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2 2 Customer Service: The Basics & FISH!

3 3 KCC Customer Service Objectives: 1. To introduce our Customer Service Philosophy and Satisfaction Programs. 2. To understand the Customer feedback programs. 3. To review our commitment to the Customer Service Standards. 4. Understand our dedication to H.E.A.R.T. 5. To strengthen our Service Recovery skills. 6. To review our Recognition Programs. 7. To embrace the four principles of FISH!

4 4 KCC Customer Service Starting Thought: Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear…all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Leo Buscaglia

5 5 KCC Customer Service WHY is Customer Service Important? Patient satisfaction, as an outcome of healthcare delivery, is an indicator of quality care. KCCs customer service scores are available on line. Our customers are knowledgeable & well-informed. They have high expectations and with every healthcare experience, their expectations increase. Our customers have a choice on where to get their medical needs met. They expect clinical competence but the service provided makes the difference. Expectations are Directly Correlated to Satisfaction.

6 6 KCC Customer Service Perception vs. Reality – The customers perception is all that matters for patient satisfaction. The customer may not always be right, but they are always our customer. The delivery of each patients care is under observation by many individuals (patient, family, visitors, other staff etc.), each with a possible different perception of the care given.

7 7 KCC Customer Service Did you know that? Each hospitalization causes a patient to increase their expectations. A satisfied customer tells 1-5 people about their experience, a dissatisfied customer tells 10 – 20 people about their experience. Keeping customers satisfied keeps them and others coming back. Our Goal Is: To exceed our customers expectations. If we dont exceed their expectations, they CAN and WILL go somewhere else. KCC is the only independent Cancer Center in Michigan, but we do have competition.

8 8 KCC Customer Service What Customers Want: Customers want to feel important & respected - Address them formally or as they prefer. Treat them like they are your only patient. They want to have a sense of belonging. - They do not want to feel like they are a burden. They want to be seen as individuals. - They are not room 5210 or the person with pain in cubicle 2. They want to know that someone is coordinating their care. - They should sense that someone is in charge and that everyone knows their role while working together as a team for them. They want staff to be sensitive to their needs. - They come to us with fear and uncertainly.

9 9 KCC Customer Service The KCC Customer Service Strategy: Customer Service Standards ~ Our Foundation Monitor Customer Satisfaction ~ Feedback is Good Commitment to I WILL have H.E.A.R.T. Service recovery is everyones responsibility Accountable team members Actions plans/initiatives to address results Recognition Programs to celebrate success!

10 10 KCC Customer Service The KCC Customer Service Standards Our Foundation: behaviors that apply to every interaction with every individual, at all times. *Professionalism *Compassion *Respect *Courtesy *Communication *Teamwork We measure our success by the feedback provided by our patients, families & visitors. We are benchmarked against other health care organizations, locally and throughout the nation.

11 11 Customer Service Standards 1. Professionalism I will maintain a professional behavior and dress to build customer confidence. 2. Respect I will respect and protect the dignity of each person. I will assist customers to maintain a sense of control and feel valued. 3. Communication I will communicate clearly and effectively. I will listen and respond in a prompt and timely manner.

12 12 Customer Service Standards 4. Compassion I will convey kindness and compassion. I will promote a caring culture and strive to understand others. 5. Courtesy I will treat others with courtesy at all times. I will be considerate, patient, helpful and supportive. 6. Teamwork I will encourage cooperation and teamwork. I will value each member of the healthcare team and contribute to team spirit.

13 13 BETTER begins with ME I WILL have H.E.A.R.T H – Hear our patients, listen to them & keep them informed Be There, fully present. Give your undivided attention E – Empathize with our patients and maintain a professional behavior Convey kindness & compassion - treat patients with respect & Make Their Day A – Acknowledge immediately with eye contact, smile & say Hello Always introduce yourself, have badge visible & displayed on left shoulder area R – Respond promptly to requests & concerns, follow up & be proactive Apologize sincerely when breakdowns occur. Be accountable, correct the situation T – Teamwork values the contribution of each member – everyones role is important Choose Your Attitude, have a lighthearted approach & creative Playful moments Have pride in our environment….lets work together to keep our center welcoming! Have H.E.A.R.T because BETTER begins with ME

14 14 KCC Customer Service Feedback is valuable and appreciated...we welcome it …our programs are 1. The Patient and Family Advisory Council 2. Verbal feedback 3. Karmanos Cares Program 4. C4QI – Comprehensive Cancer Center Consortium for Quality Improvement 5. Press Ganey Satisfaction Survey

15 15 Feedback Programs 1. The Patient & Family Advisory Council This council is dedicated to promoting the delivery of the most comprehensive and compassionate health care for cancer patients, survivors, and their families. This council serves as advocates to the KCC leadership team. The council meets monthly to provide input & direction for KCC and facilitate understanding of the customers perspectives. This is a voluntary role and their dedication is apparent with this monthly commitment. 2. Verbal feedback It is everyones responsibility to obtain verbal feedback and concerns. We must be responsive. Customer service recovery is best accomplished at point-of-service by front-line care providers. Once you know of a concern – YOU OWN IT regardless of who, or what department caused it………it is your responsibility to follow through.

16 16 3. Karmanos Cares Program On-site, real-time customer feedback survey. Brochures are given to patients upon admission. Brochures and boxes are also available throughout KCC campus. Drop-off boxes are checked regularly. Customer concerns are followed-up by the Customer Service Department. Compliments are recognized in the Karmanos Starfish Program. 4. C4QI The Comprehensive Cancer Center Consortium for Quality Improvement A group of cancer hospitals and clinics throughout the nation that are a part of this quality initiative. Enables us to compare our patient satisfaction scores with other Cancer Centers in the U.S.A. Bi-annual reports provide a valuable benchmark that is specific to cancer care. Feedback Programs

17 17 Feedback Programs 5. Press Ganey Satisfaction Surveys National-level survey. Benchmarked against hospitals throughout the U.S.A., and our local market. The Inpatient Survey is mailed to patients within 10 days following their discharge from the hospital. The Outpatient Survey is mailed to patients following their clinic visit (one survey is sent every 3 months). Patients rate us on a 5 point scale: 1 = Very Poor 2 = Poor 3 = Fair 4 = Good 5 = Very Good We strive for 5!!!

18 18 KCC Customer Service Service Recovery The art of fixing what went wrong for the customer and mending the damage or error caused and restoring trust in the relationship. Making the recovery for an unexpected situation or experience. Means that everyone will be responsive to concerns that are shared by our customers. Customers dont expect us to be perfect, but they do expect us to fix things when they go wrong. How we respond once we know about an issue can turn even a very unpleasant experience into a positive one.

19 19 Service Recovery C – Compassion for the Concern A – Apologize Sincerely R – Respond E – Empathize and Thank Them

20 20 Service Recovery Service breakdowns happen, but what YOU do afterwards makes the difference. Each unit has a Service Recovery Tool Box that provides materials that can be given to customers during service recovery. These include: valet parking passes, meal tickets and gifts cards. Recognizing the wrong and making it right through apology, action and closure all must occur immediately – on the front-line, by the person who has recognized the oops. This is the moment of truth where patients find out exactly who and what they are dealing with – a giant, impersonal, inflexible bureaucracy, or a group of people who really care about them. Nothing is more powerful than a sincere apology

21 21 KCC Customer Service Recognition Programs 1. Karmanos Cares Coupons 2. Karmanos Cares Starfish Program 3. Team Recognition Award

22 22 KCC Customer Service Karmanos Cares Coupon Immediate recognition for outstanding service – going above and beyond. KCC Leadership Team members have the $2.00 coupons, and forward them to recognize staff members. Everyone on campus is eligible to receive them. The coupon is redeemable in the Main Cafeteria, Main Campus Gift Shop, Quiznos and the Midtown Deli Café. Off site centers have gift cards redeemable at their local stores/restaurants.

23 23 KCC Customer Service Karmanos Starfish Program When a Karmanos Cares coupon is given for exceptional behavior, the employees name may be forwarded for entry in the tracking database. When an employee is positively mentioned in any of our feedback programs, or recognized by Leadership, their name is entered in the tracking database. Annually, once 8 or more recognitions have been received, the awardees will be publicly recognized with an award. A celebration honoring the awardees is held. This Starfish Award recipient also receives a paid day off!

24 24 KCC Customer Service Team Recognition Award Press Ganey results are celebrated! Both the Inpatient Units and the Outpatient Clinics are recognized for their achievements reported through the Press Ganey Survey. Each team member is valuable and working together in our teams, the results are limitless!

25 25 KCC Customer Service What Can YOU Do: Start with the basics – know and demonstrate your KCC Customer Service Standards. BETTER begins with ME ~ I WILL have H.E.A.R.T Remember, first impressions are very important. You may be the ONE person that makes the difference for a customer.

26 26 KCC Customer Service Our Goals: To Exceed our Customers Expectations. To understand why customer service is important to us. To welcome feedback because it is a valuable means to constantly improve our service. To manage Customer Service Recovery successfully at the point-of-service. To create WOW experiences for all KCC Customers.

27 27 KCC Customer Service Closing Thought…. I have learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

28 28 FISH! at The Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI)

29 29 KCC Customer Service FISH! Is a way of life. Its a set of simple, interconnected principles that you can tailor to your own life and work. When you choose to make these principles a part of your life, no matter what is going on around you….you will notice a positive difference in your relationships and within yourself. It reminds us of what we often forget when we are busy, stressed-out and self-absorbed. The FISH! Philosophy made the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington world famous. If they can do this at a fish market, we can do easily do this at KCI and also become world famous!

30 30 KCC Customer Service Principle #1: PLAY Play makes your job fun. It energizes the creativity and problem solving in you. It pleases customers and team members. It makes boring and difficult tasks easier to do. PLAY can be a lighthearted approach you bring to a difficult day.

31 31 KCC Customer Service Principle #2: MAKE THEIR DAY In every moment lies the possibility to make a positive impact on someone you meet. Make Their Day starts by focusing on one person at a time. Making Their Day may be: a smile, giving a compliment, giving a co-worker a Pat–on-the-Back ……….just doing something extra !

32 32 KCC Customer Service Principle #3: BE THERE How can you BE THERE for someone? You give them your undivided attention You put away your agendas You listen from their perspective You feel what they are feeling You are connected – totally focused

33 33 KCC Customer Service Principle #4: CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE We all have the power of choice. Choice means you are responsible for the way you act and react. No one else can make that choice for you. You have to disconnect from your own world when you enter our campus…. be totally here to care for our patients, families and co-workers! Dont be a CRAB! Your attitude affects the attitude of those around you so: Choose your attitude wisely.

34 34 References Customer Service and Satisfaction, StudorGroup, 1999 Press Ganey Associates, 1985 FISH! Philosophy, John Christensen, Charthouse Inc., 2009

35 35 KCC Customer Service We hope this Computer Based Learning course has been both informative and helpful. Feel free to review this course until you are confident about your knowledge of the material presented. Click the Take Test button on the left side when you are ready to complete the requirements for this course. Click on the My Records button to return to your CBL Courses to Complete list. Click the Exit button on the left to close the Student Interface.

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