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RT-130 Annual Wildland Refresher Training

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1 RT-130 Annual Wildland Refresher Training
San Bernardino County Fire Training Officers’ Association


3 Required Training Modules
Fire Season 2012 Review 2013 Preview Structure Protection Structure Protection Scenario Fire Shelters Briefings Radio Communications Update <<< Wildland Fire Desk References

4 Optional Training Modules
Leadership Program S-133 Look Up, Down All Around Aircraft Missions Dozer Capabilities & Safety Probability Of Ignition I CAN Size Up <<< Wildland Fire Desk References

5 Previous Years Modules
Modules from previous years can be accessed for review by contacting

6 2012 Required Modules Wildland Firefighter Fatality Trends
Structure Protection (Firescope WUI Guide) Corral Fire Case Study / Scenario Taking Weather, Getting Fire Behavior Fire Shelters Reference Material

7 2012 Optional Modules L-180 Human Factors (Self Paced)
Sand Table Exercises Working with Inmates Hazard Trees History of Smokey Bear Firefighter Math

8 2011 Required Modules Fire Season Outlook
Structure Protection, New Concepts Everyone Goes Home Entrapment Avoidance Thermo-Gel Fire Shelters

9 2011 Optional Modules The Little Venus Fire Shelter Deployment
Fire Weather Review Fire Behavior Review Aircraft Identification and Use Panorama Fire Chain Saws

10 WFSTAR Website
For additional Wildland Refresher Training visit the WFSTAR website. Its format has changed and the modules can now be watched and downloaded directly from the website.

11 Make Everyday A Training Day
And be safe out there!

12 Acknowledgements This CD was compiled and formatted by Jesse Quinalty, Red Helmet Training Inc.

13 Acknowledgements Training components were used from multiple fire agencies within the County Many resources were taken from NWCG and the Lessons Learned Website.

14 Special Thanks Division Chief Mike Alder – San Bernardino City
Battalion Chief Shane Littlefield – CalFire BDU Captain Duran Gaddy – CalFire BDU Captain Danny Montoya – LaVerne Fire Captain Chris Bowden – Upland Fire Dept.

15 Special Thanks Doug Campbell – Campbell Prediction Systems
California Dozer Operators Group Photo1Productions

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