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New Blooms Taxonomy* RememberUnderstandApplyAnalyseEvaluateCreate Gardiner Multiple Intelligences Introduction to Computers Spatial / VisualFind images.

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1 New Blooms Taxonomy* RememberUnderstandApplyAnalyseEvaluateCreate Gardiner Multiple Intelligences Introduction to Computers Spatial / VisualFind images Match words with images; label IntrapersonalList words Describe using words KinaestheticGames Write & explain LinguisticRepeat the process InterpersonalDiscuss Group LogicalWrite steps AuditoryRecording youTube NaturalisticCapture & display Words

2 Blooms Remember Words Sample instructions for an Online lesson … Repeat Match Label Find Describe State Use the microphone and repeat the 4 steps for turning on the computer. Drag the image to match the word displayed on the whiteboard. Label the diagram on the computer display on the whiteboard. Find, copy and paste an image of a computer part on the whiteboard. Describe 2 ways to copy an image. What are some ways that you can use the keyboard to assist you when typing? * Lorin Anderson a former student of Benjamin Bloom LOTS = Low order thinking [Remembering, Understanding, Applying] HOTS = High order thinking [Analysing, Evaluating, Creating]

3 Gardiners Multiple Intelligences

4 Remember – Spatial / Visual Find images Share the desktop & take a Web tour Share the Desktop and take the learners on a Web tour. Demonstrate how to search for an image using google, Flickr. Copy & paste images to the whiteboard While sharing the Desktop explain and demonstrate the process of copying an image using the mouse (secondary finger). Learners select a whiteboard to work on and Copy & Paste an the image to the whiteboard (secondary finger). The learner can share the whiteboard with the class. Share the Desktop and demonstrate saving an image to a USB. Match words with images / label Share whiteboard Prepare a slide using PowerPoint which has images of computer parts and words randomly place. Share this slide with the class on the whiteboard and ask individual learners to drag words to the image. Diagrams to be labelled Prepare a slide using PowerPoint which has a computer, hand or mouse. Ask each learner in turn each learner to label the diagram. Drag & Drop Prepare a slide using PowerPoint which reinforces the use of Drag & Drop with the mouse. Have 10 steps that need to be re-ordered which explains turning on and shutting down the computer. Web tour puzzles

5 Remember - Intrapersonal List words Use whiteboard to make a list Ask learners to share a whiteboard which lists one idea that they have learnt from the lesson. Use the KWL (What you know, What you want, What you have learnt). Poll for opinion; knowledge Construct a poll that learners can contribute to about how what they have learnt. Create a quiz using the Poll tool. Chat Using the Chat feature ask learners to list what they have learnt using the computer. Use emoticons to respond to another learner. Describe using words Create a blog for the class Learners to write in the Textbox one lesson that they know they will be able to recall and use during the week. Describe the lesson Ask learners to prepare for next lesson one example that shows copy, paste, save and retrieve. Learners to use the share Desktop to show the class.

6 Remember - Kinaesthetic Games Web tour – games online Take the learners on a web tour by sharing the desktop and links. and vocabulary-games.html vocabulary-games.html Using the mouse Puzzles Typing tutor Pointer on whiteboard Prepare a slide using PowerPoint called Cat & Mouse. Create a safe corner. Learners chase each other using the pointer. Prepare a slide using PowerPoint and create a noughts and crosses board. Learners can use a symbol or draw with the whiteboard tools. Write and explain Group create a game In groups ask learners to create a game that can be played by the rest of the group. Have learners break off to join a Meet Now session with their partners and return to the session at a designated time. Group use PowerPoint Have all learners contribute to the slide in PowerPoint using images and words from their investigation. Let each learner use the microphone and share their desktop.

7 Remember - Linguistic Mnemonic Create a mnemonic Have each learner create a mnemonic which helps with the use of the computer and steps to take. For example OCP (open, copy, paste). Share the mnemonic on the class whiteboard. Share music Share the Desktop and show learners where to locate Royalty free music. Create a mnemonic that can be used with music. Record the session. Discuss and compare Collaborative Group Using the whiteboard create a discussion board. Have the class use the text box and microphone to debate the use of computers in the classroom and how this is done. Record the debate. Debate the best practices in the classroom by dividing the whiteboard into 9 squares and allowing each speaker space to write three arguments each.

8 Remember - Interpersonal Discuss Use of computers for you Create a PowerPoint slide and ask the learners to explore what computers will do for them in the future. Have learners names listed on the slide so that they can take turns to speak. Use the Text Chat feature and ask each learner to list an example of where they have seen computers being used. Recall what a classroom was like in the 1990s and what a classroom is like now. List attributes Create Meet Now session Divide learners into groups before the session. Send each member a Meet Now link for their group as well as having the Meet Now link for the whole class. The group is to share experiences and assist each other in the collection of ideas or images to bring back to the main classroom. Group / partners to present a PowerPoint using the sharing option to display what a classroom was like in the 1990s and now. Groups / partners create a glossary of words (3 words each group) to present to the class. Share the whiteboard for contributions.

9 Remember - Logical Discuss the process Start & finish using a computer Draw a flow diagram on the whiteboard that takes the learner through the steps of turning on the computer to using the computer, saving and shutting down the computer. Ask the learners to expand on the steps using the text tool, images and colour. Ask learners to include descriptions. Make a list Group to create a timeline Divide the learners into pairs and give each group a date or period of time from the start of technology – computer to 2013. In the PowerPoint slide each group contributes to the timeline drawn with: significant date in the time period 1 picture to paste 1 sentence of explaining the significance Use the whiteboard for the timeline or create a PowerPoint slide to save the work.

10 Remember - Auditory Audio files Use microphone Share the microphone for all the learners to use during the session. Record the session so that learners can revisit, review and revise. Search & Insert audio files Insert and Desktop share youTube and audio files for the group. Use TED ED documentaries to assist with the computer lesson. Explain and demonstrate Group audio file Ask each learner to share the Desktop and Record them demonstrating the class on a particular computer technique. Take the class on a Web tour of screen-o- matic and demonstrate how learners can make their own instructions. Learners to share their videos with the class.

11 Remember - Naturalistic Capture Search & save Take the class on a Web tour to demonstrate the range of images that can be searched and saved. Allow the learners to create a selection of images on the topic: Four seasons. Relate a web tour search to the interests of the learners and the type of animals or countryside each learner likes. Use the desktop to demonstrate saving the images so that they can be used in a word document. Share images on the whiteboard about your childhood; favourite family recipe or a tradition. Using other tools to capture & display Sharing images Ask learners if they have a camera to go outside and take 4 pictures that show different weather patterns. If the learner doesnt have a camera they can use a search engine and find 4 pictures of weather patterns. Using the whiteboard, divide the board into 4. Ask learners to use words, colours and symbols to describe the weather pattern. Encourage learners to select an appropriate colour font for the words.

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