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The College of William and Mary

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1 The College of William and Mary
This is it! Commencement 101

2 Things We Will Cover Weekend Events
Registration and Tickets to the Main Ceremony Regalia Disability Accommodations Parking Food Weather Random Details

3 What is the difference between Commencement and Graduation?
Weekend series of events celebrating students who are graduating  Graduation Completion of your degree requirements so you can officially receive your diploma  Participation in Commencement is not required to graduate.

4 Who is eligible to participate in this year’s Commencement Exercises
Undergraduates: January 2014: Let your department know May 2014: All degrees August 2014: You will not receive a diploma. Let your department know Graduate Students: August 2013: Let your department/school know January 2014: Let your department/school know August 2014: Check with your department/school for permission. You will not receive an actual diploma at your diploma ceremony.

5 Key Weekend Events Friday Saturday Sunday Senior Class Dance
Baccalaureate Multi-Faith Service Alumni Induction Ceremony Interdisciplinary Program Events Candlelight Ceremony & Reception (stand-up event, no chairs at Candlelight) Sunday Walk Across Campus College-Wide Main Ceremony Departmental Ceremonies

6 The Walk Across Campus WALK ACROSS CAMPUS
Students gather in front of the Wren Building at 8:45 a.m. Sunday morning for a final walk together across campus. The Honorary Marshals will lead the procession from the Wren Building to W&M Hall. Once at the Hall, you will form the academic procession. Commencement staff and signs will guide you to the proper location. Family members may watch. However, all guests should be seated in W&M no later than 9:45 a.m. A pre-recorded video of the Walk Across Campus will play in W&M Hall starting shortly after 9:30 a.m. WALK ACROSS CAMPUS End PATH BEHIND YATES THROUGH THE WILDFLOWER REFUGE THROUGH THE CRIM DELL MEADOW AND ACROSS THE BRIDGE BEGIN AT THE WREN BUILDING Start

7 The Main Ceremony Sunday, May 11, 2014, 10:00 a.m.
Tickets required for all guests (more on tickets later…) Graduating students wearing regalia do not need a ticket There is no rehearsal. Sit with your friends. Doors to W&M Hall open at 8:00 a.m. Ceremony consists of: Remarks from the President Commencement speaker and student speaker Commencement awards presented Degrees are conferred as a group. Only PhD and EdD degree candidates will be called to the stage for individual recognition. Length = Approximately 2hours, 15 minutes

8 Student Speaker Each year a graduating student is selected to deliver an address at the main Commencement ceremony.  Anyone participating in the May ceremony -- undergraduate and graduate students alike -- are eligible.  The topic must be a theme to which any graduate could relate.  To apply: complete the online application by March 12, 2014 (11:59 p.m.) Late applications will not be accepted. Application and guidelines are on the Commencement website.

9 Departmental Ceremonies Sunday, May 11, 2014, 1:30 p.m.
Departmental Events Follow Main Ceremony Diplomas will be presented at that time (except Graduate Arts and Sciences) Check with your department to find out if they have any seating restrictions Diploma ceremonies will be listed in the Commencement program Some of these events take place in outdoor locations (rain plans will be included) Interdisciplinary programs /International Relations Events are on Saturday NO diplomas are presented on Saturday

10 Double Majors When you register for Commencement, let us know which
departmental ceremony you will attend if you are a: Double Major -- unless you specify, your diploma will go to the department of your primary major. Interdisciplinary Major --  to ensure your diploma is in the correct location on Sunday Special Note for Global Studies / International Relations: The Global Studies / IR ceremony takes place on Saturday (no diplomas presented at this time). There is not a departmental ceremony for GS/IR majors on Sunday. You will pick up your diploma at W&M Hall following the main ceremony.

11 Make sure you can graduate...
Check status on: HOLDS INC grades Degree Evaluation Check (undergraduates) Confidential Directory Blocks Verify your mailing address and update if necessary Contact the Registrar’s Office at if you have questions Very Important ! Make sure you have taken care of academic and/or financial issues before Commencement Weekend. The Registrar and Bursar are the only offices that can assist with these issues, and they will be closed Commencement Weekend. Resolve any issues early!

12 Registration to Participate
Registration is required if: You plan to walk in the main ceremony Want guest tickets (4 per graduate) Registration is online and will be open from February 17 through March 17 (W&M login is required) You will be notified via W&M when to begin registering

13 Registration to Participate
Only those who have filed their Notice of Candidacy to Graduate with the Registrar’s Office will be able to access the form. Filing your Notice of Candidacy does not automatically register you for the Commencement ceremony (you must also complete the on-line registration) Registration will run for one month— no need to rush! If you try to access the registration form and cannot, contact immediately You can request guest tickets only BY REGISTERING If you miss the registration deadline, we may not be able to provide you with the full allotment of tickets (4 tickets) Late registrations – you will have to come to the Student Affairs office to complete a late form. We will review late registrations on a case-by-case basis

14 Tickets – Main Ceremony
You do not need a ticket for yourself if you are walking in the Academic Procession. If you are not walking and choose to sit in the audience, you WILL need a ticket 5th Ticket Requests: after registration closes we review the number of ticket requests. If tickets still remain, those who registered by the deadline will be able to apply for a 5th ticket If the number of 5th ticket requests exceeds the number of remaining tickets/seats, we will hold a randomized computer drawing Due to space limitations in W&M Hall, we will not be able to provide any graduating student with more than 5 guest tickets (5 is the maximum we ever hand out)

15 Tickets – Main Ceremony
Still short on tickets? Ask friends if they are using all their tickets Exchange tickets with friends AT NO CHARGE Direct your guests without tickets to one of the live stream viewing locations Commonwealth Auditorium Mason School of Business, Brinkley Commons Remember, there are generally no limitations to the number of guests who can attend the departmental ceremony (where your name is called and you receive your diploma) The buying and selling of Commencement tickets is not permitted!

16 Ticket Distribution If you find you are not graduating and have picked up tickets, return them should you wish to request Commencement tickets in a different year We do not mail tickets to family members. Upon written request, tickets are mailed only to students who have already graduated and left campus (i.e., Winter Graduates) Tickets are distributed to degree candidates only (photo ID is required). Do not send a friend to pick-up your tickets – we will give them only to you! Ticket pick-up is on campus (dates/times will be provided after registration closes). Guests must have official Commencement tickets to be admitted to W&M Hall

17 Regalia, Announcements, etc.
The W&M Bookstore is the contact for all regalia Undergraduate Robes black with a green stripe on the sleeve Bachelor’s Package = $ tax  Masters Robes all black plain sleeves Master’s Package = $ tax Undergraduate and Masters regalia are available for purchase only; there is no rental option  Announcements and Class Rings Personalized announcements & rings can be ordered online at Josten’s website. General, non-personalized announcements can be purchased at the bookstore.

18 Doctoral Regalia Available for either rent or purchase Doc Package:
Rental = $ tax Purchase = $719 + tax & shipping Hoods are not worn with Oxford-style robes What to wear under your robe: black slacks/skirt with a white shirt/blouse Deadlines for ordering doctoral regalia: Custom Purchased – Friday, March 21, 2014 Rental Regalia – Friday, April 11, 2014 There is a late fee if you order after the April 11 deadline.

19 Grad Finale sales event
Grad Finale Events Each spring, the Bookstore holds a Grad Finale in the Sadler Center to provide a one-stop shop for regalia and graduation-related items. Grad Finale sales event March 18, 2014 (11-6) March 19, 2014 (10-4) Sadler Center Law School March 13, 2014 (11-4) Law School Lobby Students who miss the Grad Finale should visit or call the Bookstore to order regalia and other merchandise ( )

20 Regalia, when do we wear what?
Regalia is NOT worn for: Baccalaureate Service Alumni Induction Ceremony When to wear regalia: Candlelight Ceremony (cap & gown – no hood) All Sunday events (complete regalia) The tassel is worn on the right side of the mortar board until you are awarded your degree Only those graduates wearing appropriate academic regalia will be permitted to process (walk). Nothing may be carried into the William and Mary Hall Commencement ceremony (e.g., balloons , stuffed animals, beverages, etc.)

21 Disability Accommodations at W&M Hall
The main entrances to William & Mary Hall involve a number of stairs in order to access the doors/seating. If you have guests that cannot negotiate a number of stairs, you should request the following: VEHICLE ACCESS PASS (Drop-Off for Disability/Limited-Mobility): Allows drop-off and ramp entry into W&M Hall (entrance at floor level) Your party must have a DISABILITY ACCESS PASS or handicap hang tag to access the road behind the Hall Provides easiest access to wheelchair seating or the limited-mobility section The Vehicle Access Pass is NOT a handicapped parking permit. Form is available in mid- February on the Commencement website to request these services

22 Main Ceremony – W&M Hall Wheelchair Accommodations
The main entrances to William & Mary Hall involve a number of stairs in order to access the doors/seating. If you have guests that cannot negotiate a number of stairs, you should utilize the following: WHEELCHAIR SEATING (This is floor seating) Special tickets are required for this section Disability tickets are part of your allotment of tickets – not extra One person may sit with wheelchair guest in this section and will receive a disability ticket The College cannot provide wheelchairs -- contact local vendors in Williamsburg regarding rentals. Form is available in mid-February on the Commencement website to request these services

23 Main Ceremony – W&M Hall Limited-Mobility Accommodations
The main entrances to William & Mary Hall involve a number of stairs in order to access the doors/seating. If you have guests that cannot negotiate a number of stairs, you should utilize the following: LIMITED-MOBILITY SECTION (Lower level seating) Special tickets are required for this section Limited-mobility tickets are part of your allotment of tickets – not extra We cannot seat your entire party in this section You will be issued special tickets one for the guest needing this seating and one to allow someone to sit with them Form is available in mid-February on the Commencement website to request these services

24 Main Ceremony – W&M Hall ASL / Hearing Impaired Accommodations
AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE (No special tickets required-just let us know you need this service) Seating is a first-come, first-served ASL interpreter Headphones for hearing impaired guests who desire them Also available at department ceremony with two-week advance notice. Form is available in mid-February on the Commencement website to request these services

25 Security at the Main Ceremony. . .
W&M Hall: Prohibited Items Backpacks and bags measuring larger than 1’ x 1’ x 1’ Umbrellas: Leave umbrellas at the door in an umbrella bin. Outside food & drink: Concessions will be sold in W&M Hall Cameras with a lens greater than 4” Firearms and other weapons Laptop computers Alcohol, use of any tobacco products, or illegal substances Noisemakers, laser pointers, balls, frisbees, inflatable objects Chairbacks, coolers, ice chests, Pets Anything deemed unsafe by police or event staff Commencement is a ceremony with a long tradition and great dignity. Please be reminded that alcoholic beverages are prohibited before and during the “Walk Across Campus” and at William and Mary Hall.

26 Traffic gets very heavy by 8:45 a.m. on Sunday --EXPECT DELAYS!
Parking on Campus Traffic gets very heavy by 8:45 a.m. on Sunday --EXPECT DELAYS! Advise your guests to park somewhere near your departmental ceremony and walk to W&M Hall. On Commencement weekend visitors may park in any space on campus marked Faculty, Staff, or Resident.   City of Williamsburg – city street parking is enforced with a decal system – do not park on city streets which require resident color decals. Be aware of other postings for no parking during this weekend and adhere to sign rules. Parking regulations are enforced 7 days a week, 24 hours/day. Handicapped Parking -- Only vehicles with state-issued (any state) handicapped license plates or placards may park in the handicapped parking. At the main ceremony (W&M Hall) there are a limited number of handicapped spaces surrounding W&M Hall. These spaces are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The College DOES NOT issue any type of parking pass for Commencement Weekend – handicapped or otherwise.

27 Food on Sunday. . . Concessions: Will be available at W&M Hall before the ceremony (breakfast biscuits, assorted pastries, granola bars, water, coffee, juice). Pre-ordered Lunches: Sunday’s main ceremony will finish just after 12:00 noon. Guests may pre-order lunches for pick-up following the ceremony. Order form will be available in the spring. Departmental Receptions: Most departments offer light refreshments at their individual receptions following the departmental ceremony.

28 Weather Rain locations are listed in the schedule
Sign up to receive text alerts (form on website) Regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, Commencement website Special Events Information Line:

29 Staffing on Commencement Weekend
The Student Affairs Office (Campus Center 219) will be open from 9-3 on Saturday May 10 to assist you with ticket or event questions. Make sure you have resolved any academic or account issues at the registrar’s office or bursar well beforehand (Student Affairs cannot assist you with these matters). On Sunday, May 11 there will be an information office staffed at W&M Hall from 8-11:00 am.

30 If you live on campus... Graduating students must turn in their residence hall keys by 12:00 noon on the Monday following Commencement.  If you have any additional questions about moving out of the halls, please speak with your RA or contact the Office of Residence Life at (757) Graduating seniors must turn in their residence hall keys by 12:00 noon on the Monday following Commencement.  If you have any additional questions about moving out of the halls, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (757)

31 Commencement website:
Who do I ask? Commencement Events Office of Student Affairs at or Graduation Requirements Office of the Registrar at or Regalia and Graduation Merchandise W&M College Bookstore at Commencement website:

32 Questions

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