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Vocabulary Unit #4.

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1 Vocabulary Unit #4

2 Root Word Example Pecc-
The root “Pecc” is in the word peculiar; a word meaning “strange or imperfect.”

3 Leonard grew so irritated by his roommate's peccadilloes that he threatened to move out.

4 She kept her closet in impeccable order.

5 The seamstress was exiled from the colony for her supposedly peccant activity.

6 Root Word Example Pej, Pair - Worse
The root “pair” is in the word despair, a word that means to lose hope or a worsening of hope.

7 His pejorative comments caused them to no longer be friends.

8 Every year, wellness classes use the “drunk goggles” to show how alcohol impairs the senses.

9 Root Word Example Mal- Bad
The root “Mal” is in the word malnourished. A word used to describe someone suffering from “bad” nutrition.

10 He was constantly maligned by his classmates for his odd sense of style.

11 He would always malinger on the day of a test and then take the test later when he was more prepared.

12 Late in the winter, people often get sick of the weather and suffer from a seasonal malaise.

13 Root Word Example Neg- to deny, to neglect
The root “neg” is in the word negotiate. A word used to describe the process of “denying” an initial offer prior to settling on an agreement.

14 The homeowner posted warning signs so they could not be found negligent.

15 Though the two twins were not completely identical, the differences was negligible.

16 The penalty negated the struggling team’s first down.

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