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©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney The Gifted Parent Online: Totally Free Internet Tools for Parent Support & Advocacy By Carolyn Kottmeyer and Kathi Kearney.

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1 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney The Gifted Parent Online: Totally Free Internet Tools for Parent Support & Advocacy By Carolyn Kottmeyer and Kathi Kearney

2 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney You are not alone! 2.5% of the population Identification limited by state and district mandates Privacy prevents contact Internet allows world-wide interaction… We are not alone!

3 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Online Support Gifted discussion communities Homeschooling Twice Exceptional Exceptionally / Profoundly Gifted Gifted Blogs 2e: Twice Exceptional Newsletter Eide Neurolearning Blog Gifted Exchange – Laura Vanderkam Unwrapping the Gifted – Tamara Fisher

4 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Support Communities TAGFAM TAGFAM –Talented And Gifted FAMilies TAGPDQ – more than plain gifted TAGMAX – homeschooling gifted GT-Families GT-Families – general support GT-Special – twice exceptional gifted GT-Adult – adult gifted Gifted Online Conferences (NING) Variety of discussion topics plus conferences

5 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney

6 Support Lists Specialized support groups… Homeschooling Gifted Children Homeschooling 2 College Life Michael Clay Thompsons Language Arts Gifted-NLD-Aspergers 2e Young Adults Auditory Processing Bright Kids (American Mensa) State and local gifted organizations…

7 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Netiquette Keep your tone positive Use I language… No flaming Consider your audience (international) The 7%-38%-55% Rule 7% words, 38% tone of voice, 55% body language –Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA (Print and) Keep your welcome letter Unsubscribe, nomail, digest Dont send list commands to the list

8 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Online Parenting Resources Parents Research Resources Books Products Games & Toys Success Stories Frequently Answered Questions A Lighter Note

9 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Online Parenting Resources Parents Characteristics & Identification Testing & Tests Highly / Exceptionally / Profoundly Gifted Traditional School Advocacy Homeschooling Summer & Saturday / Academic Programs Parenting Social-Emotional Twice Exceptional Special Topics

10 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney

11 Online Parenting Resources Special Topics At-Risk Gifted Children ELL (ESL) Gender Issues Gifted Adults Creative / Math / Science / Humanities / Musical / Technologically gifted students Philosophy

12 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Online Parenting Resources Twice Exceptional AD/HD Aspergers (AS) Auditory Processing (APD) Dyslexia / Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD / NVLD) Sensory Integration Disorder (SI) Visual Processing 2e Role Models 2e Books & Products Technology IEPs

13 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Advocacy Resources Gifted Advocacy Competing with myths about the social and emotional development of gifted students Myth 1. Gifted students should be with students their own age Myth 3. Being perfectly well rounded should be the primary goal Distinguishing Myths From Realities: NRC/GT Research Useful quiz for self-discovery and professional development… Arguments and Red Herrings

14 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney

15 Advocacy Resources ERIC EC Clearinghouse for Exceptional Children Davidson Institute Guidebooks Advocating for Exceptionally Gifted Young People: A Guidebook Considering the Options: A Guidebook for Investigating Early College Entrance (Parents & Students versions) Mentorship: A Guidebook

16 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney



19 Online Curriculum Enrichment Interactive Reading lists Curriculum Units Every topic, grade level Many include educational objectives met Complete Classes Middle & High school

20 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Online Enrichment Hoagies Kids & Teens Links Art, Theater, Music Books & Authors Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles & Optical Illusions Interactive Challenges For the Love of Words Math & Multiplication Science & Natural Science Social Studies, Economics, Geography Space Young Kids

21 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney




25 Curriculum Units Internet Investigations Lesson Plan Collections K-12+ Illuminations (math) JetStream (weather) Kennedy Center ArtsEdge (art) NASA Educational Materials Finder NOVA (PBS programs) Smithsonian Xpeditions (geography) Individual Lesson Plans, too

26 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney




30 Complete Online Courses (Free) Online High School Courses Ready-made curriculum Content, Evaluations, Text Some kids respond better than others to online learning Run trial lessons Determine if course suits child Include discussion time… Parent, teacher, mentor, older student Download the course website WebWhacker**

31 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Convincing Your School… Review the materials thoroughly Learn school policy on independent study for credit State policy / accepted course list Find advocate within the system Get necessary approval Excellent option for… Lower-SES schools Block / 6-day scheduled schools High-level acceleration at any grade level

32 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Middle & High School Options Assorted MIT OpenCourseWare Video Courses National Repository of Online Courses, Monterey Institute UCBerkeley on YouTube English / Literature SCORE Literature Cyberguides Principals of Composition Debate Central: Critical Advocacy Science Forensics Illustrated: Step Under the Tape General Biology, Chemistry AP Physics, Biology, Environmental Science

33 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney





38 Middle & High School Options Math Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics AP Calculus, Statistics History Digital History AP U.S. History, U.S. Government My Own Business Languages Ancient or Modern Greek, French, German, Italian, Icelandic, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese Electives Astronomy, Music Theory & Appreciation, History of Religion, Computers

39 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney





44 Online Professional Development Support our teachers! Online Communities, Blogs, Support Lists Gifted Online Conferences (NING) 2eEducator Unwrapping the Gifted Davidson Institute Educators Guild CGEP Network (APA) Belin Blank Gifted Teachers Listserv Professional development curriculum…

45 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Gifted Education Professional Development Package Early childhood, primary & secondary Core, extension and specialisation Understanding Giftedness Identification of Gifted Students Social and Emotional Development Underachievement Curriculum Differentiation Developing Programmes and Provisions lications_resources/profiles/gifted_education_pr lications_resources/profiles/gifted_education_pr ofessional_development_package.htm

46 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney


48 Online Social-Emotional Support SENG Articles and research Annual Conference Davidson Young Scholars Exceptionally / profoundly gifted ages 5-18 Wide variety of support available…

49 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney


51 Online Access to… Conferences Local, State, National, International… NAGC NAGC State Affiliates Local school district groups SENG SENG Parenting Groups Beyond IQ CTY / CTD / TIP Family Conferences

52 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Internet Safety PC Security Its not just your mothers antivirus program any more! Privacy You may be surprised whats known about you And your home And…

53 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney PC Security Anti-Virus Current definitions! Anti-Spyware One scan, one memory resident Windows critical and security updates Phishing! Dont click anywhere on an unexpected pop-up Google Toolbar

54 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Privacy Learn all about yourself… Learn about your house! Set up Google Alerts on yourself and family Register for Do Not Call; renew every 5 years

55 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Privacy Loss is Forever… Wayback Machine Historical snapshots of websites back to 1996 Boards and Mailing Lists Archives

56 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney Special Note… The internet is free, but Internet websites are not… Hoagies Gifted Education Page is supported by your affiliate program purchases Shop through Hoagies Page links No cost to you; small percentage goes to Hoagies

57 ©2008 C. Kottmeyer & K. Kearney The Gifted Parent Online: Totally Free Internet Tools for Parent Support & Advocacy Questions? Thank you!

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