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Unit7 Shopping Welcome to the unit Designer: Dong Shu ping Jingle Bells.swf.

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2 Unit7 Shopping Welcome to the unit Designer: Dong Shu ping Jingle Bells.swf

3 Christmas is coming! Where can I buy presents? What presents can I buy?

4 a shopping mall

5 bookshop Where should I go when I want to buy some books?

6 sports shop Where can I buy a football and a pair of badminton rackets?

7 supermarket I want to buy many kinds of things, such as snacks, food, drinks and so on. Where can I go?

8 clothes shop I want to buy a T-Shirt for my cousin as a birthday present. Where can I buy one?

9 shoe shop Where can I buy a pair of leather shoes?

10 toy shop My son is only 2. He likes toys very much. I want to buy one for him.

11 flower shop My friend is in hospital. What can I buy? And where can I buy?

12 S1:Whats the name of shop? S2: Its ---- S1: What can we/l buy there? S2: We/l can --- S1:Who can we/l buy a present/gift for? S2: --- Different shops

13 Where to buy? gift shopbookshopclothes shopsupermarket sports shopshoe shoptoy shopflower shop

14 Talk about what presents to buy

15 1.Daniel wants to buy ________ a present. A.Millie B. Simon C. himself 2.What is Daniel going to buy? __________. A. A Music CD B. A Christmas card C. Some stamps Talk about presents

16 Talk about presents

17 membersHobbyWhat to buy?Where to buy? running/ Badminton Reading /violin Reading /doing sports Drawing /singing Talk about presents P81 What presents can you buy for your classmate/teacher ?

18 Talk about presents What presents can l buy for my classmate/teacher? S1: Hi,---. Christmas is coming. I want to buy a present for --- S2: What about ---? S1: Im not sure. Maybe hes/shes interested in--- S2: Then you can buy---. I know he/she likes --- S1: Good idea! Where can l buy---? S2: ----- ------

19 (1)Eddie likes shopping.( ) (2) Hobo doesnt have money to go shopping.( ) (3) Hobo needs Eddie to buy some presents. ( ) Comic strips F T F hates carry all the bags. Listen to the conversation and decide T or F



22 Choose the correct answers to complete the short passage. go shopping carry all the bags wallet come with need…to down the street hates money Theres a new mall ______________. Hobo wants to ___________, but Eddie _______ it. Hobo has no ___________, so Eddie gives his ___________ to Hobo. Hobo cant _________. He is asking Eddie for help, Eddie, please ______________me. I ___________ you ________ help me. down the street go shopping hates money wallet carry all the bags come withneed to

23 1.Try to remember the names of different shops. 2. Your friends birthday is coming. Talk about what present to buy.


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