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Biscayn e is 280 miles in length My park is in downtown Miami.

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3 Biscayn e is 280 miles in length My park is in downtown Miami

4 The park I chose has a Corral Reef. Biscayne protects a rare combination of aquamarine waters The summer is generally warm with high humidity and lots of thunder and rain Winters typically mildly dry and windy Weather change at any time so be prepared My park as ferrous tips of ecosystems like swamp, dry and, wet land

5 A manatee has adapted to people and is very nice and gentle around people cause Biscayne has become a big tourist sight Manatees are also called sea cows The closets animal relative to a manatee is a elephant

6 adapted to the bright colors by there brightly. colored feathers A Characteristic of a parrot is the curved beak and straight stance and strong legs Most parrots are green with other bright colors.

7 An alligator has adapted to the water by his/her eyes it has a third eyelid to see under water The al alligator is in the family AlligatoridaeAlligatoridae I know 2 living alligator species the American and the Chinese alligator

8 The loggerheaded turtle are on the endangered list. They stay alive by there adoptions there head help them swim to get away from there natural praetor seagulls when they are little and there skin is soft and easy to bite into.

9 The daylily the daylily only is open during the day so the harsh night winds dont hurt it. The peppermint twist harsh smell keeps predator away. Salt water plats have adapted to the salt water. Peppermint plant daylily Salt water plant

10 Biscayne used to belong to a native tribe Biscayne is the # 1 top Scuba diving place in the world 95% of Biscayne is water

11 Snorkeling,diving,bo ating, and fishing, camping to Fun fun fun lots of more fun

12 = the energy Flowing to the other plants and animals Yum Extra credit !!!!


14 My park became a park in June 28 1980

15 I used msn as a search sight to find my national park

16 That is all folks Thanx for watching

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