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1 Environmental protection. 2 [H 2 O contaminated ]H 2 O pure [PURE contaminated ] PURE +=+

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1 1 Environmental protection

2 2 [H 2 O contaminated ]H 2 O pure [PURE contaminated ] PURE +=+

3 3 Water contaminated with 50 ml Diesel:3 g PURE+ wait 1 min=pure water Adsorption of Diesel

4 4 Properties High rate of adsorption, adsorbs up to 10 times of its own weight Fast rate of adsorption, the contamination is adsorbed within a few minutes Great surface area, up to 3 m²/g Electrical non-conductor Inert, no chemical reaction with other products

5 5 Suitable for all synthetic and vegetable oils Fat oils, essential oils, mineral oils, silicone, heavy oils, waste oils, engine oils, Diesel, heating oils, kerosene, rapeseed oil, safflower oil, soya bean oil, corn oil, groundnut oil, olive oil, herring oil, palm-oil, suet, coconut oil, sunflower oil Water contaminated with 50 ml waste oil:3 g PURE+ wait 2 min=pure water Absorption of waste oil

6 6 Adsorbs pollutions on the water surface Adsorbs pollutions on the ground Suitable for fresh water and for salt water Suitable for calm water surfaces Very suitable for choppy water (even faster adsorption due to movement of PURE) Suitability

7 7 Suitable for all hydrophobic solvents -Alkane, Pentane, Hexane, Heptane, Octane, Nonane, Decane, [...], Hexadecane -Alkenes, Pentene, Hexene, Heptene, Octene, Nonene, Decene, […], Pentadecene -Alkynes, Benzene, aromatics, Toluol, Xylol, Mesitylene *better differentiation due to dyed water water* contaminated with 50 ml Toluol:3 g PURE+ wait 30 s=pure water Absorption of solvents as Toluol

8 8 Protection of water due to insolubility No adsorption of any water Long time adsorbent Protection of water, product swims durably on water Resistant against humidity and weather conditions Ecological advantages

9 9 *Isopropanol, better visibility due to dyed surfactants 30 ml alcohol*:3 g PURE+wait 40 s=adsorbed Adsorption of alcohol and surfactants

10 10 Easy to separate from water No residues Durable shelf-life, product does not decay Extraordinary environmental safety Non biodegradable No dangerous goods Ecological advantages

11 11 The test shows the insolubility of PURE after: 1 day1 week1 month6 months Absolutely insoluble in water

12 12 Extract from the DEKRA test report, upon request we send the complete document to you. Test results DEKRA Umwelt GmbH

13 13 Scenario: Sand is contaminated with oil Add water and PURE PURE can be separated easily from sand Sand is purified ecologically New ways to purify sands

14 14 Filter technology Waste water treatment Winning of oil and Naphtha Recycling of waste oils and secondary materials Sedimentation tanks Docks Barrages Purification plants and water supply facilities Industrial oil separators Further fields of application

15 15 Very easy to dispose by local dumpsites and waste deposit authorities Attractive calorific value, 40 - 45 MJ / kg Recyclable Advantages at disposal

16 16 DEUREX Pure GmbH Dr.-Bergius-Straße 18 - 24 D-06729 Elsteraue Your contacts: Susanne JenkeGünter Hufschmid Product ManagementCEO Phone: +49 (0) 34 41 / 82 910 79 Contact

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