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RAMPs Volunteer Orientation Things to cover today: History of Centers for Independent Living SCIL – who we are Volunteer Procedures & Policies Tips for.

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2 RAMPs Volunteer Orientation

3 Things to cover today: History of Centers for Independent Living SCIL – who we are Volunteer Procedures & Policies Tips for the day of the build Complete all forms

4 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) spurred from the national Civil Rights Movement Ed Roberts established the first CIL in Berkeley, California in 1972 Advocated for his right to access to education at UC Berkeley Started a CIL to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities (400 in the U.S. today) History of Centers for Independent Living

5 51% of CIL staff and Board members must be Persons with Disabilities (PWD) CILs are unique because we are PWD helping other PWD live as independently as possible For PWD, By PWD

6 SCILs Mission To promote a barrier-free environment for all individuals with disabilities through public education and advocacy for social change, and to provide a full range of independent living services which will assist each in progressing toward his or her goals for independence.

7 Opened in 1986 Serve 8 counties in southwest Missouri Christian Dallas Greene Lawrence Polk Webster Stone Taney Branson branch office serves Stone and Taney Counties SCIL – Who We Are

8 What Makes a CIL a CIL? 4 Core Services provided by CILs Information and Referral Peer Support Independent Living Skills Training Advocacy (Individual and Systemic)

9 Beyond the 4 Core Services, SCIL offers… SCIL – Who We Are Personal Care Services Assisting Consumers Through Technology Renovations and Modification Programs Youth Services

10 Disability Etiquette

11 Put the person first, not the disability Disability is only a part of what makes up an individual Examples: Person with a disability vs. disabled person Person with Diabetes vs. Diabetic Individual with a visual impairment vs. visually impaired He uses a wheelchair vs. wheelchair bound PEOPLE FIRST language

12 Basic Tips Be yourself As in any new situation, everyone will feel more comfortable if you are relaxed. Meeting someone with a visible disability When you meet someone with a visible disability, extend your hand to shake if thats what you normally do. A person without the use of their hands will let you know, but will appreciate being treated in a normal way. If you are meeting a blind person, identify yourself verbally as he cannot rely on visual cues.

13 Basic Tips Helping Do not automatically give assistance; ask first. Follow their cues. Be the assistant, not the director. Don't be offended if someone refuses your assistance. It's their choice to be as independent as they can be. Communication Talk directly to the person, not to an aide, friend, or interpreter. If the person has a speech impairment, listen carefully. Ask him to repeat if you don't understand. If the person doesn't understand you when you speak, try again. If the person a hearing impairment, follow his lead; use gestures or write. If the person uses a wheelchair, sit at eye level with him.

14 Just Remember Curiosity is natural; however, you may be afraid to ask questions for fear of being rude or violating the provisions of the ADA. Remember - it is okay to ask if youre unsure about anything.

15 Procedures & Policies

16 MINORS & THOSE WITH LEGAL GUARDIANS Those under age 18 or with Legal Guardians may still volunteer with written consent of parent or guardian.

17 How SCIL benefits from Volunteers VOLUNTEERS help to: Assist in fulfilling goals and the mission Provide a meaningful link to the community we serve Offer valuable input regarding programs and operations

18 Great resume builder Helping others Have fun with new people Expand your horizons Get active Get connected Learn new skills Benefits to volunteering….Great way to grow YOU!

19 Event workers (DATR, dances, banquets, social clubs, etc.) Gardeners/Landscapers Readers Youth Group Assistants Administrative Assistants Marketing/Graphic Design Assistants Assistive Technology equipment assembler/repairs

20 Volunteers must provide their own transportation to and from location, but we suggest CARPOOLING when possible!! TRANSPORTATION

21 Dress Code Dress appropriately for the conditions and project Wear clothes that you dont mind getting dirty NO LOOSE CLOTHES!!

22 CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS Background screenings are required for all volunteers (Family Care Safety Registry - DHSS regulations)

23 CONFIDENTIALITY Consumers names & addresses Services provided Diagnoses/disabilities Personal information of any kind

24 Media Communication Volunteers are not permitted to make any statements to the media as a SCIL representative Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) Including TV, radio, newspaper, etc. This is the job of the CEO

25 Political and Civic Activities SCIL recognizes the right of volunteers to participate in political and civic activities. - All such activity must be conducted on your own time and without the use of SCILs name, logo or materials.

26 Both SCIL and volunteers must comply with the federal and state regulations for training and protective equipment. Risk Management and Safety

27 SCIL is a drug-free facility No use, possession, transportation, distribution or sale of narcotics, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia by any volunteer while on SCIL property Cannot be under the influence of any such substances or alcohol No prescription drug shall be brought upon the premises unless it is doctor-prescribed for you and in the proper packaging

28 SCIL does not tolerate harassment of any kind! Sexual harassment: - unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. General harassment: - unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that belittles or shows hostility or aversion toward someone If you ever feel harassed or offended by anyone in the course of volunteering, let us know immediately!

29 Conflicts of interest that violate SCIL policy: Borrowing or lending money from any consumer, volunteer, supplier or competitor of SCIL. Accepting gifts of any kind from any consumer, volunteer, supplier or competitor of SCIL. Engaging in intimate social relationships with any consumer, volunteer, supplier, or staff that could create issues which may affect SCIL


31 COMMUNICATION – tell us your thoughts! Crucial to the volunteer experience Lack of communication can have many implications Everyone has a role in effective communication

32 All individuals who receive a ramp have a significant disability All are at 80% or below the state mandated poverty level of income Average time on waiting list is 6 – 10 months Approximately 75 individuals on the waiting list at any given time Lack the support of others who can volunteer to build Helps remove that barrier that keeps them a prisoner in their home

33 Preparing for the day of the build… What to bring: Water Fitted clothing (no loose garments) Closed-toed shoes (no flip-flops) Gloves Sunscreen Eye-protection (goggles/sunglasses)

34 Tools of the Trade Power tools you may be using: Hammer Sander Electric Saw Power Drill Post Hole Digger (at some sites) Remember, NO LOOSE CLOTHING AROUND POWER TOOLS!!!

35 ADA ramps require 1 of ramp for every 1 of rise (a 12 rise would need 12 of ramp) Blueprints will be provided with each project, so you can see what the finished product will look like ADA and RAMPS

36 On the day of the build…. Location will be provided prior to build Watch forecast (extreme weather possible) Carpool to location if possible Listen to the team leader AT ALL TIMES …………and ENJOY YOURSELF!!

37 We look forward to having you be a part of RAMPs!

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