 How it all started Frustration as our village infra structure collapsed (2000) Core group focusing on shop Village sign up – questionnaire, public meetings etc Involvement and choice at each step e.g. site and size of project More than 100 people who gave expert advise

3 Tackley Top Ten Post Office Basic groceries Newspapers and magazines Fresh produce – bread, fruit and veg Prescriptions and pharmacy Home made produce Fresh meat Lottery and scratch cards Dry cleaning Off licence

4 Links and contacts Local supporters Village Hall Parish council District council County council Banks Supermarkets Post office Other village shops VIRSA (Plunkett) ORCC Architects Building advisors Marketing Business advisors Accountants Lawyers

5 What next - Money Gift and Loans Local Fund raising Grants – multiple sources Prospectus Financial assumptions/profit and loss One to one contact

6 Company and bank Tackley Village Shop Ltd - - company limited by guarantee Bank Account

7 Where are we now Community shop 8 th bday- wte paid staff + 50 vols Upgraded village hall – run by management committee. Communication - Village news letter and Tackley notices Car scheme Features films Pasta night Visiting theatre Review and panto Tackley Olympics Village groups Ongoing fund raising


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