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Newly Rediscovered Treasures From Russian Museums Grizzly Consulting Group, Ltd. (GCG)

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1 Newly Rediscovered Treasures From Russian Museums Grizzly Consulting Group, Ltd. (GCG)

2 After the Russian revolution vast amounts of historically important museum pieces in the Soviet Union simply disappeared. Where are they now? Grizzly Consulting Group

3 Altes Museum - Berlin The Nazis took treasures from all over the world and brought them to Germany. After World War II much of the treasures taken by the Nazis simply disappeared from Germany. Where did they go? Grizzly Consulting Group

4 Darien Manchuria Near the end of World War II The Soviet Army invaded Manchuria, a part of China, and pushed the Japanese out. What happened to the treasures the Japanese left behind?

5 Grizzly Consulting Group On December 28, 1922 the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) was officially formed. Joseph Stalin was the General Secretary of the Communists party and over time he consolidated his power until by the end of the 1920s he ruled the USSR. Well before World War II started in Europe in 1939 Stalin ordered most of the valuable museum pieces in the Soviet Union placed in storage in many secret locations. Over time, they were forgotten by most.

6 Grizzly Consulting Group When Nazi Germany conquered lands they brought back treasures from the other countries to Berlin. The Soviet Armies took Berlin in 1945 and vast amounts of treasures were moved to the Soviet Union where they were crated and placed in storage. Most are still in storage today. Berlin 1945

7 Grizzly Consulting Group On March 1, 1932 Puyi, the last Emperor of China was reinstalled by the Japanese as the ruler of Manchukuo (part of Manchuria, China). He remained the non-ruling Emperor until August 16, 1945 when he was captured by the Soviet Army. Many rare treasures from Asia were taken to the Soviet Union where they were crated and most remain sealed today.

8 Grizzly Consulting Group Joseph Stalin ordered all battles to be filmed and the records kept for the future. Over 50,000 miles of film remain in storage today. That is enough film to stretch around the world at the equator twice. Over 1,000,000 negatives are also archived at the museums. There are also countless pencil drawings and paintings. The Soviet Army caught miles of German film, some in color. This unique resource gives both sides of the conflict as never seen before.

9 Grizzly Consulting Group This great trove of magnificent finds represents an amazingly diverse treasure chest with such varied items as letters from Napoleon and artifacts from Peter the Great to 300 year old hand made, working cannon replicas from the famous Russian Naval Academy. Only 7% of the millions of items in storage have been placed on public display.

10 Grizzly Consulting Group Many of the blank pages of History are filled in by these new discoveries. GCG is bringing these rediscovered riches to the United States to renew the spirit of friendship from over 60 years ago when the United States and Russia were such close allies and friends.

11 Grizzly Consulting Group GCG through the Russian Military Museums has exhibitions that are already catalogued and ready today. Some that are currently available are: Long Hidden Priceless Historical Treasures. Secret Intelligence Items. Unique World War II Trophies from Asia and Europe. What Was it Like to be a Women at War? How Did the Aggression start? Lend Lease, How Did the US help Russia? World War II Through Russian Eyes Treasures of Peter the Great All of these exhibitions are ready to be shipped. Time to pack, register the necessary customs documents and delivery to the US is approximately 60 days.

12 Grizzly Consulting Group There are over 100 museums that we can draw from for exhibitions. We have the ability to offer access to the Museums and the development of custom exhibitions that are tailored for your specific needs. This custom opportunity to work with over 100 museums with hundreds of thousands of artifacts, many of which are one or two of a kind pieces, from collections from all over the world and most not seen in over 60 years represents one of the most unique and educational opportunities available anywhere in world today. While we hear phrases like that everyday, this is not just words, this is easily recognized fact. Custom Exhibitions

13 Grizzly Consulting Group Diamond Order of Peter the Great October 22, 1721 The items available for display range from beautiful diamond medals such as the Diamond Order of Peter the Great to the largest and heaviest tank ever built. The German Maus (Mouse) Only two of the tanks were built and only one of them had a functional turret. It is just over 33 feet long. Its armor was so thick that it was more of a moving bunker than a tank.

14 Grizzly Consulting Group King Abrams Mouse Tiger 69.8 67.6 206.8 10.1 8.0 11.9 24.0 26.0 33.0 12.3 12.0 12.0 31.5 25.0 43.3 5 5 6 German Mouse Tanks compare Weight tons Height feet Length feet Width feet Track inches Crew

15 Grizzly Consulting Group German Mine Sweeper – NK-101 This 38 ton mine sweeper looks more like R2D2s big brother than a 1940s era machine.

16 Grizzly Consulting Group German Heavy Assault Gun Karl Morser SU-600 Tor could lob a 600 mm (23.6 inch), 5,400 lb shell just over 4 miles. It had it's own crane to lift the massive rounds. It saw little use due to its short range and vulnerability.

17 Grizzly Consulting Group During the reign of Peter the Great, one requirement for graduation at the Military Academy was to make a miniature copy of a previously used cannon. No two could be alike. The last time these cannons were shown outside the Naval Academy was over 100 years ago.

18 Field Marshal Erwin Rommels Baton Decorated with eagles and crosses this Baton contains over 1½ pounds of silver and is trimmed in 24 carat gold. The inscription in German reads: Der Fuhrer dem General Feld Marschall Rommel and Zum Freiheitskampf des Gro Deutschen Volkes. It was presented to Rommel By Hitler on June 22, 1942 in recognition of extraordinary military achievements. Grizzly Consulting Group

19 Two Unique 1872 Colt Revolvers Presented to Premier Leonid Breshnev by President Gerald Ford

20 Grizzly Consulting Group Description of the 1872 Colt Revolvers In 1974 Colt Industries created two special release 1872 revolvers for Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. President Gerald Ford gave them to Soviet Premier Breshnev as a mark of good will during their meeting in November of that year. The 1872 revolvers had the unusual serial numbers of LDB- 1" and LDB- 2". The barrel, framework and drum of one is decorated with an engraved vegetative ornament and relief images of a wild boar, a mountain goat, a pheasant, a Cossack riding a horse, buildings and cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin, sickle and hammer, and a portrait of Brezhnev in gold. On the other is a deer, a mountain goat, a blackcock, a cowboy taming a wild mustang, the White house and a portrait of Samuel Colt the founder of Colt Industries. The grips of both revolvers are made of ivory, one revolver has a hand carved image of an eagle and the other has a hand carved image of a bear. These hand carvings symbolize the United States and Russia. The handles bear the following inscription in gold: The Weaponry company of Colt to the General Secretary L. I. Brezhnev.

21 Grizzly Consulting Group Eagle and Bear Ivory Handles

22 Grizzly Consulting Group A Gift From Mussolini Benito Mussolini gave this to Adolph Hitler. It is a world globe with only the 3 Axis countries, Germany, Japan and Italy. It was captured by Soviet troops at the Reichschancellery in Berlin in 1945.

23 Grizzly Consulting Group The Marshal Star The Marshal Star was worn by Military Marshals of the Soviet Union. A Marshal in the Soviet Union is a rank higher than General

24 Grizzly Consulting Group The Sword of Puyi In the Shinto Religion two of the most powerful symbols of the legitimacy and authority of the Emperor are his sword and his mirror. This is the actual sword of Emperor Puyi, given to him by the Imperial Japanese Government.

25 Grizzly Consulting Group The Mirror of Puyi This is the actual mirror given to Puyi by the Imperial Japanese government and carried by Puyi as proof of his legitimacy and authority.

26 Grizzly Consulting Group The Order of Victory This medal was given only to military commanders who won great battles that affected the outcome of the war. 16 carats of diamonds are set in gold Only 20 medals were made and just 17 were awarded One was awarded to General Dwight D. Eisenhower

27 Grizzly Consulting Group Adolph Hitlers Violin This is a one of a kind violin owned by Adolph Hitler. It is decorated with his carved image. It was captured by Soviet troops at the Reichschancellery in Berlin in 1945.

28 Grizzly Consulting Group Joseph Stalins Uniform This is one of Joseph Stalins dress uniforms worn by him during special events. Behind the uniform is a hand woven rug from Central Asia with Stalins likeness woven into the rug.

29 Grizzly Consulting Group Iraqi Gift to Hitler This is one of Hitlers actual dress uniforms. The woven banner was a gift to Hitler from Iraq and the caption reads, Master of New Europe Adolph Hitler

30 Grizzly Consulting Group Straw Boots During World War II the Germans made boots of straw for use in in the bitterly cold winters. Surprisingly these boots became much sought after by the allies due to there great insulation and the fact that they could just step into them with their regular boots on.

31 Grizzly Consulting Group Hitlers Personal Standard Everywhere Hitler went his personal standard accompanied him. This was his symbol of authority. This standard remained hidden for over 60 years. Now thanks to the efforts of GCG and our associates it will be available for display in the United States.

32 Grizzly Consulting Group Revenue Sources Tickets sales. Gift Shop. Past experience shows 50% of the profits come from gift shop sales. Success at the gift shop requires the right selection of merchandise made in Russia. Our excellent connections with manufacturers guarantees the lowest cost of high quality, high margin products. Corporate Sponsors. There are many companies who will want to be a part of this unique and educational experience. Special pricing for schools and home schoolers helps us fill the exhibition during what would normally be off peak times. Contracts with museums and educational institutions allowing them direct access to exhibition items and training material.

33 Grizzly Consulting Group Contact Information For More Information contact: Victor Kousnetsov -or- Barry Epling Grizzly Consulting Group, Ltd.

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