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Emotion theory digital Media

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1 Emotion theory digital Media
My Project digital Media By: Allison Frieze

2 EXCITING! Adjective: Causing great enthusiasm and eagerness Synonyms: Thrilling, Stimulant, Stirring, Exhilarant Antonyms: Boring, Moderate

3 An EXCITING Example! It is almost your birthday, and you have noticed your friends acting strange and aloof around you. You feel like there is something going on. And then you overhear someone in the hallway. YOU’RE GETTING A SURPRISE PARTY!

4 James-Lange You find yourself feeling energetic, jittery, and getting goose bumps. You notice that you have the biggest smile on your face and you feel your heart beating like crazy. You then realize that you are excited! James Lange in 1890 did a study and realized that when you notice yourself experience it physiologically, you then experience the emotion.

5 An EXCITING Picture!

6 Another EXCITING Example!
You’re at a party and you’re having fun and then all of a sudden…your crush walks in! He comes over to you and starts a conversation. You guys are talking about that silly psychology teacher you guys have and how she gives out insanely hard tests and he declares that you guys have a STUDY DATE!

7 Cannon-Bard You’re getting jitters and butterflies in your stomach. You can not stop smiling and you feel so confident. At the same time, you feel excited! The Cannon-Bard theory states that you feel the emotion physiologically and cognitively at the same time!

8 Another EXCITING Picture!

9 The Last EXCITING Example!
You’re the valedictorian of your graduating class. They’re getting ready to start graduation and it is almost time for your big speech. You’ve been practicing and practicing and are now ready to give the speech!

10 The Two-Factor Theory You have goose bumps and your heart is beating at the speed of light. You are telling yourself ‘I’m so excited!’. The Two-Factor theory states that if you are feeling the emotion physiologically and you are saying the feeling in your head, then you will feel the emotion. I think…

11 The Last EXCITING Picture!


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