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The Expository Essay Powerpoint Templates.

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1 The Expository Essay Powerpoint Templates

2 The word “expository” comes from the term “expose,” which means to reveal.
An expository essay explains a topic by providing facts, quotations and other details. The purpose is to inform, explain, describe, or define the author's subject to the reader.

3 Types of Expository Writing
Essays that describe how to do something. Essays that analyze events, ideas, objects, or written works. Essays that describe a process. Essays that explain/describe an historical event. Cause & Effect Compare & Contrast How-to

4 Format of an Expository Essay
The expository essay follows the standard essay format of Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. There are usually three (3) body paragraphs in an expository essay.

5 Thesis An expository essay always has a thesis, which is the attitude or opinion about your topic and is the main point. It contains a topic with a controlling idea. It must be stated in a complete sentence. It is usually found in the last sentence of the first paragraph. Thesis Example: Some amusement park rides, like rollercoasters, can be frightening experiences. The topic: amusement park rides The controlling idea: frightening experience

6 Make sure to have a well-defined thesis
The THESIS is the main point you are trying to make. The CONTROLLING IDEA controls how the paper is going to develop. So, in your essay, you want to make sure you are backing up this point with examples, illustrations, facts and details. Do not wander from your topic!

7 Provide Evidence Provide evidence to back up what you are saying. Support your thesis with facts and reasoning. You can use quotes, statistical data, facts, expert’s opinions, or other strong examples to support your thesis.

8 Incorporate Examples Do not simply list facts. Incorporate these as examples into your body paragraphs to support your position, but at the same time make your point as clearly and as concisely possible. 

9 NON-Examples I am going to discuss shoplifting.
This is a topic, but doesn’t explain how it will be developed. Also, in an essay, NEVER say, “I am going to discuss…” because this is THROWAWAY writing! Let’s add a controlling idea to the topic to create a good thesis statement and drop the “I” because this is not a personal narrative. Shoplifting is a serious offense. NOW the thesis statement contains a clearly worded opinion!

10 Stay away from “I” Whenever possible, avoid using 1st or 2nd person pronouns like I, you, we, my, your, our, etc. in your expository essay. It is best to write in 3rd person singular or plural, using he, she, it, they, etc. That way your essay appears impersonal and therefore rational and believable.

11 Be Concise! Your essay should be concise. Make your point and conclude your essay. Don’t make the mistake of believing that repetition and over-stating your case will score points with your readers. Remember: you have only 26 lines to hit your point home!

12 Some great ways to start your essay…
a rhetorical question a startling fact or statement a quotation a statistic a definition Example: Drinking while driving is the number one cause of death of teenage males in the U.S.

13 Use Transition Words Transition words improve the organization and flow of your essay, allowing the reader to move smoothly from point to point with ease.

14 Conclusion Do not simply restate the thesis as your conclusion.
After providing evidence, you should be able to “come to a conclusion” based on it and write about that to wrap up your essay. Use transition words in your conclusion. In summary, To conclude, All things considered,

15 Remember this… The thesis is the heart
Organization is the key The thesis is the heart Transitions are the glue for key ideas Examples, evidence, and explanations are the meat Conclusions tie it all together

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