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Topeka West High School Class of 1980 Reunion Survey Results Spring 2014.

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1 Topeka West High School Class of 1980 Reunion Survey Results Spring 2014

2 To the planning committee: thank you for all the thought and work you put into the reunions and for offering this survey! We appreciate your desire and effort to make them great! I keep missing the opportunity by a couple months! I'd like to attend the 35th. I never really kept in touch enough to know when they were so it is all on me. Looking forward to future reunions. Had fun at all COMMENTS Was fun. Only went to social on Thursday but wished I'd done more. Because of moving around, I wasn't able to receive the invites for the other reunions Loved every one all awesome Great Time At All Of Them. You All Do A Wonderful Job Of Planning For These! I liked the 10th reunion the best I guess it was the music and seeing people I hadn't seen for a while. It was a wonderful experience Great Time At All Of Them. You All Do A Wonderful Job Of Planning For These! I liked the 10th reunion the best Was funtastic! I've only attended the socials on Day 1, for each of the above mentioned reunions.

3 was never informed of class reunion. Not familiar with what was offered. As far as the Golf Tournament, there are not many that participate. That was a great job guys! Thanks for all your hard work! It would have been a good value if the events appealed to me more. I'd be interested more in just catching up in a very casual setting. I'm not a country club or top of the tower type person. Golf outing is great, but not for all. Friday event was good, Saturday seemed to be a repeat of Friday, would be happy to help plan something different did not go because it was too expensive and didn't want to go both days. should be separate charges for different days. hate beer. other booze ok.. COMMENTS

4 nor the 20th I live in Topeka had family conflict Had fun at all COMMENTS Yes but a wedding preempted my ability to attend.

5 was only informed day before and I now live 500 miles away. Honestly... I don't remember!! I think a mailer went to my parents house... Can't remember, but it required me to pick something Rec'd at my ex-husband's address and he forwarded it to me COMMENTS Great event, well-planned and communicated. They get better every time. :) I like the FB connection! I don't remember, but would like an e-mail and a postcard reminder. Thanks!

6 Will do if I can make it happen. Work schedule permitting. I would bid my schedule around the reunion. It will be a good time COMMENTS Not yes, but "hail yeah"! working overseas YES! It depends on the date.

7 several months to a year need to pt in for time off from work.. would like to save the date to avoid conflicting commitments depends on if im in the country that month COMMENTS 2020 is 40- 35 would be 2015

8 October or November, then June or July spring, summer Summer time seems to offer the most fun filled activities. Besides, winter time, you're looking at the possibility of bad weather and flights being cancelled. Labor Day weekend so I can combine it with the Barrel Bash that weekend and justify another haul back to Topeka! COMMENTS nice weather Just need lots of notice :-) Prefer to stay away from holidays I prefer fall but anytime is fine. all awesome LOL...NONE OF THE ABOVE?...HMMMM.....WTH FAT CAT?

9 I don't mind if alcohol is offered. However, I would rather not have the cost of it passed on to those of us who don't drink any or much alcohol. I, personally, do not drink but am not offended by and don't mind being around friends that do drink. I don't drink alcohol at all. Those that don't drink, don't have to. I don't think there was any pressure to drink at the 30th! We are a little too old for "peer pressure". COMMENTS not 20 anymore Preference is to have alcohol but not at the expense of a nice meeting place. Do two days, one with alcohol, one without. Non drinker Whatever!

10 I think it's nice to have a place that's not too noisy so that it's easier to visit. I prefer one event so that we won't miss visiting with people who attend one of the events we don't attend. Plus, one event may be less expensive, and some people simply have less money available than others may be aware of or can even imagine in the life that they know. Does the shelter house at Lake Shawnee by the flower gardens allow keg beer? Perhaps we could have a Friday evening get together there, early enough to walk the gardens before it gets dark and then mingle around the shelter house later in the evening for keg beer, conversation and light appetizers. Golf on Saturday for those that want to play. Saturday night at a party room with keg beer, cash bar and food included. Fees are fine with me per event OR one fee for the entire weekend. COMMENTS It doesn't really matter to me... With FB, etc... Have reconnected and actually meet up with several of the gang on a pretty regular basis... :) I liked the 10th reunion the best I guess it was the music and seeing people I hadn't seen for a while. I enjoyed the one when we were at a Lake Shawnee shelter house on Friday. (casual) Then, we had a semi-formal type event on Saturday. I had to choose one from above for the survey to take. Comments and percentages continue on the next page I think at least one night where everyone can dress up would be awesome. There should be another night at least, to kick back and reminisce. I think a day at the lake would be pretty cool too.

11 I would like one night of "no fee" get together at Bull Frogs (order food and drinks on our own) and then a fee party night the next night. 1 Night at a party room, 1 day at the Highschool, perhaps even a night at the Museum COMMENTS prefer a more casual experience Most important is keep it casual. Not business casual, just plain casual. Golf one day with a get together that night in a casual setting and then a separate night at a higher end facility One night at a bar, pay as you go, and one night/or day at shelter house everyone bring snacks, no booze Whatever works! Scott, you are doing a great job in organizing the class of 1980! I have done many large parties and know that they take lots of time and energy. Thanks for giving your time and energy! Name Removed Plus one night at a bar pay as you go One casual evening event to reconnect with friends in an informal setting, then something the next night a little more dressy. Like the 30 year was, it was fantastic.

12 hay way does it always have to be golf why not a crazy night of Putt putt golf... Neither of us play golf but I would be willing to come out and man a water hole or volunteer in some way, if needed. Possibly on a Friday or Saturday but not on a Sunday. COMMENTS Friday or Saturday I'm terrible... Just because my husband and I don't play golf and others don't, doesn't mean you should keep it out of the line up. Apparently there are plenty who enjoy it. i dont golf but it would be an endless laugh riot My husband loves golf, but he usually doesn't come with me to the reunions!

13 Thanks you to all that participated in this survey. All of the data from this survey will be taken into account as the planning process progresses. If you have additional comments, suggestions or would like to participate in the planning of the 35 th reunion, please send an email to:

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